What are some baby teething remedies?

My little one is 5 months old & is starting to teeth. Nothing is working, that she’s up all night screaming. She was never like this. I’ve tried orajel, the nuby numbing jel & pacifier, cold tethers & cold items, warm wash cloths, Tylenol, soothing tablets, baths, car rides; yet nothing helps calm her. I rock her for at least 3 hours a night & she will only sleep for 30 minutes then wakes up screaming. She’s now sleeping a total of maybe 2 hours a night at most, which makes her miserable during the day. There’s got to be something I’m missing? Any old wives tricks that might work? I’m desperate at this point.


I used babyganics teething gel pods and she isn’t so fussy and sleeps better. Also I made baby Popsicles and ice cubes for her

Take a cold towel/cloth and rub her gums for her. She should bite down and that’ll help. All babies are different :heart:

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I have one of these on my daughter. Only has 5 teeth an she’s going on 15 months. It works. Also used it on my son when he was a baby his 6

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My son doesn’t like cold so we give him a warm damp wash rags he will chew and pull it across that and out nuby hand shaped teether are the onky thing that helps

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My oldest got an ear infection with every tooth. Maybe her ears hurt.


Put pure vanilla extract on her gums. Just a little on your finger and rub it around her mouth.


Dip your finger in some whiskey and rub it on her gums


I made popsicles with pedialyte and put a dose of baby tylenol in each one.

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Motrin works best for us with teething.

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Please don’t give your child alcohol or vanilla. Try tylenol & sleeping more propped up. Sometimes laying flat makes it throb. Also give her stuff to chew during the day. Once they break thru the pain usually subsides along with the fussiness.


Alcohol free vanilla extract

Babyganetics teething pods. I’m sure I spelled it wrong but you can find it. All Walmarts have bee n out of it but I found it in Walgreen’s.

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My oldest got ear infections with most of her teeth that first year or so. It’s worth a trip to the dr just to rule it out!


Ive heard rubbing vanilla extract on the gums help. Make the wash cloth cold not warm. Freeze it too.
Orajel will only make it worse.
Give Tylenol and motrin alternated. Try frozen fruit in a mesh my babies loved that.

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Leather belt. Let her chew it or rub her gums with it.

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Let her nah on a big chunk of white onion it’ll numb it

My son had 6 teeth by the time he was 8 months, he has a Baltic amber necklace and never seems to have too bad of a time not sure if it actually has to do with the necklace but worth a shot. Also if you’re breast feeding you can put baby to breast it seemed to help my son calm down enough to let me massage his gums with a nice cold wash cloth. That always seemed to help. Good luck mamas.

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My grandma had me using whiskey and Southern Comfort.
It worked and we all get some sleep for a few hrs.
If Tylenol isn’t working, switch to Motrin. It’s always worked way better for us than Tylenol. Esp with fevers.

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If you are breastfeeding, freeze some breast milk in a fresh food feeder

Grab her favorite bottle fill it with water and put it in the freezer on its side with a washrag to catch the drip and let the water freeze in the nipple and let her chew on that worked like a charm for both my boys


Frozen wash cloth
Frozen waffles

All my kids were different, my first two I had to use bottle nipples frozen, with this guy I have to use baby orajel, frozen wash cloth, baby Tylenol, and he just teeth’s on my fingers or his fleecy blankie

I gave my son a fat Chuck of carrot or apple and he was the happiest ever. It was cold and tasted good. He is now 10 months old with 8 teeth .

Vanilla on the comes helps alot… if you can make your own

Please don’t give your baby whiskey. I know I know all our grandmas told us to… but come on

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Just dab sone whisky on your finger rub it around it will numb it they will fall :sleeping: dont hate cause everyone of your parents did it to yous


I seen these tube teethers on amazon…look them up

Could be ear infection and not just teething. Also Motrin is better but can rotate Motrin and Tylenol.


Camillia ! They sell it at walmart.

This won’t help at night but both my boys loved this. Helps rub on the gums and help the teeth come through. I’ve recommended to many people with most saying it was a lot of help.

My daughter didn’t scream but the crying was enough. She liked orajel too much, my dad suggested a Q-Tip soaked in Whiskey ( I really thought he’d lost his mind. But at that point I was gonna try anything believe it or not it worked only had to use it 2x a day


Take to the Dr and make sure that is what’s wrong. Could be something else going on besides teething.

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I would have her ears checked

Soothing tablets by NUBY

I gave my daughter a big cold carrot to teeth on. She loved it. You can also dip your finger in a little whiskey and rub it on their gums. It helps numb the pain and they’ll probably end up asleep! My family used to so this all the time with our family’s babies.

I used clove oil. Its horrible, my baby hated it, but it numbed him up pretty well

Ears may have pressure from teeth coming in

Celery it numbs and I used it for my son. He never cried when teething.

Give her a piece of beef jerky she can’t bite into it and it will wear her out just keep her in your sights if you do

Teething glove by nuby is great… whiskey is amazing too

My son had a vibrating teething ring that he loved and it helped a lot because it massaged his gums and we used tylenol. My daughter is teething and has one tooth. We have to use tylenol, nuby soothing tablets, and she likes to chew on rubber/cloth baby toys. At bath time she chews on a wash cloth that isn’t wet but damp. She also chews on the hard plastic part of her pacifier. But even with all that on bad days she is very fussy and screaming because the pressure from her teeth hurts her ears so those days is a lot of snuggles and tylenol every 4 hours.

Teething gel Tough ends the gums up, which makes teething more painful!

Teething can cause ear infections. Take her to the doctor

Are you’re it’s her teeth? For a while I thought my little one was in pain from her teething but she was actually in pain from having gas bubbles. Try a couple different things to try and pin point her pain…or maybe it’s both?

People might get mad but rub some whiskey on gums put a little on our finger


Vanilla extract. Or leather.

Amber teething neckles

Maybe you should look into more than teething. There could be something else going on.


Can you imagine your wisdom teeth coming through? She needs pain relief…baby paracetamol every four hours…pain doesn’t stop in the day…can you remember your last hour of pain? Baby needs cuddles and affection also

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Whatever you do, do not freeze food for her to chew on. My SIL did this for my nephew (hot dogs) and literally as I went to tell her I didn’t think it was safe he bit a piece off. He didnt even have teeth yet, it just defrosted in his mouth and he gummed it off.

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Tylenol actually does very little. Ibuprofen is way better. My daughter likes the frozen yogurt popsicles and I soaked wash clothes in chamomile tea and froze them then let her chew on them and it worked great for her


Whiskey will rub a little on her gums


Whiskey definitely. Manzanilla tea in a bottle.

Sounds like an ear infection

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for small things get advice from facebook when it comes to your CHILDS HEALTH go to a dr if they do not listen stand at the door all day. something is wrong she is in so much pain . do not use whiskey she could have a bad reaction . and it is child abuse . every kid is different if something is telling you she is in pain then make the drs listen do not be nice do what you have to …

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Are you sure its teething… my little one did that at 4 months and it ended up being her formula (she was lactose intolerant). She only did it at night time. Once we switched her formula, she was happy baby!! It lasted a little over a yr before she out grew it.


The Bagel store has teething bagels. My kids loved them

9 pieces of black thread and a dime of the year they were born tie it around there neck like a neckless and you are good to go used it on all 3 of my kids it works and i learned that from my grandmother

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I’m not saying their not teething but sounds like might be more to it in my opinion take them to the doctor and have them check her ears and throat to be sure.


Green onion. Cut off the root and let your baby bite on it. It will numb the gums and even help the teeth break through faster. Downside, baby will have onion breath

My little did this at a much younger age turned out she had bad reflux.

Benadryl elixir. Or

You both need the rest

Try infant Advil. Tylenol never worked for us either but Advil or Motrin take down the inflammation that causes the pain. And I found that if I put in fridge and gave them it cold, the cold liquid helped soothe teeth until the medicine kicked in.

When all else fails whiskey…

Wink Naturals teething gel cold in the fridge, teething tablets and Tylenol! He went from screaming because his molars are trying to cut through, to sleeping after about 15/20 minutes

Frozen waffles helped mine. Or make ‘popsicles’ with baby food.

If it does turn out to be teething, or when she does start to teeth, try using clove oil for the pain. I had my wisdom teeth out at 34 years, and the pain was awful. Even Vicodin was not touching it. So the dental college at The Ohio State University used little rolled bandages soaked in clove oil to put in the sockets where the teeth had been. 15 minutes and I was human again. They lasted for 5 days too. I now use clove oil when I bite my lip or tongue or whatever. It works almost instantly, and lasts a long time. Use a q-tip or your finger tip to apply.

Pure vanilla rub on her gums

Rub a little pure vanilla extract, my ex husband was allergic to the orajels type stuff. Vanilla was his go too

Look up natural remedies to use for teething. I had a friend that got a lot of help with an tincture she made.