What are some degrees you can get online?

I want to go back to school. I’m a SAHM of a 3 and 4 year old. I’ve been on daycare/preschool waitlists since July 2020. My husband is also joining the military so, I’m limited on help. Going to an in person college isn’t realistic for me at the moment. I’ve been looking for online degrees I can earn, but I’m so lost on what to pursue that won’t be a waste of money. I want a career I can also advance in once my kids start school. For those who did online schooling what did you get a degree in? School you went to? How has that degree worked for you? I also have dyscalculia so anything that involves heavy use of numbers isn’t something I can do. Thank you!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are some degrees you can get online?

I’m about to get an online Bachelor of Psychology from Chadron State College in the fall.

University of Pheonix as well. Check them out!

What’s your passion something you have always wanted to do?

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Working on online bachelors in psychology SNHU

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Purdue Global and SNHU are good

SNhU and Liberty University

I went to a trade school got my degree in animal science and I’m working towards my license. I work with animals all day long from gun shot wounds to work bones to newborn puppies I love my job I work 3 days a week. However it’s a very hard job mentally


Maybe you could find someone to come to your house while u do college work and they watch and take care of the kids while u study in another part of the house

I’m starting liberty university on Monday for psychology

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First look at local community colleges/universities. They are usually cheaper and many offer online degrees. Apply for FAFSA, as a family of 5 and husband joining military I am sure you will get approved. Then school will be free


I go to liberty university online. I personally waited until all 4 of my kids were in school(which was only a year ago) because my husband is in the military. That way I could ensure I had time and was able to get my stuff done. I really love how they have things set up there. Everything is due Monday besides discussion boards which are due earlier in the week so you have time to reply also. It is a religious college, so you have to take some religious course as well. I hope you find a college and path that fits you!

You may have better luck at daycare on base

I got my clinical mental health degree online at Capella

I work full time and I’m a full time mom and wife. I’ve been taking classes on-line at my local community college. I have a year of classes left, all on-line, but June 2023, I will graduate with two associates, one in business management and one in business administration. One of those choices may be a good option for you because with a business/management degree, you can work in pretty much any area.

I’m going to our local university and taking everything online. I have 5 kids and a SAHM with only one still at home, she is almost 4.
If you aren’t sure what degree you want to pursue yet I’d start with your general education classes. After you start you can start talking with your advisor on degrees you can get online through whatever school you chose to go through and declare your major when you have found one you want to pursue.

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Look into local colleges that does online classes. Some even offer daycare while you in school. Majority of online schools that are not within local community colleges are for-profit and costs an insane amount of money. I attended DeVry University and although I did graduate, the debt I’m now in is ridiculous because they are a for profit college and if I can take it back I definitely would. Do tons of research.

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I would stay far from Phoenix. I have had conversations with real HR recruiters who said they look right over those degrees and move on to the next.

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WGU is super awesome and you can take as many classes as you want in 6 month terms. I graduated with my bachelor in education. There was 1100 at my graduation ceremony. You get a mentor to help you and motivate you the entire way. I did it with 2 kids and working plus we moved and had a baby!


Also… stay away from for profit universities like Keiser university or Devry etc etc. make sure to check how they’re accredited. Also I’m a military spouse as well. If you’re husband is enlisting e1-5 you can qualify for the MCAA grant which will cover 4K of an associates degree or certification. It will not cover a BA or masters. Do not use it for martinsburg college that’s another scam and the recruiters will hound you to try and use your scholarship there.

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You can start by taking online classes toward your associates degree through your local community college- get that first and move in from there.


I did a community college and I had taken all but 4 classes online. I am not graduating with my associates in general studies. I also did all of this with my fasfa. It can be done, you just have to figure out what your passionate about to see what classes you need and look for them on web classes.

I’m going to Shawnee State University online for my Bachelor’s in Accounting, so far I love it! It is a great school that only went online as an option due to COVID-19 and it is significantly cheaper than any other school I looked at.

Medical billing and coding

Not sure if it’s online but look into respiratory therapy. It is a 2 year program and you can make really good money. At least in my area. Good luck.

Make sure you figure out what field you’d like to work in, then check to see what you need (degree or experience) to get the job. You’d be suprised, some companies are hiring with No Experience Required and will train. That would save time and money! Wishing you all the best!


Honestly, check with your in-county community college! Start with basic general classes. IT and Health Admin or even HIT. It depends which direction you really want to go.

Teaching would be a great career and one that could relocate with your husband wherever he gets stationed

I did my BA (accounting and Business Managment) with Devry when my boys were 2-3yr old. (2005)

Medical billing and codingI go online to a college called Ashworth college it’s really affordable if you’re going to pay out-of-pocket as long as you have a 2.0 when you’re done with the classes they just mail you your certificate or your degree right now I’m taking medical billing and coding and Hyppa compliance

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Social work. Bachelors and masters both online. I’m now a therapist.

100% online and received my BA Psychology with a concentration in Criminal Justice

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I got my associates of science in medical billing and coding

Why are you asking others what YOU should get a degree in? We don’t know you and your interests. Just saying!


On post also has the education center you can go to. You are now eligible for MYCAA

There are tons of strictly online based colleges. Just make sure they are accredited and whatever you want to do is transferable (be able to use) to your state.

Some community College credits do not transfer to universities or can not be used towards an actual degree… you only get a certificate… be very cautious… do your research. There is ECPI that has an excellent nursing program… 100% Online Degree Programs in Nursing and Technology | ECPI University

I got my bachelor’s with university of Phoenix and my masters at Capella. All online.

I go to Ashworth collage. I am also in the military and I stopped going for 2 years and I just picked it right back up where I was. I am also a single mom of three. It’s cheap and self paced all online.

Nursing or early childhood education

But in my opinion a trade school is better it’s cheaper you actually learn a trade with out the extra curriculum you don’t need and most trade schools are 2 years. Grants and scholarships can be used with them as well. So you don’t need student loans.

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Bachelor of science In criminal justice

i’m a sahm of a 3 & 1 year old, check with community colleges around you! i’m going for an associates of science for nursing and i am able to do everything online up until clinicals and received grants to offset costs

Any of them. Very few require in person anything. Computer science would likely be your easiest. Suggest looking at cyber security. Well paying and rapidly growing.

Community colleges have online classes now. If you have one near you, they will offer free testing to find out what matches your skills, wants, etc.

You can work at an elementary school as a para aid and take classes online.

SNHU -Southern New Hampshire University was a really pleasant online school experience. They have a wide range of degrees and the courses are only 8 weeks long for bachelor courses and 10 weeks for masters. Your work is due on Thursdays and Sundays each week, but outside of that it is mostly self paced. They also have a program you can use called Sophia that you can do elective courses for a very low cost and fast! I had two years left to go but cut that two years into 10 months to finish my bachelor degree.

Business, some medical, criminal justice

I went to WGU, all online and got my bachelor’s in Human Resources