What are some early signs of pregnancy?

My cat got really attached to me :woman_shrugging:t2: she knew before I had any idea

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My thumb went numb & I dropped a drink. I googled it & that was one of the possibilities & they were right. That’s how I found out .

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And this may sound weird but with both pregnancies (I lost the first) I cried during sex when I conceived. A friend of mine said she did the same thing with all of her kids. It’s like the hormone rush of conception made me cry or something idk.

I was really tired, cried for no reason, smells bothered me

Metallic taste in mouth, sickness

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I went off coffee every time I was pregnant.

I had really bad tummy pains and I was so tired and picky I couldn’t eat anything or I’d get nauseous :pleading_face:

Feeling sick and hungry at the same time and a complete aversion to coffee that lasted until little one had weened. :woman_shrugging:

Like hyper sense of smell for me. I was in a gym locker room and I could smell inside 10 layers of concrete wall that a skunk sprayed outside. Everyone thought I was crazy till we walked outside.

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Other than the normal early pregnancy symptoms…this may sound really odd, but my gums bled really bad while brushing my teeth after I got pregnant. I never had issues like that before or after. Asked my doctor about it and turned out it is a very odd symptom during early pregnancy

I get this awful looking rash on my inner elbows almost immediately.

My boobs got bigger and that’s the first thing that I noticed and then I took a pregnancy test and i was! :woman_shrugging:t3:

Boobs. My boobs were sore lol that was a giveaway each pregnancy i had lol

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My balance was so off, and I was extra clumsy. Took a test and it was positive!!

Becoming more tired than usual. My feet were also swollen

Positive pregnancy test


Emotional, hungry all the time, headaches

I got the flu shot at 8 weeks pregnant and became violently I’ll

Nothing but joy. First time I felt him kick it made me feel so joyous. It was a great pregnancy… I was in labor a few hours…my husband got me to hospital and 30 minutes later my precious son was born. 52 yrs later he is still a precious son. God blessed us.:blush:


Mine was sore boobs and I could smell EVERYTHING!! The good and the bad… sometimes it would cause me to loose my appetite

Believe it or not, itchy ear and a sore throat… that’s why I tested with my now pregnancy…

My boobs ached with all 3. How i knew i was pregnant each time. No other signs. Wasn’t late on my period yet. They just hurt so i took a test and always came up positive.

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I found out when my breasts were really tender.


Missed period, sore boobs and the smell of everything made me sick to my stomach

Feeling absolutely awful.

Itchy feet. And light brown birthmark like dots on my upper lips. Had no idea those were symptoms until I looked it up.

Tender boobs was the first thing I noticed with both of mine !

Massive fatigue, I was pretty lucky I didn’t get any morning sickness or anything else but the fatigue was a killer I felt like all I did my first trimester was sleep or wish I was sleeping.

Overly emotional, sore boobs, extreme fatigue.

Morning sickness with both of mine.

So sick I thought I had some 24 hour bug but no it was the whole 9 months.

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I was SOOOO tired and sleepy! I used to go in the bathroom at work and cry because I was so tired and I just wanted to sleep!! I had no idea what was wrong with me until I realized I hadn’t gotten my period and I took a test and it came up positive! I was like OBSCENELY tired!! I also could smell EVERYTHING!

I ate and ate and ate…that’s it.

Flu like symptoms
Bleeding gums
Tender breast
Violent vomiting (morning sickness all day every day)
Food aversions
Sense of smell is like supersonic
Couldn’t stand anything touching my tummy like jeans or stretchy pants

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I knew because with both I thought I had the flu. I get extreme all day sickness when pregnant that lasts almost my entire pregnancy.

I would always get really light headed. With all my pregnancies I found out between 4-6 weeks

I thought to myself, “man, my boobs look fantastic”. …haha😂

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Hair where I didn’t have it before.

Extreme fatigue, tender breasts, constipation, nausea, very hungry ( which is hard to satisfy when you are also nauseated)

Every time I’ve gotten pregnant (4) I get a hive on the back of my hand a week or two after conception.

Sore boobs. Extreme dizziness. Fatigue.

The first sign for me this time were extremely sore and sensitive boobs, along with heartburn, constipation, and hot flashes

Heartburn for me, both times, at abt 4 weeks

Runny nose, headache, increased breast tenderness. That’s how I knew.

Phone needing internet

I started eating eggs and wanting coffee. I didn’t like either before.

I Felt like I had the flu :joy: