What are some essentials for having a baby?

I’m 22 weeks pregnant and still trying to prepare for baby in this craziness. We have a crib, changing table, swing, bottles, diapers, wipes, nail clippers, brushes, boogie thing, bibs, clothes, blankets, diaper bag, bath. Just need car seats and a few other things any other essentials and hospital bag stuff I’m missing? Pregnancy brain is real, and this is my second baby. Just wanna make sure I have everything together


All you really need for baby is a place to sleep, diapers, clothes, a car seat & boobs. Everything else is extra. You seem to be doing good!

Maybe burp cloths, a bouncer, lotion & baby soap (the night time ones are AMAZING!) baby towels & washcloths

I made this list for my best friend when she was expecting:

Pacifier clip
Teething gel
Teething toys
Baby Tylenol
Burp cloths
Baby blankets
Swaddle blankets
Sleep sack
Changing pad
Changing pad covers
Diaper pail
Diaper pail bags
White noise maker
Rocking chair
Dresser/changing table
Mattress pad
Baby hammock
Sheets (get a few)
Heating pads for crib
Cool mist humidifier
Baby monitor
Boppy pillow
Baby tub
Bath thermometer
Baby thermometer
Baby washcloths
Hooded bath towels
Diaper rash cream
Baby soap
Baby shampoo
Baby lotion
Faucet covers
First aid kit
Snot sucker ball
Nail clippers/baby nail file
Play mat
Shopping cart cover
Diaper bag
Travel hand sanitizer
Baby carrier
Travel changing pad
Disposable changing table covers
Travel formula dispenser
Bottle drying rack
Bottle brushes
Different size nipples for your baby bottles
Suction bowls
Food storage containers
High chair
,Pack and play
Laundry detergent
Laundry basket
Storage bins
Net for stroller/car seat
Winter car seat cover
Baby socks
Rock and Play (I know that’s a no go now)
Bassinet sheets
Johnny jumper
Baby walker

Hope this helps a little. Some things are out dated already and some are overkill but hey, I’m a prepper. Congrats too btw!

Mabey something for gas or upset tummy, gripe water, infant friends drops work fantastic.

Im about to be 36 weeks with 2nd baby & I’m having a hard time remembering what to get also. I have some clothes, was cloths, baby towels, soap & lotion, bottles & a car seat. So I’m following to see what other essentials!!

Obviously you know the basics like diapers and wipes. But other than that a carrier and a swing. I promise you those things will allow you to get things done around your house.

It’s nice to have infant Tylenol and infant cold/cough/mucus medicine on hand. It’s really hard for me to find infants Tylenol right now because of everything going on, and of course my baby is sick but luckily I had some on hand already. But it closer to your due date so it doesn’t expire before you possibly have to use it. I made sure I had tylenol, cold medicine, and a vapor rub. I’m glad I bought all three and didn’t have to run to the store when she was sick.


This frightens me. I am a first time mom pregnant with my husband’s 3rd and all we have is a bedding set and a few cute onsies. His daughters are 9 and 11 and I have no hand me down items from them. I haven’t even started a registry because I have no idea what to get…

i would get destin (diaper rash), a bouncer seat (sooo handy as a safe place to put baby), you’ll need something to put in your room for baby to sleep like a bassinet unless your crib is in there, gripe water in case they get difficult gas, make sure you have swaddler blankets or the ollie swaddles, swaddling makes a huge difference in sleep

Amazon does a great checklist registry and you can mark off items you’ve already received/purchased

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A swing and gas drops were the biggest help with my baby, I really recommend a swing or bouncer, helps give you a break, and most of the time it’s relaxing for the baby

Boppy pillow if you plan to breastfeed!


I am pregnant with my 5th…the must have for the first few weeks are…lots of onesies, receivng blankets, diapers wipes, breastfeeding essentials if your are boppy, nipple cream, swing or bouncer or both, sling for carrying …comfy clothes for you, and pillows if you dont have a pregnancy pillow!

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If you go to Amazon they can help with a registry or even just give you ideas on what else you might need

A good digital thermometer. It will be a great investment.

diaper genie is a god send if you live in an apartment and the dumpster is a walk. burp clothes. I used a sling (I call it a kangaroo pouch) every day for months, now I only use it grocery shopping but she will be 1 in April.

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Diaper cream and nipple cream, 2 nursing bras, the trashable breast pads, back up charger for your phone.

All the above zip up jammies. Pacifier if your going to use. Don’t get a lot of the same brand bottle until you know for sure baby will use it. Really is what they live in for a while. Yes you can find lists on line as to what you need.

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I am also having a baby and my youngest is 9 so I’m going thru the same thing. This evening i made a list and asked my friend who has a 2 yr old to refresh me on what i need. Also what’s helped me is getting on Walmart or target and just shopping all baby stuff. And with everything shutting down it seems I’ve just been ordering they Walmart and target to have shipped to my house so i don’t have to go out.

Someone should be calling Their local hospital to see what they are allowing during these times. some hospitals Allowed no visitors and some only allowed one visitor and your visitor may not be able to leave if you forgot something at home.

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Everything everyone said is good. But don’t forget about yourself! Sometimes us moms worry for all the baby things we for get we need pads, epson salt, dry shampoo, and even a rash ointment. Usually the hospital will give you a spray and cold pads that help with the swelling and pain.

 baby wipe warmer it’s a must!!

Are you planning on nursing? A breast pump comes in handy. Also I found these that I’ll be investing in

I just recently bought one of those battery powered electric nail files for my babe and it has seriously been SUCH a lifesaver. I bought it on amazon for less than $20 and it has like 4-5 different detachable round heads that you just pop right on all with different grits and one little smooth one. It came with a little baggy of replaceable heads and a case to keep everything in. I could never for the life of me get my baby to sit still long enough to clip his nails and the first time I caught his skin in the clippers I finally gave in and ordered it and have never used anything else since! It has two speeds and is strong enough to quickly buffer down the nails without any fuss but gentle enough to not hurt their skin at all if it touches it.

Also a good digital thermometer like someone else said. We used or baby swing/bouncer chair constantly throughout the first few months and swaddles that had Velcro on them worked wonders for keeping those wiggly little arms from working their ,way out of the normal swaddle blankets.

As far as the hospital bag goes, I would take one big huge comfy bath towel with you for when you take a shower. The towels they had were SO small and thin (like the size of a bath mat small lol) and looking back, that was one comfort from home I could have really used right after giving birth.

Best of luck to you mama, so exciting!! :two_hearts:

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little nail files. I clipped my kids too close a few times too many when they were really small. I don’t like using clippers until they are almost 2.

Playmat or thick blanket for tummy time , digital thermometer, nasal aspirator , cellular blankets for hosp and layering when home. Vaseline for labour ward (lips can dry out with the gas) arnica tablets for after the birth will help with swelling and internal bruising. I went to Penney’s and bought a travel bottle set and stuck my shampoo shower gel conditioner toothpaste into that , saved ALOT of space in the hospital bag , a little set of foam earplugs if you need to stay in hospital for before the birth or possible induction they definitely help with sleep. I bought large sandwich bags in tesco and put baby’s first outfit into it so dad doesn’t have to root around the labour bag wondering what to pick if you are busy being stitched etc.

Instead of nail clippers use a nail file / Emory board that way you will never accidentally clip your babies finger tip

Mittens so they dont scratch their face, gas drops . Target carries post partum birth kits for mommy(comes with peri bottle and throw away underwear… and witch hazel. Pads),nipple pads wether you breast feed or not… diaper genie is necessary neither is changing table… cause you’ll honestly use your bed/couch/chair/floor,you really only need a diaper warmer depending on the tim of year your baby is born

Muslin cloth for wrapping baby, muslin face wipes, nursing bras, washable nursing pads, nursing PJ’s and or clothing, warm hat for baby and mittens.

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