What are some good netflix shows for toddlers?

Hey mommas! My daughters 20 months… what are some good Netflix shows or movies your babes like?? I try to put one on for her just to get some quiet time. There’s only a few she enjoys. Give me some ideas, please


Boss baby
Luna petunia
The furchester hotel
Word party

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Little Baby Bums and Cocomelon are household favs over here.


Cocomelon is great, lots of education such as alphabet, numbers, good manners and nursery rhymes :blush:

.Little Bus nursery rhymes
.Story Blocks
. Boss Baby
. How to train your dragon (tv series)

Word Party on Netflix

Word party and cocomelen

Super Monsters is sooooo cute.

Coco melon!! Mickey Mouse club house. Toy story

All hail king Julien was my sons favorite!

Saw this…we dont watch a lot of TV so haven’t had time to check it out yet.

Odd Bods is a really good one along with Cocomelon. Both are great for entertainment. Odd bods doesn’t actually have any words either!

Pocoyo, Octonauts, Little Baby Bum Nursery Rymes

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Blippi​:blue_heart::orange_heart: my son has learned a lot from him.

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I suggest blippi on youtube!!! 5 stars

We love Word party and the new Leap Frog shows. We’ve seen every episode numerous times. We also like magic school bus, and little baby bum.

Cocmelon the Lorax Word party Thomas and friends story bots

Mother goose club. They love the music

CoComelon kids over here. And of course Word party but let me tell you how annoying word party is and I wish I had never showed them lol

My son loves cocomelon, story bots, chip&potato

Little Baby Bum is my son’s favorite. We watch it on Hulu because it has season 2. But season one is available on Netflix, too.

Whatever you do, don’t put on paw patrol!
I gave in and let my son watch it… he now refuses to watch anything else :sob:

Phonics farm- leapfrog

My daughter loves Word Party :hugs:

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My daughter loves cocomelon and blippy!

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Not Netflix related but for YouTube… Lizzy the dog (Brain Candy), Blippi, Bible adventures, Freedom Kids

Little baby bum and splash and bubbles are great

Story Bots & Word Party

Word Party! My daughter loves it !

I downloaded an app on my tv called Tubi, and it’s got the Curious George show on it, my kids love that little monkey :monkey: :rofl:

My 19 month old will only watch The Wiggles on Netflix. She dances along with them and gets excited over the letter of the day. She shouts the letter and giggles at Mr Feathersword when he acts out the word that starts with the letter. I’ve tried to get her into other shows, but so far Sesame Street is her only other preference (full episodes on YouTube)

I second word party!!! And cleo and cuquin!

Cocomelon and little
Baby bums. My 1 year old and 3 year old watch them. Both love them❤️

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Mother goose club and we bare bears!

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Word party, cocomelon (mostly for ba ba black sheep) and recently she has gotten into Mickey mouse club house on Disney plus (she loves Mickey)

Cleo & Cuquin, Motown Magic and Masha and the Bear are my granddaughters favorites

My 16 month old son loves little baby bum (we all know every single word by now🙄), word party, and the wiggles! I prefer them to watch storybots! My 6 yr old loves it and bubba is slowly starting to! (Plus it has taught me a couple things lol)

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Mine loves scooby doo and Netflix has added it on there. Also loved word party.

My 1 yr old loves Moana

Dinosaur train!
Super why

Are favourites in our house

Gigglebellies…Youtube.Babies and Toddlers love It.

We pretty much exclusively watch Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood now… we tried Blippi but I noticed an attitude issue with my son when we watched it. Zero attitude issues for Daniel, so we watch about 30-45min a day of Daniel as a reward. It’s on Amazon Prime and first season is free, plus a few movies based on the series as well.

At that age my daughters favourite was Peppa pig

My 2 year old is obsessed with cocomelon and mother goose club.

My 2 year old daughter will only watch hey duggee or them kids musical songs on YouTube

Cocomelon, Word Party, Little Baby Bum, Splash and Bubbles, Surprise Egg, Leap Frog Letter Factory

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Blues clues, peppa pig paw patrol my little ponies

My baby girl loves Miraculous Miss Lady Bug :relaxed:

My kiddos all love curious george

Pocoyo and Puffin Rock are two of my son’s favorites. And he’s almost 2.

Dinosaur train, super why, word world, paw patrol

Peppa Pig, Dora the Explorer, Paw Patrol, Octonauts, Barbie’s Dreamhouse Adventures, Cocomelon.

CocoMelon, Word Party, Little Baby Bum, Julius Jr.

My nephew was OBSESSED with Yo Gabba Gabba. Look for Gullah Gullah Island.

She’s not even 2. She won’t sit for long

Octnauts are great and my son loves son of big foot x

Pocoyo, Sunny Bunnies and Cocomelon

My son lovvves Cleo & Couquin and has since he was that age. It is by far the number one requested show. That and Pocoyo are good young beginner shows.

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I can’t seem to find much to keep my son’s attention on Netflix. BUT, on YouTube there’s some great “short” movies and shows. Search for CocoMellon, Super Simple Songs, and Hey Bear (there’s some dancing Veggies and Fruit that my son LOVES)

My oldest (almost 2) is obsessed with secret life of pets 2 and he also likes pj masks

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Mickey Mouse and the Roadster Racers, Sofia the First, Super Why, Wonder Pets

CoComelon, my kids obsessed. Most kids will show interest in tv when they are ready.

Netflix has Cocomelon, and Word Party those are some more sing song shows but educational at the same time

Wow no one has said alphablocks!! They are the best!! My 18 month old know her letter sounds and even can recognize her letters with the help of that show!!!

Story bots, little baby bum, cocomelon, leapfrog letter factory.

Pocoyo my son loves that show

PJ masks or true and the rainbow kingdom

Cocomellon is now on Netflix & animal crackers

Super why helps our 3 year old. when he was 2 he was able to do all his ABC and started to spell out cat dog cup just basic works.


And my son now loves Turbo (but he likes cars)

Dinotrain great for boys and girls

I used to do dance videos with my kiddos. Koo koo kangaroo has some good ones.
And I like leapfrog shows on Netflix. Great learning ones.

Mothergoose club on YT I think it’s on Netflix too
I enjoy dancing along sometimes too

-Little Baby Bum
-Learning Songs by Little Baby Bum
-Word Party
-The Princess and the Frog
-Boss Baby
-Thomas and Friends
-The Magic School Bus

Baby bum on youtube!

Mine love Boss baby and word party

Try Tubi, it’s free and they have a channel called baby first tv

Daniel Tiger Neighborhood❤️ very nice show with valuable lessons for kids. Colorful and educative

instead of putting her in front of a screen, put toys in front of her. Dolls, building blocks, books, stuffed animals. Screen time at that age is not necessary.

Chip and potato is one of my granddaughters favorites from the time she was about 18 months. Also Cocomelon, Little Baby Bum

My daughter is obsessed with Princess Sofia and Octonauts. They’re both excellent shows.

My husband is a blessing.

My little one loves word party and bananas in pajamas

Baby bum nursery rhymes. My girl been watching it since about 9 months. She almost 3 n still watches it

Cocomelon is great!!

Cocomelon and Supermonster