What are some good parenting plans?

What are some different parenting plans that people have? I am trying to come up with different ideas that will work for me and my ex with our three year old little girl. Thank you


Look up custody X. Has a lot of different schedules that people use. We do a 2-2-3 schedule

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My husbands plan says whomever he deems fit can pick up his girls AND use his time. His also made his ex restricted to the county and she can’t move.

Mine is very open, makes dad 100% responsible for all transportation AND doesn’t limit my moving.

Check out first right of refusal. With it if dad has to work he has to ask you if you want the kids back. Without it he can leave them with anyone he wants and you don’t have to know them.

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I’ve been coparenting with my daughters dad since she was seven months old, she will be 6yrs next month, she goes to her dads tuesdays, Fridays, and sundays all overnights. This has worked well for everyone. Our daughter doesn’t have to go long periods of time without seeing the other parent.

I did 5 pm pick up on Fridays so 50/50 and we couldn’t move out of the county we were in

We also do Friday afternoons- and we live less than a mile away from each other so there’s consistent help on both sides.

I live in Louisiana and he lives in Tennessee. We only speak when its about our 6 year old. Our daughter goes to his parents house most weekends (they live here as well) and they’ll FaceTime and talk there. He gets her for half the summer and we split holidays. We only talk when needed like when she’s there I’ll ask how she is etc. and FaceTime her. Or about child support just little updates. So we literally, hardly ever talk.

We live across the country now, so he gets spring break here, every other winter break and 6 weeks of summer. We each get 2+ video calls a week while our son is with the other parent.

When we lived closer I had weekdays he had weekends, alternating big holidays.

We do week off and week on. At one point we did the weekdays and alternate weekends

My ex had every other weekend from Friday at 7 until Sunday at 7 and every other holiday every other year, then he got a job and couldn’t pink them up until Saturday afternoon and he would bring them back at 5 p.m. Sunday, because he went to church , don’t know why he didn’t take them to church with him.i didn’t ask, but it worked out , I took them to church with me

Do you live close by each other and are you guys on good terms?