What are some good songs for a labor playlist?

I’m due October 11th. I’m more demanding with my doctor’s this time around regarding the birth bc I did not get what I wanted when I could have with my first. Of course, whatever needs to happen will happen, but assuming I’ll have a normal delivery, I want certain things. I also want a labor playlist!! I have a few ideas, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be in labor longer than four songs lol. I am not religious help a mama out please so I can grow my list and get it ready in advance. Thank you!


I want to break free? Lol

Honestly made several. One that had soothing songs, one that was favorite songs, one that was Alanis Morrisette (for when I hated my husband), one that was “ladies rule”. You never know which you will be in the mood for.

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This is an old one but daddy’s girl by red sovine

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:joy::joy::joy::joy: I had this kind of music. Had me laughing and dancing and took my mind away from the pain.


I listened to Like a Virgin before I went into labor haha x

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Fuck it by buckcherry

Push it by Static X :rofl:


Anything with a soft rhythmic beat can help you time and control your breathing :two_hearts:

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I wanted everyone to stfu when I was in labor. Sorry I’m no help. Quiet was best for me lol


Y’all realize she doesn’t have to “demand” anything from doctors.
If she wants to have music playing, she can and they won’t stop her.
If she wants to have guests, she can.
If she wants to play board games, she can.
If she wants to play with her hair and makeup, she can.
Pretty much the only thing she cannot do is eat or drink and it’s for good reason.
Some of y’all get judgy asf. It’s a simple question, if you don’t have an answer, ignore it. You don’t need to tell her that her wants and needs aren’t as important as having a healthy baby.


Bon iver, very very peaceful band. Songs from them I recommend are wash, pdlif, michicant, holocene

I love that you have so many plans! I did too with my first pregnancy but I was in too much upset to even deal with it! Your positivity is inspiring!
I’d have to say, Can’t Stop Me Now by Queen!

When I would play reggae music my son would move a lot. Maybe try listening to music that your baby moves around too. Maybe it will help them come out faster? Lol

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I listened to Elton John during my c section with my last. He’s my fave so it greatly relaxed me and calmed my nerves.

Johannes Brahms, Chopin, Rossini. Classical music to help you relax!

And I want a bed of street tacos next to me but that’s not happening :weary::weary::weary:

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Push it, Salt-N-Pepa

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Hope you have baby on your date as it’s my birthday!!! Wishing for a safe delivery for you and baby no matter the day it’s born

Ring of fire Johnny cash

This Woman’s Work by Katie Bush. Played on its always sunny when Dee is rolled out with baby and it’s beautiful.

I know I’m gonna get flack for this but, Sade is great! upbeat, happy, loving. “Your love is king” is one of my favorites. Really depends on what kind of music you like and what kind of experience you want. Maybe try a Pandora station of someone you like and see what else comes up? try a “relaxed” playlist or “upbeat” or “happy” or whatever mood you’re going for?

I did showtunes and Disney

Push it by salt and pepper :rofl:

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I didn’t play music, but for the last half of my labor I had under pressure by queen and David bowie stuck in my head.

I watched tv when I was in labor

My daughter was born to tambourine man…i didnt hear any of the song but my husband tells me he and the doctor and nurse were singing :rofl::rofl::rofl:

How about a hypnobirthing album? Works well for me everytime! Due my fourth in a few weeks

I absolutely made a playlist out of all of my favorite songs. I am ridiculously attached to 80s hair metal :rofl::star_struck::heart_eyes: I know I know but whatever is speaks to my soul! I actually tried to ride through contractions listening to the guitar solos!!! Weird I know but everyone has their thing right! Guns N Roses November Rain is an amazing song or patience.


I did relaxing forest and rain sounds and some country songs I liked. But soon as contractions really took hold both times I lost interest in the music quickly.

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So I had my first born in water. I had made a playlist of my favorite songs, calm soothing songs. I never did any breathing exercises, I sang my way through contractions. It was more distracting and people around me even sang along with me to encourage me. My recommendation pick songs that mean something to you. You will be remembering that moment every time you hear it and tell that story to your baby :heartpulse:


I had music playing for my 1st of 3 labors, I ended up telling them to turn it off cuz it annoyed me during my contractions, also yelled at everyone to shut up while I was having a contraction lol


I totally blocked out any music playing or anything going on around me with me 2nd labor once i was in active labor. But my fiance played native american flute music on the car on the way to the birth center which was nice to here while impatiently restless in the car going through contractions!

I had an album that was just released from a favorite artist… it is a reggae vibe. I also listened to a pain management progressive relaxation track which I had been practicing for quite some time with. VERY effective.

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I had a lot of my favourite songs on it, I liked Nora Jones, a little Country, movie music (Lion king, Last unicorn,…)

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The last thing I would want, but if you must easy sounds rain, water sounds.

Tribal music or any type. I like norse. It has a nice rhythmic beat the has a driving forward feel that steels nerves and gives young.

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First song I thought of lol. Giver a big push can call this one the finally.

I had songs that relaxed me which even included metal but it made me feel in control somewhat

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Music wouldn’t have done a thing for me in the middle of contractions😂 It might have just made me angry!


I had Oceans Eleven on when labor started. I don’t remember any of it.

I didn’t have the choice, but the songs playing during my 1st C-Section were don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me, play that funky music white boy and another one bites the dust.:joy::joy::joy::joy::woman_shrugging:t4:. Not my choice, but always brings a chuckle when I tell people.


I had a playlist. The doctor and midwife danced with me during a 24 hour labour so it was a great idea! I had 15 songs (a couple were religious)

I’ll stand by you pretenders
Child Hinda hicks
I love you baby Lauren Hill
Always and forever Eternal
Just the 2 of us will Smith
Reach S club 7
Don’t you worry child Swedish house mafia
How long will I love you Ellie Goulding
Perfect day Lou Reed
Love you more jls
Worlds greatest r jelly
I just can’t stop loving you Michael Jackson
Lullaby Mel B


Why the hell can’t women just have their baby and just move on? It just seems like all this extra stuff, birthing a child is a beautiful thing in itself how about focusing on that


I feel like the last thing you’ll be thinking about during labor is music lol but if you do end up still wanting music I’m mostly into old music like jessie’s girl, all summer long, summer of 69, Stacey’s mom, pumped up kicks, have you ever seen the rain, cheater cheater, when the lights went out in georgia (reba macentire version), bye miss american pie, crazy train


Salt n Pepper, “Push it” seems appropriate


My daughter was born via scheduled c section, the Wonderful anesthesiologist try to relax me by putting on some music my daughter was brought into this world as we listen to the song from the ground up by Dan and Shay

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My son was born on Oct 11th. Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley was playing when he was born. Looking forward to dancing to it at his wedding someday. :blue_heart:


So I didn’t have a mix tape, I was watching shark week :rofl::joy:


If you’re putting a lot of emphasis on this music, you’re going to want what you like. I just watched tv and counted down the minutes until the baby got out. Lol

My son was born to Michael Jackson’s, “I’m Bad”. My docs playlist though. Lol

I was the same way…more in control of the environment around me and then frist time. I was 18 and didnt know what the hell was going on the frist time, 27 the second

Do you really care what we want to listen to?? Do what you want and does it really matter…

During my first labour I played Little Wayne, 50 Cent and Kanye. When I had to have a c-section the nurse put on Don’t worry be happy.

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Tally Hall’s “Be Born” is such a fun, sweet song.

Is this your first? Must be


What kind of music do you like? Country, pop, rap, what? And are you due with a boy or girl?

Play a station on pandora of your favorite artist


Let it go Frozen :woman_shrugging:t3:


Just push that baby out! Good luck

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I didnt even know people did this! lol

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Trust me when you’re in labor you will not be thinking of a playlist lmao

Pink floyd, anything all good

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Unrelated but your bubs due date is my youngest birthday :blush:

Your favorites. I played Led Zeppelin

Salt-N-Pepa, Push It

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Whatever kind of music you like.

Burning Ring of Fire :rofl:

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C’mon…you know your gonna need “push it” by salt n pepper … :wink:


Same due date as me lol.

Check out Trevor Hall., Green mountain State is a great song

Anything by Cat Stevens!!

Don’t Stop Believing, Sweet Caroline, Radio

I was born by Hanson!

for when it gets intense Springstein Born to Run

I listened to Tracey Chapman through my first labour hahaha

Highway to hell acdc
Live Stinks J Giels Band
What’s love got it do with it Tina Turner

Blackbird by the Beatles

Just spit the kid out and move on sheesh

The Final Countdown by Europe

Lightening crashes by Live

Leave (Get Out) JoJo

Paul Anka “Having my Baby”

I used this as my inspiration, but then I had an emergency c-section so I don’t know how good it was.

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Literally the last thing you’re going to want is a mix tape. :joy:


Look up templates for a birthing plan and put one together for yourself!

Anything by Cannibal Corpse.

Push it real good :hugs:

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Champion by Carrie Underwood

Push It - salt n pepa :joy:

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Move bitch anything with kinda forceful words and ebb and flow… I liked to switch it up… Listen to some hard and loud then a calming one… Back and forth… The music really helps the time not drag on as bad…

Hey, Good Day! That’s my Birthday!

Im a survivor!!! Lol

Ray LaMontagne has some great songs. He’s pretty chill, I listen to him as I fall asleep at night. Amos Lee and a Fine Frenzy are good as well.

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push it
by salt and pepper…
just put on a radio :+1:


Find something tribal for sure. The rhythm is powerful and can be extremely calming

I’d just play whatever makes u feel relaxed. Good luck x

I sang happy birthday to you when I was in the most pain, ( in my head not out loud)it was the most possitive song I could think of.