What are some good stocking stuffers for men?

Any good stocking stuffers for hubby/boyfriend? I got mine some beard oils, but I can’t think of much else other than his favorite chocolate.


Candies,gift cards,toothbrush,socks

Razors, small hand held tools. Colognes, deodorant toothpaste toothbrushes

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Small tool sets (Gerber tool), key chain, wallet, nerdy/geeky toys…

A decent leather belt, a new wallet, decent razor, good sunglasses, hats.


Miniature whisky or wine, scratch cards, tub or nails/screws, anti back, cheap DvD

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Favorite candy, soap, wallet, back scratcher, beer cover, small gifts

Deodorant, candy, new underwear :joy::joy:

If he’s like my husband, fishing gear, pocket knives/leathermans, golfing gear, cologne, gaming accessories/playstation gift cards, beer novelties (bottle openers, can cozies, etc), coffee cups/travel mugs, and gun accessories are always a win.

Knives, pizza gift card

Wallet, cologne, candy

Gift card for both of you to go out to dinner

Scratch offs, candy, small bottles of favorite alcohol, movies, gift cards, socks, tools, my hubby loves golf so I usually include some golf things

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Beer soap, lotto tickets a hat ( like a benie or winter gear) socks, beef jerky, the bathroom spray to make his duces smell good haha

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I’ve been finding gag gifts… like emergency underpants, bathroom golf… brain teasers

Some jerky! There’s been a unique jerky line I’ve seen on Facebook ads with mythical creature names that are made out of like alligator, antelope and other types of meat than just the typical beef jerky

A small framed picture to keep on his desk. He won’t have to pull out his phone to remind people how awesome you are

What hobbies does he have? Shooters of his favorite alcoholic drinks. If he is into a sport…get him something with his favorite team logo on it. If he likes to golf, maybe some balls, tees, new gloves. I always buy things based on a person’s likes and interests.

Small hand/body lotion, eyeglass cleaner or repair kit, love note, thumb drive, ear buds, sunblock (especially for bald or shaved heads), metal nail file and/or clippers, Swiss Army knife-type multi tool, regular or car phone charger.

Or make homemade coupons for back rubs/scratches, foot rubs, bath or shower with you, a weekend day or morning to skip chores, his pick of dinner menu (even if it’s Cheetos & ice cream), or whatever you’re willing to do for him one time.

And for this year, face masks! Maybe get one with his fave sports team logo.

His favorite cologne, his favorite candies, pocket knives, small screw drivers, small socket set, a new cell phone, summer sausage, a rope necklace ( some men like jewelry too ).

Gift certificate to Dick’s sporting goods or Bass pro shop, maybe a local specialty store he likes.

Travel mug, lottery tickets, key chain, wallet, gift cards, outdoor men hand warmer, gloves, hunters, sent away products!

Wool socks, gloves, fishing lures, ammo, targets, car air fresheners, small tools, nips, hand/feet warmers, pocket knife, cologne, travel mug or water bottle, headlamp/flashlight, foot pumice, shower back brush, lip balm, breath mints/gum

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Nail clippers, car wash soap and rags/sponges or tickets to the car wash, gum, mints, air freshener for the car/truck, IOU to clean inside of his gross truck/car, gift certificate for pedicure, special shaving soaps…just to name a few.

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pocket knife, manicure set, comb, letter opener, ammunition if he has a firearm, hearing protection

Lol, in my house-stocking stuffers for everyone consists of toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, lip gloss/chapsticks. Also socks, underwire, T-shirts. Started with these items when kids were young, they were allowed to open stocking stuffers before we got up. So didn’t want them opening the “good stuff” if we were still asleep. One year when my kids were adults, I didn’t buy the socks, t-shirts, underwire-boy were they disappointed. Lol.

I get mine beard oil, his favorite candy, a tooth brush ( everyone gets one of those in their stocking), a movie, mine vapes so some juice for his e-cig, gifts cards( Lowe’s, Home Depot, amazon), mechanic soap ( he is a major garage tinker)

Manicure set gloves colone favorite candy lottery tickets key ring small picture of you in a frame love note

Pocket size flashlight, pocket tools/ knife.
New masks.
Depends on his likkes.

Bag of nuts, some candy, key ring, wallet, electronic/sanitizing wipes, gum or mints, mini cologne, mini liquor bottle or 2, soap on a rope, some funny gadget, retro toy, harmonica

Socks, undies, shave cream, razors, really the rest depends what he’s into.

I got a bunch of mini whiskeys for him to try. He likes whiskey :woman_shrugging::grin: lol

I give mine deodorant, lighters, his favorite candy, replacement razor blades, shaving cream…

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Hot chocolate packets, Christmas cookies, gift cards to Starbucks!

A great smelling body wash.

Gift cards for places he likes, lottery ticket, cologne, mini picture frame of the two of you

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Hubby/boyfriend? Are you buying for two people?


Gift card to get a massage

Gift certificates for BJs.


Underwear, favorite candy or snack, gift card to Home Depot

I always get my husband in shell mixed nuts and a nut cracker for his stocking

I’ve been struggling with this too…all I have come up with is a case for the AirPod pro’s :woman_shrugging:

Does he have a hobby? Like fishing? Cars? Lots of guys have a favorite car …maybe a miniature replica?

Shaving, grooming items like shaving mug, nice shaving brush, specialty soap, some small cologne bottles, coupons for a hair cut, beard trim

Aftershave, travel size items, a shaving kit

Good flashlight, pocket knife, instant lottery tickets

Mini torch/flashlight

Silly putty. Even for men.

Lottery tickets, scratch off tickets?


Small shower radio, snack bars, socks, ear buds.

Lottery scratch off tickets!

A little promise book for Free Gifts❤️