What are some must haves for baby number 2?

What are some must-haves for baby #2? We will be having our second boy, and I’m wondering what I can keep from baby #1 and what I need to get new of. Or what your favorite thing was for your 2nd.


I would use everything you have from the first child. Unless the car seat is expired


I would use what I have maybe some new clothes but would still use a lot of the clothes I had that wasn’t stained up


The only things I bought new for my second was a car seat a few little things like a baby bath that I didn’t still have from my first. Other than that I tried to use all the stuff from my previous child. Clothing was another thing I had to get a few things of just because they were born in different seasons but I used what I could

Other than a new bring home outfit. I used everything for all my kids. You buy little things here and there but why get new. I used the same crib, swing, bassinet etc for all 4 of my kids.


We have two boys, so we were able to reuse basically everything from our first. Their birth months are close too, so seasonal clothes have worked well so far! For our second we only bought things we wanted… a cute outfit, new nursery decor, better swaddles etc. we didn’t need much, but we knew what we needed more of or better (aka more zip pjs, ditch the snaps mama!)

We got more swaddles for our second boy. The ones we had were too small for him and the Velcro was worn

A baby carrier, so much easier to get out with two kids if the babies in a carrier!

I kept everything fir my first 3 all were boys then the 4th was a girl got all now stuff then 5th was an oops and another boy so had to get all new stuff

Literally everything. Invest in a moby wrap too they r lifesavers

I had a girl in winter and am due with baby #2 (girl) in middle of summer time so I only need new clothing. Since baby in winder wore long sleeves and pants, not much short sleeves.
I would say things that were super important when having first baby. New coming home outfit. A few new clothing items. Nursery decor, maybe a new blanket just for them.
Oblivious if you arent gonna exclusively BF new bottles and if you do pacifiers.
Other wise almost everything else can be reused.

I kept everything eccpet we got new car seats. My boys are 18 months apart

I had 2 girls first and bought some new clothes so everything wasn’t hand me downs and bought a new diaper pail.

I kept everything from my oldest son to use for my second son. Nothing was new everything right down to the carseat was used… I didnt want anything brand new bc to me having something used means more then something brand new

Carrier! I absolutely wear babe 2 more then I expected! And way more then my first baby!

We used everything from our first with our second. The only things that I bought new was a crib,highchair and swing and thats only because I didn’t have the ones from my first yes I did buy some new clothes but not many

Valium …for you , kidding!!! Just try to reuse as much as you can from the first one , and definitely a baby carrier, my daughter was always strapped to me , it help a lot when you need 2 hands especially with a toddler that doesn’t stop moving :grin: Best of luck momma !!!


Honestly, whatever you need! I am pregnant with my second and needed everything for his nursery decorations and some furniture like a crib (my first is still in her crib) and I got a new swing because the last one broke with my daughter and I needed boy clothes and hats and swaddles and stuff lol. I kept things that were gender neutral, but not much was. I also got a new pack of bottles because many have been thrown away after I had my daughter. Whatever you need, I’d make a registry for! Oh and postpartum products for you!

Having baby boy #2 in 2 weeks! We kept, baby bath, bouncer, swing, walker, bassinet, crib, baby carrier and clothes…we basically saved everything just got new bottles, burp clothes, diapers, formula, going home outfit…

Everything from your first is fine as long as it is still up to code. I would invest in something so you can baby wear. I had a jelly bean sling that I loved and it made it easier to get things done around the house, chase my first born, and nurse.

Reuse everything you can. I’d buy a few outfits that are this babies. Other than this having leftovers means you can afford to buy things you wanted with #1 but couldn’t get because you had to buy necessities.

Helmets, bandaids… prayers… my 2nd was nicknamed Lucifer.

Clothes, whatever you do don’t throw out the clothes. You will always need more.

I would probably keep everything lol

What? Love to have your problem!

Mattress we are told here (UK) that each baby should have a new mattress as reusing is a risk factor for SIDS (cot death) x

I have 5 kids. 4 of them were girls. The only things that I did not pass down were pacifiers and rectal thermometers. I passed down everything else because just about everything can be washed and sterilized.

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I mainly asked for diapers and wipes…

We kept everything from baby #1 and passed them on to babies 2, 3,4,5 and 6. We used cloth diapers at that time so even though we kept using them, we did add some new ones for each baby. (They do wear out!!). I liked having at least 1 new receiving blanket for the new baby. And of course, clothes wore out, but friends gave us sweet gifts for the new little ones.


For #2 we had a diaper shower. Whenever someone asked we said diapers. It was the best to not have to worry about diapers.


I bought a double stroller (depends how far apart they are) and a good carrier or sling if you prefer.


Keep everything from baby #1. I had a summer baby then a winter baby. 3rd was a summer baby also. 2 boys then a girl. Most clothes I bought could be for a boy or girl. T shirts and pants. Special outfits for holidays and birthdays. Grateful for hand me downs from family and friends.


I reused my car seat/stroller set, swing, bottles, sippy cups, anything that was gender neutral since my oldest is a boy and my youngest is a girl but since you say you’re having your 2nd boy then as along as the oldest has outgrown it and it’s still in good condition then definitely reuse it save money where you can

Whatever you didn’t keep for baby one you will need for baby two. Plus a double stroller isn’t a bad idea. If baby one is still little and still needs baby stuff than you need to buy another one of everything you have.

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Something to wear baby, it will really help make it easier to care for your older child too.

Clothes, (depending on when baby #1 was born), bottles,(if you use them), diapers, blankets, another car seat, something for baby to sleep in, pacifier or 2, burp cloths, etc

I am on number four and the most essential is a car seat , daipers ,clothes, blankets, daipers, and whatever you will be feeding them with

The rest are not essential. But will definitely help make things easier

With our second we loved our Graco Glider we used the first months as a bassinet

Start buy.while pregnant a little time help with the expensive. Things like diapers wipes bibs etc. So have new and hand me down are great.

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A must have for baby #2 is baby #1! Lol I apologize I had to say it. Everytime I saw this post I said it to myself and laughed. I apologize again for not having any advice, or pointers because I only have baby #1 who’s just over 2 months.

I had a daughter first followed by a boy 13 months later. I couldn’t really use all the girly stuff on him so had to get new clothes lol. Used the same infant tub and car seat. He also got some new blankets. I had another son after him and aside from a new car seat (they do expire), a swing, some new clothes and blankets he was set.

I had two boys 23 months apart and I used all the same stuff

O hot each their own. Rib blanket. They used it to cover on thesofa for nad in the living room and to define their own play space when playing on the floor so no one had more space than the other.

You can basically reuse all the stuff from baby number 1. I would say though get new bottles and pacifiers, depending how long it’s been since baby number 1

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Keep anything and everything thats not messed up

First…a routine…his own blanket/blankey…the ability to teach your first about babies…how to treat them…make them feel a part of caring for the child…I spent a lot of time saying don’t do this or that…then I started telling him what babies need and how he can help…it works a lot better. I know you were looking for material thing, but this can save your children from feeling like they need to compete for your attention. Have #1 bring you things you need for the baby…maybe even a simple doll and one of those bottles with disappearing milk/juice…


Use blankets. Get that new baby new clothes!