What are some of your families Chirstmas traditions?

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions to do with your child? My family had a few while I was growing up, but I’m looking to create some of our own for my son’s first Christmas!


We started getting our little guy an ornament every year themed with something he likes!

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I loved driving around to look at Christmas lights as a kid! (I still love it and plan to continue when my daughter is old enough)


dads bday is Christmas eve so Santa always got a shot. He still gets a shot.

Cruising for lights around town

Christmas eve box. Then we have an elf.

We make sugar cookies for Santa to leave out along with carrots for the reindeer on Christmas Eve. We open stockings on Christmas Eve. We decorate the tree together. We build a gingerbread house

Our family gets together on the 24 and we spend 24 and 25 together and the kids open a gift at midnight. Also special ornaments for them every year

We always got a new pair of warm pajamas and new warm robe and slippers on Xmas eve. And we would wear those new pajamas to bed, waiting for santa.

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On Christmas eve open a family gift that is new pajamas for everyone, popcorn, a movie, hot choc etc and have a family movie night with everything! :heart::evergreen_tree:

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So we get together Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Christmas Day evening lol. During the evening is when my entire family (extended) gets together and one of the adults dresses as Santa to hand out gifts (we do Kris Kringle with the cousins).

My kids get to open a present on Christmas Eve, new pajamas and/or house shoes which ever is needed. I try to do Christmas themed PJ’s. Then we drink hot cocoa and watch a Christmas movie. The first year we started this it was my mom’s idea she even got them Christmas coffee cups just for them. We have been using the same cups every year.

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My family would cut down our tree every year but here’s the good part… my mom and dad would not decorate the tree. Santa would visit the house Christmas eve and Christmas Day…the tree would be all decorated with tinsel and all💕 just imagine my eyes as I walked into the living room. WOW !! Every year santa decorated our tree until that fateful year of…

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We started getting my daughter an ornament every year in her stocking, this year since she’s big enough (2) we’re gonna do a Christmas Eve present with PJs, slippers, a movie, and a snack for her. Then we will spend Christmas day with just the 3 of us

Also new pjs on meds Xmas eve… my parents would sneak them in… and I do the same for my children. Legit feels like am elf drops them off before santa comes

We make the kids a Christmas list ornament every year. They get to write their wish list on it.

We always drive around looking at Christmas lights and drink hot cocoa


We make ornaments for each kid, watch its a wonderful life with hot chocolate and popcorn they each get a present for xmas eve and its always pjs to wear for xmas morning

Make Christmas cookies on New Year’s Eve. Eve presents with popcorn, hot coco mix, Christmas pajamas & slippers, Christmas book and movie. Cuddle up with Christmas Eve movie night then Christmas book in bed with the smell of cookies in the air. Also kids pick out their own Christmas ornament every year and I date them what year they got them. Letters from Santa on the 15th of December.

Since I was little we made count down rings out of construction paper and decorated by the stockings with it and before bed every night we got to take turns pulling them off. Each had a message on the inside about someone or something we loved about our family and why.

We have many traditions with our kids. We all get new PJs to open Christmas Eve. We always drive around and look at lights the weekend before Christmas. We always watch all the Christmas classics the week before Christmas. And if course spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day with family.

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When the girls were little we would do Christmas dinner Christmas Eve then track Santa til bedtime

We have an advent calendar where you can put small things into in it. We have everyone write a few things they want to do during December - drive for lights, watch movies, make gingerbread houses etc, then we shuffle them up and put them into the calendar to do as a family.

We all wear Christmas pj"s , watch the traditional Christmas shows, make hot chocolate an ride around to see the lighs an decorations om Christmas eve. We read The Night Before Christmas, hang our stockings an go to bed.

We make Christmas cookies that they decorate, same with ornaments. I let them pick out one they want or let them have one they can decorate with glitter and paint.

We have a pickle ornament that we hide in the tree and then whoever finds it first gets an extra present from Santa. After that we just rehide it for fun.

We make our decorations for the tree. The kids get to make salt dough and use cookie cutters and then paint them.

Christmas eve we eat pizza, have crock pot hot chocolate, decorate cookies, make ornaments and have family/friends over and the kids get Christmas eve boxes with jammies, a book, a movie, candy, popcorn, a mug, a stuffy and other little random stuff. Christmas morning is just us, open gifts, make a big breakfast and snack all day :two_hearts:

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Once shes a little older i plan to do a box on xmas eve w pajamas a movie a book and snacks.
And i plan to do a new ornament every yr for her as well. And driving around looking at christmas lights.

Plus i plan to have diff xmas movies and books to watch/read for the whole month of december that well have wrapped. And well open one a night.

Drive around looking at lights. Christmas movies in our pjs with snacks. Donating to charity (clothing drives, toy drives, food drives etc). Making christmas cookies and then eating a bunch while watching a christmas movie. Putting up and decorating the tree (I dont fix what they do…I allow them to have their visions for the tree). Go out as a family, and build snowmen.

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On Christmas Eve, each member of the family gets a book to open and enjoy. We go to mass on Christmas Eve together. Christmas dinner is a big event too!

I get my kids a present for Christmas Eve. Always pajamas and a movie. Then other random stuff, an ornament that reminds me of them, gingerbread house to make, candies, hot cocoa. We also have a santa house we go to sometime in December

Each Christmas or around that time we will get each child a unique ornament for the tree, or will go out to look at Christmas lights, backing, making gifts or ornaments. We also (if we can) we let the kids open a gift on Christmas eve.

One Christmas tradition I am bringing back this year is eve box. In the box new pajamas, a coffee mug( kid one for the children) hot chocolate and their favorite movie snack, and a Christmas movie. I didn’t do anything last year with being on bed rest so this year it’s time to feel like Christmas. And we don’t have a Christmas tree we have a cat tower. So this will let the cats climb up too. With 7 of them Santa says no tree lol. Our kids love it

Hes little make it about momentos he wont remember gifts or traditions.buy him new jammies take lots of pictures do a family picture shoot.babies bring so much joy to others if you dont have family spend an afternoon with the residents in a nursing home.

I try not to have to go out at all on xmas eve so we can have a jammy day watching xmas films. Always have to watch the snowman, muppets xmas carol and polar express. When i.was wee my dad would walk me to the postbox at dinnertime xmas eve to post my letter to santa :heart: then santa came round the streets with music to wave to all of us :heart: my sons always put their shoes n jacket on over jammies and sponkle.reindeer dust in front garden for ruldolph to find his way. Leave a carrot at the front door and tie santas magic key to the door outside as wev no chimney. Then its cookies n milk out for santa. Love xmas with kids this yr our youngest is 4months so we get to start the magic all over again.hehe

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We’re starting a tradition where the elves that travel with Santa leave a prank, treats in the shoes, and “elf dust” sprinkled around the shoes.

We do a box on Christmas Eve with movies, a set of pajamas for everyone, popcorn and hot chocolate. We then watch the movie with popcorn and hot chocolate on Christmas Eve together

On Christmas Eve we play the Left and Right game. Most gifts are gag gifts. Our family has had a stupid plastic eagle in circulation for years and it is hilarious!

Decorate for Christmas on the 1st of December. Go to our towns tree lighting ceremony. See santa 2 weeks before Christmas. Bake cookies a week before Christmas. The night before Christmas at 12 pm we have some family come over to watch Christmas movies, go look at Christmas lights, get Santa’s cookies out and veggies for deer. Once the babys are in bed hubs gets a movie at red box a 6 pack and we wrap gifts have a beer or two make sure we have strong coffee ready in the machine. On Christmas day we do play a game called find the Christmas pickle and have a small gift like a movie for the winner. We also do Christmas dinner.

every year for Christmas my mom would get me my own jar of cherries(cherries are my favorite)…she has been gone 5 yrs now and i still get me a jar…and with my kids we do a christmas eve box with jammies, a movie and cocoa.

My mom & I would make ornaments by putting seed beads & sequins on pins & pushing them into styrofoam balls, or gluing velvet ribbon on satin balls, or cutting out pieces & sewing or pasting together little felt figures (Santas, Peacock’s, reindeer).

My grandma did the 12 days of Christmas with us. She had special ornaments and a mini tree, and each of the 12 days we would sing the song, add the next ornament, and she had small gifts for us to open each of the 12 nights

I got my kids a new ornament for the tree every year when they were growing up. I just made salt dough ornaments with my granddaughter last weekend. Made a penguin out of her foot print and made a round one with a snowman in the center from her fingerprints. I painted them and wrote her name and the year on the back.

We used to pick a smaller gift to open, stay up until 10 pm(very rare), sometimes stockings were christmas eve. I want to do all those plus find a few more.

We each buy a new ornament to hang on the tree every year.

We put the tree up the day after thanksgiving (Black Friday). We wrap gifts on Black Friday while the kids are at papaws. We read a chapter of Luke every day starting Dec 1 to tell the story of Christmas. We do advent calendar, Santa pics, lots of cookie baking, then on CE, we go to service ,we snuggle up with a movie and popcorn ( we draw a classic out of a hat), then dad and I help get Santa cookie and deer veggies ready, wrap the “Santa” gifts, stuff the stockings, and get ready for Christmas morning. We go to service again, do gifts, find the pickle (gift card to the winner), and Christmas dinner

-Christmas season starts at September 1

-Play Christmas songs on September 1 (lol yeah I know)

-Simbang Gabi (look it up)

-Door to door Caroling starts at Dec. 16(?) ends on Dec.24 night time

-December 25 Christmas morning, go to church, visit godparents, visit other relatives, eat and be merry

-Karaoke all day lolololol

-Make Christmas cookies Dec. 23 or 24 to give to relatives

Christmas Eve has always been our special time. We don’t go to anyone else’s house. We stay in and the kids get new pajamas. We don’t have any actual dinner, just things like cheese and crackers, desserts, hot crab dip, shrimp rings all spread out on the coffee table. The evening is spent watching our fave Christmas movies, relaxing and enjoying each others company.

We start by watching christmas shows on hallmark, on first Saturday of December we go to the town parade, court house lighting, we go to valley of the lights which is a park the town decorates with lights, we go see the gingerbread villages, we go to enchanted christmas a building with different themed lights one part may have frozen one snoopy ect, if any of the family wants to do christmas early we go to their house, we picka day in December and drive around looking at Christmas lights, christmas eve they get to open one present this year we doing the Christmas Eve box, on Christmas day they can open their stockings any time, we make orange rolls, we play christmas music on radio when everyone up we do presents start cooking I dont like to go anywhere on Christmas so kids can play with their presents then we just hang out all day relaxing enjoying each other and any family members that stop by for meal

We let each child pick out an ornament every year ( sometimes two) and they have their own tree in their room they put them on. I keep each childs seperate along with their school made ornaments. I love it.

Buying new ornament each year, everyone picks one out. Everyone opens a present Christmas Eve which is of course pajamas to wear to bed and wake up in. Cookies for Santa as well, also going to look at lights.

This year is our first christmas alone since her dad and I split. I’ve so been dreading it.
I tried to start the tradition of family christmas pjs and a christmas eve box with goodies and a movie to snuggle up with dad and I. I also try to do the 25days of books, new book every day. This year I hope we can find some new traditions for just the two of us. I’m crying thinking of it :joy::joy::sob::sob:

Singing, reading the night before Xmas, donating to those in need, new ornament each year for when they move out, every year we go to A CHRISTMAS CAROL at the theatre ( strtd this at about age 6), baking, driving around seeing the decorations, sending snail mail cards, secret Santa surprises til Xmas, countdown to Xmas calendar, as they getting bigger having them pick little gifts for family members and of course church.

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We always do pajamas movies and hot chocolate on Christmas Eve. The kids unwrap their box which contains a bag of popcorn a movie pajamas and their own tin of hot chocolate. We do different flavors for each kid and then we watch the movies in our new pjs getting ready for Santa. We also always put an orange in their stocking and read the Christmas orange. The first night with the tree up we turn off all the lights but the Christmas tree… no electronics and we sit and talk and be thankful.

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Drive around looking at Christmas light, baking, Christmas movies. I want to take them to the Polar Express

Drive around and look at Christmas lights

I need to create new one’s!

Put up the tree on Thanksgiving together