What are some prize ideas for this Christmas game?

What are some ideas of prizes to put in the saran wrap ball when playing the game? We’ll have people playing in ages ranging from 15-80.

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Scratch tickets, face masks, candy, scentsy wax, coins, $1 or $5 bills, Christmas pens or pencils, jerky sticks, chapstick or lip gloss, pop sockets. Really anything relatively small, or if you’d like to add a few bigger gifts like a coffee mug or something, you can number them beforehand and put a slip of paper in the ball with “prize #?” on it, and then they can get that gift when the game is done.


Small flashlights.key chains.candy.candy bars.dollar bill.kitcian utencils

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Look at dollar tree and buy games if too big to put on the ball write on a piece of paper what a gift would be there

Coins, gum, candy, socks

A granola bar, a bracelet, a key to something like a small jewelry box or journal, a small kitchen gadget, small items from the dollar tree.

Random gift cards , hot coco packs

Fun socks. I personally LOVE getting fun cozy socks :grin: