What are some stocking stuffers your normally get?

Let’s talk stocking stuffers! I struggle most with this section of Xmas. What do yall get your three and 5-year-old boys that’s not just junk toys, candy, or coloring books lol


Toothbrush - paste , school supplies that are special to your child’s personality like favorite color pencils or ones with name on it , hair bows, ties, gloves , sunglasses and even fruit … My kids got the apple and orange every year.

My boy always liked different things. Flashlights, mini nerf gun or cap gun, spot it game, Uno, glow sticks, air horn,

Toy cars, flashlights, socks, board games (not a stocking stuffer) , glow sticks, stickers, fake tattoos, gloves, ear muffs, fun coupons for a day like an extra 5 minutes of tv time or playing a game they like or ice cream etc

My four year old loves those magic ink books. Almost always a hot wheels, lego minifigures, playdough, special candy like edible lego bricks.

Hot wheels cars. Bubbles. Gloves or a new beanie

I get my sons a magnet every year and a new ornament every year. Those go in his stocking.

For kids, maybe a new pair of clothes or stuffed animal depending on age or a small maybe 5$toy and lots of candy
For adults maybe makeup, clothing(socks, scarf) sunglasses, and candy. Perfume, Cologne, hair ties,

I usually do something they need (socks, undies, Jammies etc) something they want (toys and what Not) and and something they can learn with (flash cards, workbooks etc). Then add a little candy and done.

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Gift cards, candy, socks, coloring books and crayons.

I have girls. But; tooth brush, tooth paste, hair brushes, underwear, socks, candies, bath toys, hair accessories, hats, mittens, I guess now masks :woman_shrugging:t2::rofl:

Small practical things like new toothbrushes/toothpaste, socks, pencils/coloring stuff, some candy, flash cards, crayola bath fizzies, small tumblr or cup, etc.

Growing up I always got a new toothbrush, toothpaste, apples and oranges in my stocking. ( as well as a small gift)
The reason is because of my mother, and her receiving these as gifts when she was younger. And remember the true meaning of Christmas…

My sister put this together as a story as to why. And the true meaning of Christmas.

When our kids was little we would do fresh fruit n nuts and pick a few small toys like cars ( barbie for my daughter) and put a couple dollar bills to put in their piggy banks

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Toothbrushes, crayons/markers, apple or orange, books, small framed pic of family or just mom/dad/parents they can call theirs and hang in their room.

We ALWAYS put a Lifesaver book in our kids stockings. I grew up with them and wanted my kids to have the same tradition. We always wrapped them. The kids would dump their entire stocking out looking for it and it would be the first thing they opened. This will be the 1st year without since both have moved out.

We also put lip gloss, deodorant, hair ties, new toothbrushes, toy cars, lego mini sets, small puzzle games, card games, jewelry, fuzzy socks, watches, slinkies, coupons for a “special” item, a Christmas card with pocket $$, sample/travel sized items so they had them for sleepovers, shaped erasers, crayons, small color books, a special dvd, cartridges for handheld games, small Christmas themed toy, replacement school supplies (ie: pencils/markers/erasers), Starbucks cards (when the got older), etc…and a piece of fruit to fill out the toe!

Just have fun with it!!

Wrap little toys. Place them in the stocking…they enjoy opening gifts. :gift: :gift:. And maybe a couple candies.

Socks, underwear, bubble bath, snacks they normally eat like little bags of cheese its ( dollar Tree has a box of 3 end 4 packs for a dollar, I just take them out of the box to put the little bags in) little footballs or baseballs, kids baseball hats

I use apples and cuties with some small but good goodies, so they get the good-for-them stuff with a little surprise here & there of something they like that’s just for them. And fruity candy canes just bc I like hanging them on the stockings lol

Toothbrushes, matchbox cars, bath toys, glow sticks. (Have you tried glow in the dark baths? Throw the sticks in the tub, turn the lights off. My kids loved it). Additionally, I hide the stockings on Christmas eve when everyone goes to bed (no chimney/mantle). We open presents, eat breakfast and then the hunt for stockings. The winner gets to open the first present at Grandma’s house.

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Hot wheels, legos, hat, gloves, books, stickers, bubble bath

Pencils, brush comb new toothbrush bubble bath lip gloss stuff like that. I never put candy in them I figured the had enough candy from Halloween.

Electric toothbrush, cutie oranges, brain teaser, a gold dollar or 2, special washcloths, body wash, chapstick, gloves etc

Electric toothbrush with characters on them, flash cards, magnetic letters for fridge! My sister is kindergarten teacher lol learning young is important

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Toothbrushes, toothpaste, bubble bath, silly string, underwear, socks, hat, gloves, squirt guns, writing/drawing tablet, pencils

I know you said no candy but this just reminded me how far Ive come. When my 23, 21, 18 yr olds were little little kids I would stuff their stockings with the the fanciest Christmas candy because i was so broke and I felt so bad I couldn’t buy them alot. So I stuffed them with candy because I could get it with food stamps.


Silly socks, toothbrush with their favorite character on it, hot wheels, hat/gloves, house shoes, small toys.

Toothbrushes, YoYo, Hot-wheels, Jump Rope, play dough.

A small photo album with actual prints of friends and family.

This year we are doing little toys for the pool or bathtub and gift cards. Birthday and Christmas are back to back and we can save giftcards for later use

Bath crayons, toothbrush, socks, DVDs, hats and gloves, little books, slippers, playdoh, a cool cup, slime, putty, pokemon cards, hot wheels, Fidget spinners

Underwear! Lol. Toothbrushes. Small books. Silly stuff like whoopee cushions, that putty stuff that makes fart noises. They think fake poop is hilarious.

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Book, movie or game, personalized cups, cool socks, gift card, pokemon cards, small action figures(lego people), mini blind bags

Little cheap toys cars barbies flashlights nightlight and such i do very little candy but I do not spend a ton bc they get the big stuff under the tree I have 5 kids so cheap stocking is the way for our house hold we save and spend probably more then we should on Christmas

Hot wheels, a new cup, dinosaurs, play doh, a new toothbrush, pez dispensers, colored tabs for his baths, and washable crayons. Maybe a kids chap stick

If older new phone chargers, makeup for girls, car air fresheners, new keychains, anything they like that will fit.

Hot wheels. This year I got them each a small wallet and will put a mcds card in each. Then i just put their smaller gifts if any in the stocking.

Maybe get playing cards or flash cards. For their ages flash cards are perfect and for cheap can find cool ones at five below