What are some things I can do to get my contractions going?

They may just break your water first. If that’s the case it’s not terrible being induced. Don’t overly stress. Do a little extra exercise during the day, but also get your rest at Night!

37 weeks is too early.


Have unprotected, non pulling out sex lol

It will happen in its own mama. Try to make it to 39 weeks if you can. Better for the babes.


ive been induced w all my pregnancies even after going into labor bc i dont dilate i need to be educed to get going nothing wrong w being induced

Spicy food! Keep doing squats and walking. Make sure you’re keeping yourself well hydrated too!

Try to hang in there my youngest son was born 4 weeks early and I almost didn’t get to take him home getting induced isn’t too bad I had to wait with my first until I was almost 42 weeks both ended in c-sections
I tried to induce labor with my first one and nothing worked
Is there a specific reason why your being induced if not you can request to hold off

Honestly I’d just wait to be induced. Nothing will work(except induction or c section) unless baby is ready to come out. I did everything by under the sun and my boy refused to budge until well after I got induced.


Sex did it for me twice!


Honestly getting induced isn’t bad at all, you know the timing, you can have the meds there immediately and it went super fast for me :woman_shrugging: but I was induced because I was overdue and nothing got my contractions going


Deep tissue massage on feet and ankles

Sex helped me along with pineapple juice and walking up and down stairs


Fresh pineapple did the trick with my last (and most stubborn) baby.

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Sex, spicy food, red wine

If already at 37 weeks and dilated, being induced will be easy. It will just get things going and not a bad thing.
I wish you and baby all the best!

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i was 4cm and 80% effaced from 36w on and had my membranes swept once a week, walked, bounced on a ball, had sex, took lavender baths, ate spicy stuff, i literally did everything under the sun except castor oil and still had to be induced (at 39w because i have big babies) this was with my 2nd… my first i went into labor naturally after doing all the things
at 39w3d. i found out this time around babies really do come when they wanna come. or don’t. lol

Try pressure points!

Apparently there are many people who cannot read! She asked what could help her labor start, not what you think of induction :woman_facepalming: :roll_eyes:


Eat fresh pineapple, my friend did it for her 2 kids and it worked

lay on your left side with a peanut pillow or a few pillows between your knees and take deep calm breaths. took me from a 3 to a 9 in two hours.

Pineapple or I ran back and forth(doing suicides) playing with my other two and about an hour after I started having sharp pains

Nipple stimulation! Helps to contract I’ve seen people dance and be really active and go into labor pretty soon after as well

Use a breast pump! Whether you produce milk or not, it will do something to your body. It could’ve been coincidence, but with my last baby I was sitting on the couch, decided to put the pump on, and my water broke after about half hour! I was 37 weeks and some change.

Exercise ball to bounce and roll your hips around in a circle

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I went into labor with one of my kids after playing at a aground and rocking my fat butt back and forth on one of those animals on giant springs…
Someone suggested castor oil with my oldest. A dose is 2tsp/Tbsp and I drank an entire 2 oz bottle. No contractions but oh man did I get one helluva colon cleansing :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Up and down the stairs :+1:

Worry isn’t helping so just try to relax and let your body work its magic. I’ve been induced 3 of 4 kids nothing to it. You will do great just try to think of the baby when u stress it is also.


Nipple stimulation
Its the only thing that scientifically proven to help jump start labor. As long as your body is ready

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Always tell those that don’t read…she’s away from her SO so sex is out of the question, though I’m curious why she’s been away for 2 months, and said NO CASTOR OIL…which is extremely unsafe.

Curry and eat a whole pineapple :joy:

I’d suggest a prenatal massage and a hard foot rub.

I’ve heard pumping works too. Like pumping breast milk? I’m a first time mother, and am almost 36 weeks.

I changed my living room furniture around. Water broke shortly after. Worked with both my pregnancies.

I tried everything and it didn’t work. All three of mine were induced. It’s not bad at all.

Nipple stimulation with a breast pump. And red raspberry leaf tea doesn’t induce labor, it conditions and refines the uterus for labor.

For my 1st and 3rd pregnancies I was partially effaced and almost 3cm dilated at 36 weeks and still carried to 42 weeks and 40 weeks. Coster oil was the only thing that helped induce labor when my water broke but no contractions were happening. If it wasn’t for castor oil I would have had a C- section both times.

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Sex…semen contains prostaglandins which is like a hormone that will soften and ripen the cervix.


If its time it’s time.

Sex…sperm contains prostaglandins, which are the same hormones that are used soften the cervix to induce labor. You also release them during sex. Nipple stimulation also releases oxytocin. Pitocin is a synthetic form of oxytocin.

Sex it worked for me.

I don’t understand why women are always rushing the natural and then be complaining that they had complications like duhhhhh stupid!:woman_facepalming:t2: let everything take it’s course!!


Eating pineapple, drinking pineapple juice

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You can go to 42 weeks if your healthy. Inductions have higher chances of c-sections.


Get some primrose vitamins, cut the tip off and insert the liquid into ur vagina, do this 3 times a day, I did it for 3 days and then I went into labor

If baby isn’t ready, baby isn’t coming. Other than breaking your water, which is not safe to do at home, there’s not anything else you can do. Ask your provider to strip your membrane next time you see them

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I had to get induced after my water broke. It’s totally chill

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Sex!!! Even self pleasure sex. It will get the muscles down there contracting then keep walking and squatting and stretches. Helped me with both my littles

I tried everything under the sun and nothing worked. Had baby at 41 weeks. Some of these hacks, im wondering of it was just a coincidence… being induced takes lile 10 seconds, its easy. Try to relax mama :purple_heart:

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I’m 38+5 and I tried doing sqauts yesterday morning to try bring on labour as I’m sooo over it didn’t do anything except my legs huuurt sooo bad today lol I can hardly walk my toddler’s running rings around me :sweat_smile: shows how unfit i am :rofl:

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Your baby will come when ready. There’s NOTHING you can do to speed up your pregnancy.

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I had a membrane sweep done and went in not even 3 hours later to have my son

Walking, pumping, sex.

My advise is dont rush it. It sucks but the baby will come when ready.

Let nature take its course, breath, walk, take a bath and relax… you got this😊

Sex sex sex sex and more sex

I cleaned like a mad lady all day. Our fridge broke in the afternoon. l emptied the entire fridge into coolers and took outside at 11pm. my water broke 20 minutes later when I got into bed. :joy: I was like “not tonight! I’m tired! Just wanted to go to bed!”

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Honestly, just relax. Take a warm bath, listen to some soft music. Take a nap with lots of pillows between your knees. The pillow trick is what I did the night my water broke and it was the morning of my induction.

Girl you’re 37 weeks, if you’re dilated at 4cm right now just wait it out dont try to get them going your little one will come when ready, that’s the number one thing my doctor told me for all 4 pregnancies… but SEX IS THEIR NUMBER 1 SUGGESTION!! I know you’re impatient and cant wait to hold your new addition but please just let the contractions come naturally.

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Sex!!! The sperm is suppose to help it along. :sweat_smile: it didn’t help me. My daughter was stuck good so ended up having an emergency c section. :woman_shrugging:t4:

Babies come on their schedule not the doctors. They tried inducing me and all the injections did was give me camps. They finally took.me into the hospital.and broke my water and I still.didn’t start labor for several hours

Just let the baby come when the baby is ready. As a mom to two preemies, posts like these infuriate me. I would have done anything to make my babies “cook” longer. And save the "shes 37 weeks comments " cause I’ve spent many days in the nicu and saw lots of 37-38 week babies struggling. Youre almost there so just hang in there.

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Stop rushing it, especially if it’s your first. Don’t overwork yourself because stress and lack of sleep are the complete opposite of what you need to start labor.

But why induction? Pregnancy is 40 weeks give or take. It is so aggravating every time I see women getting induced before 42 weeks, especially with no medical reason. Just let your baby come when it’s ready.

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I was the same way…after a couplehours my doc scraped to thin me out more… after about 5 hours my doc just ended up just popping it… I had Pitocin, whatever, the whole time.

I was 35w 5d and dilated to 2cm and 60% effaced, at 36w 5d I was at 3 1/2cm and 70% effaced and my water started leaking through a tear at 37 weeks exactly and had my boy that night at 6:17 pm. He was healthy. 37 weeks is considered full term. I did walk a good bit at 36w 5d. I think that’s what caused the tear. I never lost my mucus plug til in the hospital in labor. My dr told me when I hit 37 weeks I could do whatever I wanted to do to bring on labor.

Spicy food and good sex (read: orgasm) and not necessarily in that order :wink:
But FYI…babies come when they’re good and ready!

Sweep floors and mop them!!!

I’m sorry to say, but baby will come when baby wants to come. Based on my own experience, I was induced at 38 weeks because of health issues, so if that’s why your doctor wants to, I hope you and baby are healthy. Stimulation (cumming) can help labor come about as well as walking, but don’t stress if it doesn’t work. While being induced isn’t fun, just because that happens won’t lessen the experience of becoming a mom for the 1st time. No 2 labors are alike. As hard as it sounds, just try and relax. That may be just what baby needs. You got this mama

Masterbating helps produce oxytocin and so does sex :grin: nipple stimulation as well

pineapple juice! it worked with both of my kids i drank about 2 big cans in one day and the next day was having a baby

sex did it for me 5 times never failed

I started dilating for over 2 months before I went into actual labor and had my baby. So I think its best to just wait. I started contracting in September & by October I was already 3 cm & I had my baby November 7. So I think its would be safer to just will till your baby come on her or his own time. When babies ready

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Pineapple juice. Sex. Nipple stimulation.

Sex/orgasms always worked for me…

Yall, she’s gonna get induced this weekend. Inducing labor naturally is usually safer than medical induction. Yes letting baby come when they want is best but you don’t know all her reasons.
I wish I had suggestions but nothing worked with my second :woman_shrugging:t3:

Stair walking helped me and i also had an induction which isn’t as bad as they say!

The best way is to get into a warm tab and sit for at least 30mins we would told at hospital to do so if it’s taking forever or even if you feel like you going to give birth but there’s no contractions honestly that really helped me and they keep on recommending it to mommies so good luck wishing you nothing but Joy and a safe delivery

I went for a quad ride and sex got my girl out 3 weeks early :grimacing: oops

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Stephanie Holbrook the comments are along the lines of what you posted needing for school lol

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Miles Circuit (on youtube), jumping on a trampoline, and nipple stimulation! I was at a 4 for a long time too, and NOTHING worked for me. Someone recommended the circuit to me, so I did that, and then jumped on a trampoline for like 2 hours the next day with my older kids. Baby was born the following night. :slight_smile:

You are only 37 weeks along. Let that baby be. It needs more time for it’s tiny lungs to be ready for the outside world.


Pineapple she ate pineapple bout 7pm he was here by 830 next am

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Nipple stimulation helps

Expressing your breast milk can cause you to produce more hormone oxytocin, if possible i would suggest using a pump.

This will only work if your body and baby is ready for labor.

You’re already in labor. I don’t think sex would work. Walk and rest!

Pineapple and really spicy food. Good luck!

Sex and pineapples nipple stimulation

Nipple stimulation x I used a breast pump and had my baby the next morning xx

Sex, and what helped me the most was bouncing on an exercise ball. Also walk walk walk.

Nothing ever worked for me but I had to inductions at 37 weeks and both times everything was fine and nothing to be scared about!

I did 45 mins of walking, and curb stepping and a bit of stairs every day from 37 weeks onward. I had two sweeps done which certainly aided the process. Gave birth 5 days before due date with my boy (he’s my first). I also did nipple stimulation and pumped colostrum as of 38 weeks onwards

Why induced at 37 weeks??? That’s ridiculous

Pomegranate seeds worked for both my kids

Walk, walk and walk. My daughter wasn’t dilated at all and 2 weeks overdue. We walked the state fair all day. My granddaughter was here the next day.

I ate Pineapple, black licorice and did a lot of walking.

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A stretch and sweep or membrane sweep, I had two done, a little painful but nothing compared to labor… you can handle it and was watching greys anatomy 2 days overdue and it started. 12 hour labor, healthy baby girl :heart: walk, pineapple, water, try to rotate your lower body a bit and make sure you have a bag packed!! I thought it was another false alarm until it was too late!. Comfy pjs, make up, face cream, skin cream, change of clothes, sweatpants! Are needed! (For the mama) and ofcourse usual for baby but mamas are too busy worried about the baby we forget about ourselves … I felt so refreshed the next day into my sweats, even with the big pad of a diaper on, cream, and finally a little make up for pictures :heart::crossed_fingers: