What are some things I can feed my daughter?

Need some help trying to find new things to feed my daughter, we have been doing purees since she started solids, we introduced eggs not long ago and she does amazing eating them, she’s 10 months old and is definitely showing interest in more solid foods over the purees but I’m not sure what to feed her that is safe for her to eat


Soft foods. Mashed potatoes or any veggies cooked soft, hard boiled eggs cut up, really soft cooked chicken ( I used my slow cooker for that), bananas.

French fries; scrambled eggs; mashed potatoes; grilled cheese

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Anything you eat cut in tiny pieces. I just wouldn’t do anything spicy. Cottage cheese. Pancakes. Applesauce. Hamburger. Mac and cheese.

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Mash. Boiled carrot. Mine did like mild curry rice. Literally no spice.
Banana toast with butter cut into sections then they suck that to break it up.

Avocado, waffle, pancake, cut up fruit, mac and cheese, cooked broccoli and cauliflower, mashed potatoes

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Basically anything you eat cooked, cut and portioned correctly.

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At 10 months , almost anything you eat cut up real small

Look up the solid starts app. It’ll tell you how to cut things up by age. It shouldn’t be cut small when you begin. But they can eat whatever you are eating:


Anything except honey until she’s over 1, just make sure it is cut appropriately. Look up Baby Led Weaning for cutting instructions if unsure

Soft pasta. My son loves the Gerber Lil crunchies. They just melt in your mouth. Cooked soft veggies. Quinoa with corn and black beans and Avocado.

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She can eat anything you eat just cut up in tiny pieces… she don’t need teeth to chew

Frozen peppers was something I learned. They turn to mush when they chew them also good for when they are teething or hot out. Cut them into strips

Garbanzo beans (chick peas), or any cooked beans, tofu cubes soaked in something she likes (chicken broth, apple juice, soy sauce, tomato juice, etc.). Baby led weaning seems very popular.

Anything you cook for yourself , just cut it in little pieces

Anything you can mash easily between your fingers. You can cut up in small pieces to help develop the pincer grasp or stuff that is about a finger length and skinny (like French fries) or toast or waffles cut in 4 pieces. Also, look up Baby Led Weaning (BLW) for more food ideas. I made some ramen noodles with a bit of butter the other day (noodles broke into small pieces) for my 10 month old grandbaby and she loved them.

Y’all know doctors and Google exist right?

Avocado is my kids go to. Also, we call them ‘sopa de pasta’ ill post a picture with my comment. They have the star shapes, fideo, con chitas, and letters. I eventually added cream, and shredded cotija cheese. Also, just the bean/chicken/beef broth with a crumbled well shredded tortilla.