What are some things I should bring for my c-seciton hospital stay?

hello mommys im due in march the first week for a csection, i was wondering what are some things to bring to the hospital to stay comfortable my first csection was emergency and i was not prepared at all! Im already preparing mine and babys bags due to preterm in the past. Thanks for the help in advanced!!


Blanket wanted my own pillow and blanket
Towel or robe(hospitals towels are small)
Comfy pants and shirt to go home in

For baby I brought
Footed PJs
Going home outfit
Burp cloths


Just think of the things you wish you had with you and pack those

depends diapers were my savior after my section

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Basic toiletries (soap shampoo conditioner toothbrush toothpaste) towels from home, cough drops, phone charger, own pillow and blanket, slippers, extra undies, pads or depends, lotion, snacks for late night, comfy clothes, chapstick, fuzzy socks. The only thing I really needed for baby was his blanket, swaddle, extra burp cloths, and a few outfits

I hate the hospital gowns. They make me feel so icky. So I brought nightgowns to wear instead. I just got a few cheap ones from the thrift store so it would t matter if they got blood on them

Take an extension cord with you so you can charge your phone and still reach it, lol.


Hair ties
Thick socks
Your own pillow and blanket

For baby I packed a whole diaper bag & didn’t use anything. People brought gifts and the hospital provided diapers, wipes, paci. Maybe bring baby blankets? People brought tons of clothes as gifts.

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Outfit/nighty that doesn’t touch the belly.

I had the same, my first was emergency and my second was scheduled. I can tell you that the second time goes so much more smoothly. I packed yoga pants or leggings , spaghetti strapped shirts and my own soft blanket. Your own slippers help a ton too!


My first was emergency. My second was scheduled. Honestly you don’t need much. The hospital provided everything but the phone charger. If you want to be more comfortable you can pack nightgowns. Can’t recommend pants of any kind. But I had nerve damage near the incision so maybe that’s why pants were(and still are) damn near unbearable. I did wish I had my heating pad. They gave me hot packs but they weren’t really the same.

Comfy PJs, your chargers,favorite snacks,all of your toiletries ( shampoo,conditioner,soap ect) because the ones that the hospital gives you are not great and when the finally let you shower you’re gonna want all your regular stuff) your probably gonna be in the hospital 3 or 4 days so just bring everything lol, books,headphones,toiletries,comfy clothes,blankets/pillows,sandals.

Loose and comfortable clothing, I have had 3 c-sections and I found it much more comfortable to wear maternity underwear cuz they go up over your incision, warm socks because it is cold in the operating rooms and with C-sections you are in the recovery room a bit longer so make sure you have warm socks on because if you get cold you don’t have any access to socks while you’re in the recovery room, any blankets or pillows that make you feel more comfortable is good because with the C-section you’re not going to be wanting to get in and out of bed much you will be extremely sore while you’re in the hospital

And take everything from the hospital! Everything they give you for baby in the lil cart thing you can take, diapers,pacifiers,wipes,butt cream,they will even give you formula and you can take some of the receiving blankets you use. My hospital hooked me up! Even gave me a cute little onsesie that says “I was born at spring valley hospital!” And they gave me so much formula, since I was supplementing.dont be affraid to ask for whatever you need, pads, those mesh panties. Honestly adult diapers will come in super handy. And keep that waist trainer thing they give you! I wished o had kept mine but I put in in the hospital dirty laundry thing.

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Comfy jammies and snacks!!

Super loose pants around the waist. Or a nightgown. Buy some bigger undies too! They will give you toiletries. And always ask for the cranberry sprite combo! It’s the best!!

Probiotics for your baby since it won’t get the benefits of being born naturally. :heart: congratulations

My over sized night gown and non slip socks were my best friends durning the stay…! I tried to make everything as bright and fun as possible also and for the ride home I wore over sized yoga pants so they didn’t rub