What are some things I should pack in my hospital bag?

Hi mamas, I am about to give birth here soon… what are the essential things I should pack for baby, husband, and I? Anything you ladies forgot or something you wished you had taken.


I personally believe people take way too many things. For all 3 of my pregnancies, all I took was my phone charger and clothes to go home in for me and baby.

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Clothes, snacks, charger, camera, hair ties, chapstick, shampoo etc.

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Snacks, comfy loose clothing, heavy duty maxi pads, deodorant, shampoo, brush, hair ties, and some form of entertainment.

hold on to your robe for dear life :joy: pick a nice, fluffy, loose, squishy, soft, robe

Comfy clothes to wear instead of the hospital gown. Pajamas. Your favorite pillow

Snacks!!! Our hospitals food is awful!!!

Your own pillow, hair tie and brush, toothpaste and toothbrushe, charger(s) your favorite lip balm. A change of clothes for you and baby. Shampoo, conditioner, and bar soap. When I had my daughter I was there for 4 days and they didn’t let me shower until day 4, trust me on the hair tie I didn’t use one and I had the biggest rats nest in the back of my hair. I lost a shit ton of hair trying to get it brushed out lol

I always forgot the thank you card and candies for the staff who cared for me. I sent a friend shopping for me. Trust me, you will appreciate them!

Snacks, a change of comfy clothes to wear home. Toiletries, other than that, honestly, you can make do with the supplies they give you there. I packed way too much and didn’t use a quarter of it.

Going on my third pregnancy, here are our go to’s!
Toiletries/makeup, comfy clothes to go home in and wear comfy clothing going in, jacket/comfy clothes for husband, outfits (2-3) for baby, chargers, snacks, and dermaplast and depends (if you are delivering naturally). Best of luck!

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Clothes for you and baby to go home in, comfy pajamas to wear after you take a shower, socks, phone charger, shampoo and conditioner, hair brush, snacks and gatorade for the electrolytes


A light robe with tank tops and comfy pants/leggings, Chapstick, and an extra pillow or two (since hospitals never have enough), and shower shoes.Of course the normal toiletries . I packed a lot and don’t end up needing most of it but these things were essential for me. My normal charger had a long cord but I’d recommend getting one if you have the standard cord

Twice as many undies and maxi pads as you think you will need

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Slippers ,flip flops and comfy clothes
Hygiene essentials
Phone charger

Comfy robe and slippers. I wanted my own pillow and a blanket from home. A lot of hospitals provide essentials for baby and mama, check and see what yours offers so you don’t bring more than you need :slightly_smiling_face: congrats and good luck!!!

I’m due in February and in mine I have dermoplast, witch hazel, disposable underwear, pads, tucks pads, peri bottle, nipple cream, robe, slippers pjs and an outfit to wear home and my regular toiletry bag, and an extra long phone charger. For the baby I have a couple sleepers, hats socks a blanket and an outfit to wear home

Charger for your phone.

All 3 of mine were c-sections and after the first one, I learned to bring my own pillow, my favorite blanket, warm fuzzy socks, charger, snacks, comfy jammies and clothes for you & baby to go home in. And remember to take EVERYTHING from the hospital room! :joy: The nurses always laughed at me because I would take all of their pads, diapers, etc. No shame. :woman_shrugging:t3:


Nipple shield, pads, chocolate

Clothes, toiletries, pads, charger, baby blanket, and snacks

Chapstick 100%! You wouldn’t believe how dry your lips get pushing.


Baby finger nail clippers. Alot of hospitals will not do it anymore

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Keep in mind you have to pack everything in and out, put the baby and carpet, diaper bag,etc. I bring glasses/contacts, toiletries(shapoo/condioner, toothbrush/paste, body wash, hairbrush, hair ties,deodorant if you want makeup), comfy pj clothes that are easy to breastfeed, tanktops and sweater and yoga pants/shirt to go home in, and slippers. I pack my spouse pj’s and clothes for 2 days/nights and toothbrush/deodorant. If you want certain pillows/blankets they are always nice, but I never do because it becomes too much to carry. I also bring chargers to any electronics and some little snacks, and flavored coffee creamer packets for my coffee.

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Lotion, shampoo and conditioner, comfy clothes, your pillow, and anything that makes you feel good about yourself… I always packed a little makeup because it perked me up lol

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The best thing I took was makeup wipes - it made me feel semi human when I couldn’t really get around

Boppy (makes it so much easier to hold baby) phone charger, snacks and chapstick. Comfy clothes for you and baby when you leave.

Chapstick and lotion is a must

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My own pillow , change of clothes for myself x2! Bobby pillow to hold baby

Dry shampoo, chapstick, a small fan, plenty of sleepers for baby we went through so many being first time parents, snacks, I brought my favorite essential oils.

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A dark coloured robe (nice to wear when walking around and hides any blood), chap stick, water bottle with straw and my own pillow!

I just took the basics.
Phone charger and phone.
Clothes to bring baby home.
The most comfiest pair of sweatpants/shirt/hoodie.

I didnt bring maxi pads as they irritated so i used those annoying but amazing throw away pad/underwear things the hospital provides.

Anything i wished I grabbed? Nope. Hospital pretty much provides everything. And its normally just a 2 day stay. So dont really need to pack too terribly much


I packed everything in my house and then some, but never even opened my bags. Only thing I ever used/needed was my clothes to get dressed again and clothes for my son to go home.

CHAPSTICK!!! And snacks hospital food isn’t the greatest.

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Chapstick! And a back up chapstick! Sandals for the shower. Hand lotion. And some good snacks and drinks.

Remember you won’t fit pre pregnancy pants.

Baby only needs clothes to come home in. They give you everything else. I took a towel

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Chapstick, shampoo and conditioner and body wash. As soon as you are able, take a shower! You will feel so much better! Comfy clothes and slip on shoes. Comfy underwear. Hospital supplied me with a few pairs of mesh undies and a package of big ass pads and a can of dermoplast. Toothbrush and toothpaste. Charger. Clothes for baby. And your own pillow. A cozy robe or cardigan too!

Bring your own pillow or blanket and an extension cord for your phone charger

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This is my third that I’ll be having next Thursday. And here’s what’s in my bags

Clothes and a few diffrent pacifiers because the hospital only had one and blankets

Hubby and I-
Hubs pjs (sweat pants under shirt under wear and short)
Socks slippers
His shower things and tooth brush and slippers and his pillow

For me
Night gown so you don’t have to wear the hospital gown . Loose clothes to go home in my shower things and my pillow slippers

Chargers and our roku

Dark colored sweatpants with a drawstring was a must for all 3 of my deliveries. They hide any leaks & are super comfy.

I’d take my own hygiene pads…the ones at the hospital are bulky. Be sure you bring heavy flow ones that really cover your bottom…and some stretchy panties.

I suggest non perishable snacks in case the food is terrible or if you get hungry in between meals, a laptop or tablet because tv at the hospital sucks. Also hygiene supplies that you would normally use at home. My daughter just had her baby the 30th and these are things she wish she would have thought to take. For baby I’d take 2 sizes of clothes just in case him/her is smaller than the average new born

Charger, clothes, makeup, hair dryer, snacks, razor and shaving cream lol. I just felt better when I shaved my legs, got dressed and did my hair and makeup. I used a boppy pillow to sit on and for breast feeding. Oh yeah and snacks lol

Your own pillow, and one for hubby too. I also really liked having my salt lamp. It provided enough light so the nurses didn’t have to turn on the bright lights everytime they came into to the room to check on me

Def tablet or laptop and chargers, I brought pajamas and going home comfy outfits for baby and I. Brush shampoo & conditioner, deodorant, toothbrush, blanket for over carseat

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I wasted space by bringing blow dryer & my makeup bag. No way did I feel like fixing myself up :relaxed:

cash. let’s face it we dont give birth while the cafeteria is open

Plenty of outfits for baby and you.

A squishy (hand exerciser) ball. Was a godsend when those big contraction hits.

Chapstick and small snacks for both hubby and u

Shower shoes adult diapers ( better then the pads) robe pillow and blanket


I took stuff i needed, charging cord, clothes for me and baby to come home in. Car seat. Hair brush.

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Bring chapstick! And pj pants like 3 sizes larger than you’d normally need

Definitely chapstick, underwear that’s larger then your usual size and and large pads ( unless your having a c section)

Chapstick is a must!!! :heart:

Comfy blankets, warm socks, slippers, yoga pants, robe, earbuds to listen to music,

Books,magazines, tablet, phone and charger!

My hospital provided almost everything! I was breastfeeding so I stayed in the hospital gown for my stay. Had a change of old clothes to go home in. I had the essentials…phone charger, books to read if we had down time, toothbrush and toothpaste, hair bands and slippers. Hubby just brought some outfits and book(along with his hygiene products). For the diaper bag I just packed the going home outfit and a blanket to take her home. Like I said our hospital provided pretty much EVERYTHING for our stay

Hair ties, chargers (long ones if possible), bottled water/snacks for partner (and you if hospital allows), if you’re using a particular type of paci bring it and give it to baby first instead of the one hospital provides, toiletries for you, comfy clothes, socks with grips, hair brush, coming home outfit for baby (if you have one planned), nipple shields and pads (if you aren’t nursing just pads bc you might still leak), lotion, chapstick, phones/entertainment for birthing partner, they will give you diapers and wipes at the hospital so you don’t need to bring any

Dressing gown/Bathrobe,Hairbrush&hair ties,hot water bottle or wheat bag slippers some snacks you enjoy best of luck xo

My husband was allowed to leave as he pleased in November when I gave birth as far as baby just blanket pacifer and going home outfit clothes for you and hubby I recommend a comfy towel from home for you favorite shampoo conditioner and body wash and pads cause those hospital pads suck

Definitely at least a few days worth of clothes for yourself too… Just in case you are in there for a bit unexpectedly! That’s one thing I completely forgot to pack (thinking I’d be lucky enough to leave the next day :joy:) I was too busy thinking about stuff for baby and hubby and I really wish I better planned ahead for myself!

I know when I was in recovery my guy could come and go as needed to get more things from home but I’m sure things are much different now with this pandemic.

Best of luck to you and prayers for good health to you all!

Snacks for hubby, was the one thing we forgot. This is our first baby so he didn’t want to leave the hospital in case he might miss something :joy:. The hospital food wasn’t that filling for him.

A robe, toiletries that you use/enjoy, lotions, magazines or books, a book light (when alternating sleep with light sensitive partner and baby), chargers, tablet or laptop to FaceTime and stream movies when you can (great memories with my partner and new baby snuggled watching a movie while he was a day old and sleepy but we had to wake him every two hours to nurse)…snacks for after labor and for partner (they provide meals but with covid limited communal options), outfit to bring baby home with (the onesie T-shirt and a diaper with swaddle were all that was needed with frequent changing, spit up, milk and exams for baby and they provide and no additional coming home laundry). Baby toiletries, diapers, wipes, pads, disposable undies, squirt bottle etc were provided and hot/cold packs if needed. Cramps were insane postpartum for baby #4 rivaled labor pain and no epidural for that. Hot pack and pain meds allowed don’t be afraid to ask they will provide. Hopefully nurse is attentive but ask about anything for comfort if it’s not there. Clothes for partner, yourself (at least for going home) everything washable and comfortable. Good luck and congrats! Oh, car seat installed, blankets, extra room in bags for coming home paperwork, keepsakes, diapers and wipes they provide. Ask for extra disposable undies and pads to go home.

So at the hospital they gave me disposable underwear and huge pads. So thats covered. Also they gave me a cute hospital outfit for the baby, diapers, wipes, gauze and petroleum jelly for my sons circ. Honestly, I brought a few outfits for me and dad, 2 long phone chargers, my makeup bag with toothpaste and toothbrush, diaper bag for the baby (it had outfits, pacifier, blankets, my pump and some bottles). Take whatever the hospital gives you because every little bit counts lol

Snacks and comfy clothes for breastfeeding if breastfeeding.

Snacks and a charger oh and something to tie your hair up with x

Formula just in case you are not producing enough, a bottle, and bottled water.

Toiletries, phone charger, slippers or warm socks, a couple changes of clothing for you (longer stay, or leakage), pain meds (ibuprofen and tylenol is $$$ at the hospital), I took card stock for extra hand and foot prints, 1 outfit for baby to wear home, depends (adult diaper). Also when you leave the hospital take everything home with you because you pay for it. Take all the extra diapers and wipes, the pacifier, toilet paper if you want. Ask for the medicated spray and wipes for the post delivery pain (I don’t remember the names, but someone will know). You will be provided with almost everything you need and will be surprised at how little you use or need from home. You will sleep when baby sleeps and have nurses and doctors in and out.

And freeze them… amazing

We were out in 24 hrs with my last two babies so I didn’t use half of what we packed. Take home outfit for baby, blanket and diaper bag. (Our hospital gives diapers, wipes, formula in a care package). Disposable always underwear, chapstick, phone charger, boppy pillow, change of comfy clothes, nursing bra and toiletries (our hospital provides tucks, numbing spray, pads and underwear). My husband packed his own bag. He was allowed to come and go if he pleases to get food and check on our oldest and take the dog out.

I wouldnt know bc I didnt have one for either of my kids🤣

Snacks definitely( I hated the food they served) , anything that will keep you entertained (iPad, iPod, magazine etc) bring your own pillow and maybe cozy blanket. breast pads, disposable knickers and maternity pads, I brought a dressing gown and 3 night dresses and 2 other pairs of pjs. Cosy socks and slippers. For baby: hand mits, 6 vests, 6 babygrows , hat, 2 blankets and lots of nappies and wipes and stuff to bath him/her if you wish to in the hospital. Oh and wash stuff for yourself

All stuff you might need and I was glad I took my own toilet paper because I buy soft stuff and the hospital to hurt when dabbing dry 38 stitches after I pee. Heads up if you tear try peeing with hands on the ground to avoid the burn of your urine on your tear

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Food. The hospital food they bring is way worse than the cafeteria food they served. I had c sections so I was there 5 days. Bring your laptop or tablet if there for more than a day.

A robe, breastfeeding pillow, and a phone charger

I work in L&D and I see parents forgetting shampoo/conditioner the most. Now some hospitals will have some available, but believe me, it’s NOTHING like you have at home, so take your own. And I take my own pillow every where I go if I’m staying over night. Hospital pillows just plain suck lol

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Definitely snacks. You will get hungry between meals and you don’t want your SO to have to make a snack run. Also have him add in snacks he likes.
Plenty of socks, I don’t bother with shoes in the room so I have plenty of socks to change.
Hygiene products. You will want to utilize the shower. It will make you feel so much better.
Newborn outfit and 0-3 month outfit. Especially for the ride home.
Then any comfort items you may have. Pillow, blanket etc.


As least amount as possible. You’ll be sore & ready to go home. A few nightgowns or wear hospital gowns. High waisted everything just in case c-section. Theres honestly no need for all that extra crap. I brought going home outfits, hygiene items, charger, & camera.

Chapstick…slippers…stretchy bigger underwear(u will throw them away after) comfy pants… shirts that are easy for breast feeding…cell charger…toothbrush and paste…deo…socks…hard candies or gum!

For baby a couple of onzies and socks

For real… sleep when baby sleeps while you are there. It will help get used to it when you get home! Congratulations!!!

Kailey Clements these are good options for you. 3 weeks to go!

Baby book for footprints.

Pillow and blanket!!! The pillows are disposable and blankets aren’t warm enough. Snacks are a definite. Comfy clothes and socks. Grab so e of those disposable undies too. You’ll feel a little more comfortable with the giant diaper pads you’ll be wearing if you don’t need to fret about undies.

Face lotion and chapstick. My face dried out horribly.