What are some unique names for a girl?

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People can’t spell, pronounce or remember my name. Always a problem so don’t give your child a name that they will forever have to correct. Important papers ALWAYS have to be corrected with an unusual name


When i was having kids 50 yrs ago, my hippie friends were naming their kids Sunshine, Cedar , Walnut and so on. I knew a lot of those kids who changed their names as adults. I named mine after grandmothers. When naming a child, one must think about how much therapy that child will need as a result .


Some of my favorites- Japonica, Lake, December (can call her Deci, or Ember) Nevada, Chevelle. I love not so common names, but we went with Baylee, and just slightly changed up the tradional spelling.

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Read an article a decade or two ago that said the cycle is roughly 70 years for old baby names to become popular again. And usually the parents whose children have the most popular names thought they were choosing something unusual.

While all names are beautiful, not all people are. With that being said, think of the consequences your child will face with some names.


My name is unusual…lecrecia…I’ve also seen Snowden, which I really like

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I have a daughter named Tierney. Have always loved that name. I also like Seneca, London, Elee (pronounced E leigh).

They don’t name anyone Jane anymore my mother’s name was Jane Adele

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Treasure, Cardi, Aniston

Ha Ha names that no one uses anymore: Helen, Elinore, Beverly, Prudence, Pearl, Evelyn, I could go on and on.

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Elliott (Ellie for short)

My name is patricia ettley and i love my middle name hard to find to many people with that name!!!

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Dynea, Dinah, Harlow, Fallon, Beaulah, Shinaid, Bethany,Willow, Alaina, Clair, Kennedy, Monica, Bayley, Rubell, Trudy, Jillian, Malory.

Balea pronounced Bailey

Jordyn, Rayne, Reagan, Cheyenne

I have a granddaughter named Willow and a grandson named River

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My daughter’s name is Carla. Not super common anymore.

Bahia, Ariceli, Paisley

I have a Haylee and Aspen

Maven, my first grandchild, is due in April. :heart:


I really like olive.

Wileen pronounced, Why-lean, also Wylene

Presley, Gemma, Amber


I never had children I never wanted them. Love the name Ruby Jene, Viann Cecil, Starla Mae.

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Hazel. Nickname: Hazy

Marlena, Willa Wilda Mozelle

Willow is a favorite of mine. Also, Finlee, Finleigh.

Does that mean she will get her tongue cut out for lieing

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My daughter’s name is freedom serenity

My daughter’s name is Shalynn

My daughter is Montana

Goldena , Eula. , Joehona


Arnita, Temple, Suzanne Elezibeth

Janae’ pronounced Jannay

Kaylene, Zariy , Shelanna

Brie my beautiful granddaughter

Ours have been given family names or names with special meanings. We shared the stories of others in the family with their names as they grew up. Not only did it give them pride in their special names but it also ensures family stories were passed down.

My name as I’ve never ran into anyone with the same name.

Zelletta, Alma, Marcella, Zelda, Lula these were names in my mother’s family for the girls. The boys names were more common. Wonder why females have unusual names compared to males.

When we had our 14 built I decided to give her a English sounding name, so Tillie was born. She was a great member of our family until we had to trade her in for our boy Jack after I fractured my back

I know there are lots of Nanette’s out there, but I didn’t grow up knowing any. My daughters are Sabrina Savannah and Sierra. Boys are Joseph and Ethan

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Our son’s name came to my lady while he was waiting to be born…I know it sounds crazy but she had a dream/vision and heard a voice saying you will have a son and you shall call him Isaiah…not our idea for his name…but we went with it…not usually a common name for a boy these days…there was more to her dream…makes me wonder…and believe God needed him more there than here…he left ME/US too soon.:disappointed_relieved:

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Thought my daughter was crazy with the names she chose for her kids but they are a perfect fit. Michael (Gunner), (Brody) Reece, and (Ellafaith) Elizabeth.

Just heard a little girl named Maple.

I knew 3 sisters named Diamond, Sapphire, and Ruby. Very pretty.:grin:

Named my daughter Daryl.

Our daughter is named Siobhan.

My daughter is Enid,and a granddaughter Zara.

Gladys, Mildred, Dorothy, frances, Ruth, Lael

If I had a girl her name would have been Lux

I have no get to many ladies with my name used to hate it but now that I am older I like it it is ALTA

My name Donis…there’s a few out there

Naming my girl due in June…Reina​:heart::heart::heart:

Colleen is a old English name and mostly never hear

My daughters name is Marista

I have kara and my name is trudy I like really different girl names

My daughter, Sparkle

Maura, Maisy, Lisyen, Leisl, Daphne, Dagmar, Delphine, Aubrey, Aileen, Piper, Pippa, Bryn, Blaine, Corinne, Candida/ Candide, Clelia, Cecille, Taryn, Tawny, Tisha.

I named my daughter Story :woman_shrugging:

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Shanta, my sisters name.

Lara, Sia, Anushka, Tia, Marcia.

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I love the name “Willow” and “Asha” which means hope & life.