What are some unsual baby girl names?

Looking for unsual baby girl names!


Named my oldest daughter from my maiden name O’Malley—- her name is Malley Anne . She will always remember her mamas roots


My daughter’s name is Allanette… I haven’t heard anyone with her name yet.


If we have a daughter her name will be Haizley Emerson.

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Elarah. It was a made up name from one of those silly fb games. My mums 1st 3 letters of her name and the last 3 letters of mine. I think it’s pretty.


My daughters are Octavia and Penelope. Some of the ones we didn’t pick were Evangeline, Autumn, Eva, Stefani

I kid you not, when my friend worked at a hospital a woman named her baby girl “Aquanetta”. I guess she looked over and saw a can of it. :crazy_face::joy::flushed:


We had 2 names picked for our daughter. The one we didn’t choose, which I still love and would use if I had another girl would be Brixy

Nevaeh, heaven spelled backwards. (Nev-ay-ah)
My survivor daughter


Wanted to name my daughter Ambrielle Nicolette. I was gonna call her Ambi. I love this name so much

Janessa, I was hoping to use it myself but never got the girl to go with it.

My daughters name is Nayeli. It means “I love you”.


So my name is obviously Tuesday. Yes it had its tough moments growning up but I absolutely love my name. My daughter is Octavia.


My stepdaughter is Avianna. I love it so pretty.


My name is Jimmi. I’m a woman, was born a woman, my mom just thought it was a beautifully unique name for a girl. They called me baby J until I was 6 or 7…

My littles is Alayna we call her Lani for short

My little girl is called Lucia (pronounced Loo-chee-a) everyone always pronounces it wrong though


My daughters name is Darla. We named her after the Little Rascals!


My friend named her daughter Zepplynn

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My name is Nakeya my parents say its a Hawaiian flower


The one I’m due with is gonna be Isabella Aurora


My little girl’s name is Scotlynne. We call her Scotty. I wanted something a little more formal and Lynne is my middle name. :slightly_smiling_face:


Loleah-Mae is my daughters name…only person so far recorded with her name according to Google. Pronounced Lol- Leah- Mae

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My daughter’s name is Kairi (pronounced KY-REE)

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Mine are Lennox Novalee and Oaklyn Paislee

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I always wanted Rayne (short for Lorraine but prefer the nickname version) or Charley

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My daughters are named Arielle and Raven.

We were going to call our baby Astrid for a girl,


My princess is named Kisantgie Aiya. A combination of the letters of our names (mine and her late father)

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If I had a daughter, I wanted to name her Aisling…Gaelic for “dream”

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My girlfriend named her girl Crystal Dawn because she was born in the early morning of a clear morning

My daughters name is Liora meaning my light/ a light for me


My sweethearts name is Starla Reign!!!

Emersyn :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: we call her Emmy most of the time tho

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My daughters name is Daena. But you could also spell it as Dayna. If I had another girl, I’d name her Dashneigh pronounced as Dash-ney

My daughter is Ryelyn, I haven’t met another.


I have a daughter named sadielyn and my youngest is halia (haleeah)

I have two boys… Easton & Harlan

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I’ve only met one other person with my name, Angelia

My niece is named Paisley

My daughters are Jalina and Melanie

Everleigh , Harlow, Quinn, Evie, Capri, Laken, Anniston , Journey, Wren

Calissa it means most beautiful

Delaney. Different but not too different.

My 2 daughters are Tinique and Meecah

My daughter is Peyton Leann

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Kylin is my daughters name.

Lana, and Rosalie are my daughters names :purple_heart::purple_heart:


I once met and April May June!

Hazel Grace…my son loved that name

My daughter name is Eliana Tay-Mecia

My youngest is Athena x

Mine is Ellwyn (welsh)
Hated it growing up

My youngest is Samarah

My daughter’s name is Jera only met 1 other person with the name .

Pyper Reign, Briar, Skye, Harmony, Journey, River, Eleda, Adele,

My daughters are Rochelle and Mischa(meesha)

My daughters name is Tru

My little girls name is Kirsi. (Pronounced Kiersey)

I’ve never met another person with my name… pronounced Shaw-neen, two syllables.

My daughter is Ziggy

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My little girls name is Parksley !!

My daughters name is Teagan Danielle

I mean mine is unusual. Zailynn

I have an aunt Duska

Gracelyn, Adelyn, Avaleigh, and Ellarie

My girls: Shayna & Bailey, my boy: Hendry

My daughter is Keagan Addisyn.

We’re naming baby Theonora

My daughter is Kiera-lee :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

My daughter is avanni

My daughter is Kerrigan.

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Skyla she brightens up my day

Theodora and Anastasia. My nieces names.

My girls name is rianne from leathel weapon

Sequoia, Scout, Banks, Poppy, Waverly, Fallon, Grecia, Hartley, Eira, Halston, Nica

My daughts are Novalee Aeries and Azura (the other names i like are evangelina and Ninah)

Cleo, Jada, Jacqueline classic but uncommon now, corinne

I gave my daughter a hyphenated first name Lincoln-Elizabeth

Mina rose and Nova Raine are my girls names!!

Lyric, Hanlee, Aurora

Cerridwen, Sedona, minnie, Hathor

My name is alegra. My sister’s name is mahala <muh.hay.la>

I have a Evolet and a Charjlia :grin:

Lennox, Leni for short

Aurora, McKinley, Anniston, Layne, Autumn, Ember, Kennedy, Cienna, Rue, Everly, Drew, Brynn, Isla

Clotilde, Maristela, Sayonarah, Shimeny, Etienne
Cássia , Edinole, Clarice, Magna, Andressa , Sylvana

Lanessa, Laniyah, Evannie, Bellamy, Serene, Genesis, Amory, Juniper, Calypso, Torrence, Talini

Makenzie, Santanna,Montanna

Kentin. Adilae. Chauncey.

My daughters name is Peyton but we call her ma’am or mammy lol she just has an old soul I can tell already

I always have loved this name, strong, powerful yet cute and unique. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sacey rose

My daughter’s name is Sahily Rose it’s pronounced SYLEE or SYLEIGH She was named after my nurse and no one ever heard of it and she was in her 30’s

My daughters name is Braelyn

My daughter is azaya rachael

my daughters name is Breelyn

Lyric Paige, is my daughters name


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