What are some ways I can help curve my anxiety?

What are good ways to help curve anxiety I have terrible anxiety and I’m looking into getting a job I don’t want to interact with people, but I know I’ll have too does anyone have any tips or anything that helped you with anxiety in or out of a workplace? I really want to take the next step of being an adult and make my own money, but I’m terrified and scared of failing or becoming too overwhelmed.


Prozac… seriously.

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Talk with your Dr to see if they can put you on meds n monitor!!
I am statements… I am peace …I am calm… I am people person… etc…
Breathe… learn deep breaths…
And know you are not alone alot of work places has employees who have this!!
You got this!! N you can do it!!
Hope this helps!!
Best wishes on your new journey!!!

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Cbd has helped me…


When having trouble sleeping, go to YouTube and type in “Music to sleep by.” It really helps relax you. <3

I take cymbalta, but I’ve heard that the cbd gummies help a lot too. Good luck sweetie

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Prayers for you, i understand anxiety too well.if your dr will prescribe you something it sure. Doesnt hurt. I get through the day with xanax and silent talks with Jesus.

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I do therapy and medication .

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talk to your doctor all your symptoms, she or he will prescribe you a medication. See a therapist also so you have someone to talk to while finding out if the medicine is helping or you need to try different kind.

I’ve have had anxiety for years with out prescriptions and that’s not downing anyone that does. Be yourself. If people dont like it ignore it. You cant please everyone. There is times people will try to get to you in a work environment. You are not there to please your coworkers. You are there to get a paycheck. If you are working in customer service and have simple convos about weather or if they found what they needed. If they are a talker they will tell you more than you need to know😅 starting any new job will have your nerves going but it will get better in time. You got this!

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If you ever get the chance, take a 2 day TCP course. The ticket lasts 3 years. Little to no interaction with people, other than the other tcp you’re working with. Great pay too in my opinion.

I worried about this generation. Everyone has anxiety. You know what I noticed though. That instead of looking for the reason for the anxiety and facing fears. People are coddled now and told that it’s ok to let your anxiety make you useless. Yes it’s all in your mind. And it used to be that you took little steps even if you were scared to overpower the insecurity from where ever it came. It built character. Now if your scared your patted on the back and fed medication. You can do this. It’s just a job. Nobody expects anyone to actually do a good job in an entry level position anymore so you won’t be overwhelmed. You can do this. Everyone is scared of failing. Don’t let anyone allow you to feel sorry for you when this is literally the next step and you can totally do this. Hugs. Stress is literally what you unmake it . Don’t let society use it to control you from succeeding. Hugs

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I cut caffiene out of my diet to help. Also look into magnesium supplements. They come in pill form or you can get Natural Calm off Amazon

Pray every morning when you wake up that God will give you peace like a river!

Get medical help. CBD is good for anxiety as well. Theres no shame in trying to get mentally healthy!

Medication helped get me through the most difficult part of my anxiety. It was so bad that I started having seizures … after testing & talking candidly with my doctors … medication & behavior therapy is what got me through. It’s a never ending battle but one that I am no longer afraid to fight. When I have my episodes - I am honest with those around me. My anxiety no longer controls me … I still have my episodes but I am more aware of what I need to do for myself to get me through them.

I have anxiety… see someone …there’s medication you can take to help you! It’s helped me… good luck​:heart::pray:

I just got put on Welbutrin, and it’s a game changer!

Spend time in nature,a walk,swimming. Listen to Solfeggio 9 Healing Frequencies on youtube. Eat fresh foods that give you energy like fruits and vegetables. Those foods from the earth have the best healing for your body. Drink a lot of water. Watch this it helps.

Hypnosis may work. They also give you suggestions for redirecting your anxiety and energies. Good luck :four_leaf_clover: you can do it.

I had the same problem and all I could do was work over night. Hotels are great because you’re usually the only person there and barely ever have to interact with people if at all. Only downside is the overnight schedule.

Are you comfortable talking on the phone? A customer service job where you take calls could be an option. Many of those type of jobs have you in your own cubical space or even working from home.