What are some ways I can help my daughter calm down?

My 6yr old is very active. She can be wild and hyper at times. I would like to have some ideas for calming her down when she gets to be too wild and cant figure out how to calm herself down. We already have coloring activities for her, but she doesn’t always want to do that. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Ps. She is in all-day kindergarten.


Try putting her in a sport like gymnastics at night to get all the energy out

Puzzles. That might help to keep her mind focused on the one task, instead of being all over the place.

Yoga, still moving but you focus on breathing. It’s very calming.

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Eliminate sugar from her diet. You’ll be surprised how much food has an impact on behavior.


A glitter jar can help when it’s time to transition to quiet time! There are different recipes online but basically glitter glue, glycerin, water, food coloring. Shake it and have her watch the glitter slowly settle, taking deep breaths while watching.


More activity, not less. Get her in a sport. Martial arts will help build confidence, disipline & get that energy out. Take her to the park to run & play with other kids.


Burn bay leaves in the room you all are in , it has a very natural way of calming everyone down , works great!

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Greatly reduce sugar and eliminate red dye 40. Activities with her hands will help. Things that get her hands and mind moving.


Kids aren’t supposed to sit in class all day. Go hiking or some gymnastics and cut down to half day.

Change her diet, physical activity scheduled regularly, a steady schedule for bedtime, love her


My son is all natural energy. Doesn’t get much sugar or TV (partly because he cant sit still long enough) I literally take my son to an empty parking lot immediately after school and let him ride his scooter for an hour & parks on Fridays for as long as I can.
It’s been an amazing solution for me

Let her be active. Dance, gymnastics, swimming…

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I do breathing excersizes with my boys. I started for myself due to anxiety and they’ve learned we do it together

Sensory bins may help too. Play dough, kinetic sand, rainbow rice, etc

She has to sit in class all day, so give her activities she can burn some of that energy doing for at the very least an hour or two when she gets home. Get her into a sport of some sort. Hopefully after that she’ll be ready to be calm. Maybe even pick up some cheap craft kits from a craft store or dollar store.


Slime, painting, music, laughing spending real time with her

Normal 6 year old behavior! She needs outlets for all that energy. Sports, karate, dance. Playing at the park, taking walks, jumping on a trampoline, dance party with her momma, etc.

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Help her find activities that will give her the exercise she needs.

Sensory sack, best $20 I ever spent for my hyperactive 7 year old

Have her burn that energy. Let her run and be free. Kids need that. Get her into an activity

How is she at school?

Try fun kids excercise videos or put on some music and jam and silly dance mixed with excercises, do with her. Start out slow, maybe 20 minutes, then add on 30 mins every week or whatever. Wear her out while being goofy and healthy! Lol

If she its calming she needs like from being angry or upset you could make a “calming area” and put activities in in said tmarea that are calming. Matching games, blocks etc. If it’s just because she is hyper take her to do physical activities. Sign her up for t ball, swimming lessons (I know its winter some places have indoor pools and do it year round). Get her into dance or gymnastics. Karate might be a good one. It teaches them how to control themselves, but still gives them that physical activity (plus, who doesn’t need to know how to defend themselves).

I am in the same boat, my 5yr old is same… I enrolled him in evening activities dance, yoga, painting/craft 4-6pm and it is mix of activities to keep him entertained. It has helped me immensely, after school even he wants to color or paint or make his things with papers, different origami shapes. So far so good it has been 2 months nowm

Instead of trying to calm her down.

Take her for a walk
Let her ride her bike
Play at the park or playground
Rain or shine

She might have sensory problems. Try a weighted blanket, soft music, bean bag, led fading lights. Slime or putty, play dough


Look into occupational therapy. My son has some sensory problems and adhd and its been so helpful with teaching not only him but us as well on how to help him. Also look into different sports. That helps as well

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Remove dyes from her diet. Red 40 can cause hyperactivity. I know it sounds silly but my daughter had issues similar and limiting and removing dyes helped alot as well as tablet play. I used a leappad. With educational games to calm her. She wore headphones as well. The school even used ipads if she became to hyper


Amazon do so many sensory toys, they are fab for calming x

Exercise? Like put her on a treadmill LOL jk just maybe a park and let her run around a bit or something like that or take a walk, something to tire her out!

Car rides? Usually that puts the littles to sleep easily

My little one is 7 and loves either just dance on the Nintendo switch or on tube she loves yoga, they do kids yoga in form of a story. Xx

I’m a mental health professional and my son has sensory processing disorder. He did occupational therapy for a year. He had a mini trampoline with a handle inside. We also have a TP tent we use for calming down time. It has blankets and he can bring his kid tablet in there or toys. He uses a weight lap pad at preschool. He has a weight stuffy in his bed too.
You can always ask the school for help too if it’s affecting her schooling. They have to help you. She should be able to get occupational therapy at school too depending on the state.

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I used to park about 4 or 5 blocks from the school and my son and I would run to the school. He was pretty calm when he got there. We would sing songs or play eye spy on the way. I would let him run around on the playground full blast for 20 mins-1 hr after school and he was fine. I would never suppress anyone’s energy. Also, we got him one of those punching bags that goes inside the house and an exercise trampoline. I have a couple of friends who always tried meds to get their kids to calm down and they gained a lot of weight. My observations. I am in no way a doctor but we had good luck with that! Good luck to you! :blush:

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Something that is calm but also hands on such as playdough/slime/moonsand (kenetic sand)/foam, legos, painting, lightbrights, maybe baking something, make bracelets/necklaces, something where theyre still doing something and using their imagination just in a calming manner. Don’t be afraid to switch up activities if gets bored easily just suggest another quiet option. Children like having choices so let her know her options to choose from. Also, make sure the area is quiet if youre watching tv make sure its set to a lower volume. If there is people around talk quietly setting the mood for quiet time will help. Also routines often help too

My daughter will be 5 in a few days and is in all day preschool. She gets home has a snack does any homework/projects if has any does her “hyper”/playful activities, eats dinner, has a shower, gets in pjs and then plays quietly until 7:45pm she then gets to watch youtube until 8:15pm and then I play a movie for her to fall asleep to if she is not out by 9:20 the movie goes off and then she is out by 9:30-9:40 if hadnt fall asleep yet

Her routine was set off one night and she was completely hyper caused her to not want to follow the next step of the routine she just wanted to jump around and be hyper so I suggest routines because for some kids they work some they dont every child is different this is just a suggestion.

Please don’t jump into the conclusion that she has sensory issues. Have her evaluated by a professional first. With children that have a lot of energy taking them outside having them run around, park, jumping on a trampoline, bouncy balls, dancing, etc. Helps get a lot of energy out.

Yoga and breathing exercises, helps with my childcare kiddos.

I got my 5 1/2 year old “calm down” bag…she selected what went inside. We discussed a scale from 1-5 and how her body felt at each level. At 1 she was happy and able to control her body. At 5 she was angry and might throw, hit, punch,etc. We told her it is OK to feel angry but hot OK to hurt others. The calm down bag is to help her realize when she was climbing the 1-5 scale…SHE could decide to get her bag ( it’s never used to punish), she could decide where to go with the bag ( her room, playroom, table, etc) and she could play with the bag until she felt able to return…on our scale 3 was feeling sad but hugs, cuddles could still help her become control. Within days out fits of rage had almost disappeared. Good luck!

Look on Amazon for sensory toys. Also I spy games and similar games allows them to be verbally active with their environment but not physically

After a looong day at daycare or her daddies house, I pull out her tablet. She’s only allowed to have it sitting in bed. It takes about an hour but after that she’s calm down. Some days she’s crying and throwing fits and just an emotional mess (she’s 4, and processing the separating and new life) so the tablet helps a whole lot. She just kind of zoned out, plays games watches Disney and just relaxes. It helps.

Try a half a cup of coffee on one of the really bad days and see how she reacts. It helped with our grandson as long as he didn’t get it to often.

These are problems at home or school? Being controlled at school all day would make me a little nuts afterwards at home if I was a 6 year old child. We put a lot of pressure and expectations on these little kids. It’s a little ridiculous at times. It’s hard for others to judge your kids though.

Does she get physical activity? Also,reading to them usually helps too,if uca n get them to sit still. O h,lavender bath is empty too!

Always used music to help my little ones adjust their behavior/sttitides. Calming music to help them settle down, playful tunes for active times and so on. The children would respond without even realising it.

Try not giving sugared drinks, like sodas, juices, or drinks with caffeine .
No offense, if you’ve already done that.

Do the opposite, create a crash space and set a time limit and let her go nuts. See how that helps. My son has sensory processing disorder and adhd along with some other things, being able to feel that hard impact really helps his body to reroute and also wears him out. After that we following along with our own wind down routine. Nice relaxing shower, and a book. He also gets really relaxed with a certain type of fabric softener smell on his sheets and pillow cases so I nix it with water and a soay bottle and spray it every morning when he leaves for school so that by bed time it’s dry and full of good smells. He will be ten this year and I’ve been doing this since he was 6 and it seriously helps him. Sometimes they just have to get it out

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I have stoped trying to control her hole life . Give her safe environment to be in and just let her be .
She can use emagination play she has option of tv or music she can do the coolest things make up coolest story’s shows plays etc .
Also water alot of water is needed with their minds working so fast they can get dehydrated faster which can cause more hypo activity .

Outside time. Let her be a kid and get her energy out.


Cut out all sugar. Also check out red dye. It set my son off. Once we got rid of that stuff it helped tremendously. Also we taught him to count backwards when he feels like he’s getting too hyper.


Puzzles! Play dough! A walk! My son walks on my treadmill to calm himself down. Lol


Get some physics activity!!


Chores, gymnastics, dance classes, boxing, anything that will drain the battery per se. My niece was like this so we put her in gymnastics, and hip hop dance. She definitely settled down a bit


Educational activities or stretching!


A book. Honestly though if she’s in kindergarten she isn’t gonna want to do anything but play after school because she’s at a desk for 8 hrs and told to settle down, quiet, listen, etc… she needs a sport or to play and get her energy out. I’d also ask her teachers how she is in class because if she’s hyper there too she may have ADHD but I’d try making her tired with sports but if not I’d try a book or abcmouse

Sensory play. Water, playdoh, slime, make salt dough…
Outdoors if you can


Things like Playdough and water play are very calming. You might consider the reasons for her hyperness. Maybe have her evaluated by a doctor. Food sensitivities can cause that in a child. You might also consider ADHD. You need to identify the cause of it.

Outside for sure.
Painting. My daughter likes to color but sometimes its not enough. Playdough.
Board games.
Anything that they can have action but while just chilling.
Cooking. If you happen to bake a cake or whatever.
I cant think of much else right off hand.
Anything calming.

Square breathing/ reading wrapped in a blanket

Direct her energy toward a sport she’s interested in. Soccer, b ball, t ball, running


Activity can only be depleted with activity. Dance! Do stretching exercises! Get to a park! Then, she will sit and color! Don’t punish her because you don’t understand her needs :heart:


Take her to your bed lay down and talk to her softly until she’s calm when possible

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Time to join a disciplined activity. Either dance, gymnastics, karate, softball. Something to teach her self control.

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Sensory toys and play. Sports. Put music on and let her dance. And take her to be evaluated by a Profesional. She may have ADHD

Take sugar out of her weekly diet… only small amount’s over the weekend’s…

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What if none of this works? I have the same issue and she can do 100 things during the day and never slows down! It doesn’t matter what time she gets up but as soon as you fight with her about going to bed and can actually get her still she’s snoring in 2.5 seconds!!

Essential oils! Lavendar and vetiver are 2 of my favorites.

Play dough, stretching, dance, gymnastics, karate.

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Be careful with having your child evaluated i was told early on my oldest was adhd way back in i think 1st grade, we set him up through school did everything we could think of on our own at home. Tried herbal supplements, diet change even meds and outside counseling with one of the best places in our state. His counseling in school went on for yrs they still said the same. He has been in the outside counseling for over an yr and she has officially ended sessions recently because there wasn’t anything wrong with him. We tried everything everyone told us to do and came to find out he was a normal 10 yr old boy. Now when hes gettings hyper i just tell him to go run outside with our dog lol


Trampoline sounds like she needs to exert energy. Bundle her up and let her run at a park for like a hour of hard play


My youngest was like this, still is, he’s 16. This is what I did, trampoline, pogo stick, gymnastics, cheer, swimming, skate boarding (this is his current favorite) swinging, lots of running around in the woods.
He has ADHD but we’ve been off his meds for almost 3 years now. He told me that the movement calmed him. Maybe get her a swing that goes in circles, like a tire swing but they have different opinions now. My son would always twirl in circles when we’d study for spelling or anything. He told me it calms him down and soothes him.


Give her a lil coffee that calms down children

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I took my granddaughter out for a walk last night when she acted like needed to calm down. Misdirection usually works.

I bought a toddler slide and put it in the house. My granddaughter loves it and will slide for a long time and she usually wears herself out and sleeps good that night.

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Youtube has many great kids yoga videos. I use them in my classroom

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Gymnastics or dace lots of outside time

We do wall squats and laps (if the weather’s nice) after school. Then homework, dinner and bath.

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My grand daughters is 9 Kinetic sand , Play-Doh , Lego’s I’ll stick baby dolls in the tub for her to bathe If you use essential oils Lavender has a reverse reaction with some kids .

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Trampoline, put her in dance, karate, gymnastics or even a sport. Even bike riding. Lavender baths or even essential oils … Lavender lotions. Dr teals has a lotion and bath called calm … Both work great

My granddaughter I would put you tube on for her to learn gymnastic stuff and it would tire her out , she would do simple moves for hours and be ready for bed😄

You need something that’ll help her run through all that energy. Try sports. But karate is great and helps with discipline as well but any sport or active activity will do

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if weather is good get her outside let her run and play will get her tired out

Do laps around the outside of the house, pushups inside until she gets tired and energy level goes down. Depending on space you could get her a small indoor or outdoor trampoline :slightly_smiling_face:

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Find physical outlets. The park, running outside, riding a bike, roller skating, kicking or throwing a ball around with you ,gymnastics, karate, basketball, soccer, baseball, other sports. I think kids are often misdiagnosed as adhd or “hyper” when really they are just little kids. They need movement. They need more outside play time. Lack o movement also leads to obesity and dependence on electronics.


No sugar n no red drinks.it seems to make kids more hyper

Speak with her teacher. Ask aboit any concerns they may have for her. My kids teachers cant tell me about behavior issues unles i ASK them. Its frustrating because my son has had Many issues in school and even though I request they inform me if any behavior issues I have to still ask.

If its also a school issue them request them to evaluate her.

my son is adhd. He has had issuse since age 4 from being hyper, sensory issues, behavior issues. Took years to get help. he is 12 now. i have other kids as well

Coloring is not for calming a child especially if jacked up on junk they have to burn the energy

I taught my son deep breathing and meditation

You could do flashcards of like pictures of animals or foods and have her guess what they are. Small games of any kind that can make them focus would help even try a break for like a snack time or drink because it requires them to sit still

Non calming activities lol like playing tag with her, or any sport. She needs to run around and get that energy out. My 6yr old and 4yr old “battle” on our king sized bed" before they go to bed to get their energy out. When my oldest was around 1 my husband would wrestle with him before bed and it grew into our nightly routine so they get all that energy out and tire themselves.

Let her put music videos on the tv and have her dance!

My 7 year old always winds down with a movie (usually Disney lol) before bed, She’s super active and a wild one at times and the attitude! But she’s always happy with a movie then goes to bed without a fuss

Music!!! Play music. She’ll probably sing and dance to it. Is she crafty? My daughter is exactly like yours. She is currently watching D.I.Y hacks on YouTube on the T.V. it keeps her occupied and she LEARNS.
Make a craft bin that you don’t mind her getting and doing crafts on her own. Just as simple as some paints, paint brushes, things she can glue or stick on, paper and ribbon. See what she comes up with. I don’t do this every day, but I like to pick out activities for my daughter to do that are hands on like getting the measuring cups and bowl out to mix up cake mix for a cake.

If nice out get outside… especially after school lots of pent up energy…
If rainy out put on a dance video where she has to move…
Your girl is tired or sitting, perfectly normal…
Always said if you could bottle that energy it would be worth a fortune…wish I had some…lol… save color time for just before bed