What are some ways to handle stress?

Does anyone have advice on handleing stress in the situation? I used to think I was a really good mom but I realized after I had my daughter a year ago that my son was just a super easy baby. My daughter is anything but she just turned one and she throws tantrums and she’ll scream like a banshee when u tell her no or take something away all normal baby things but for some reason her screams really effect me I get really really stressed pretty quickly and its effecting my parenting I dont know why her screams effect me so badly it makes me feel like a horrible parent because my children dont deserve a mom whos so stressed that she snaps at them what do you guys do when ur kids throw a tantrum and you get really stressed out?


Walk away and count to 10 x


Try the nurtures heart approach

Did you have post partum depression

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Walk away for a minute. Also it could be a sign of ppd which you can still get it even a year after birth.

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Walk away for a minute! As long as your child is safe, it’s ok to take a minute for yourself

I was the same way for a while. :frowning: my little one is a little over 1 yr. I end up walking away or redirecting her if it’s bad. She typically gets redistracted by something else. I’ve noticed a lot of times, she does it for attention because she either seems “bored” or just wants our undivided attention. So depending on the situation, I stop what I’m doing and give my attention to her. We read a book or play a game. Otherwise she gets bad when she’s tired or hangry too. Unfortunately some kids are easier than others and some like to test our true strength lol mine is into hitting and throwing things, where as my niece cries to get her way more. It gets easier once you find a way to redirect or correct

Smoke ajoint and relax .


Take a break for us both to calm down… mine usually involves cannabis :heart:

Handle the situation like you would if it were you having a bad day and not being able to communicate it the way you want. Be patient and breath and think about how bad you will feel if you blow up on her

Do you not have anyone that can maybe give you a break? Just keep in mind they are babies…:heart:

Every child is different. I had 2 and so different like night and day. She is testing you, I would walk away and say we don’t talk or yell in this house. If you raise your voice they will too.

I had the full spectrum of personalities with my four. There is nothing wrong with you or them. Walk away and do something silly like walk like a duck, sing a silly song, or grab a book with fun facts. Stop being so hard on yourself. Kids don’t come with instructions.