What are some ways you combat your anxiety?

I’ve prescribed Valium for my PTSD, generalized anxiety disorder, and social anxiety disorder. I only take it when I have a panic attack that spirals out of control. In the past, I used to start having panic attacks when I would do things like folding the laundry, wash the dishes or clean things around the house. No idea what triggered it, but it had become a problem. In the past three months, I found an interesting way to combat that anxiety. I started watching/listening to Judge Judy episodes while doing these things and Boom, anxiety gone. I haven’t had an anxiety or panic attack in those three months, when I would have a panic attack at least once a month and that anxiety feeling almost every day. So what are some interesting ways you combat your anxiety?


Use lavender oil, listen to calming music

I live in a beautiful place where I can go in the woods easily and any time I want. I have PTSD severe anxiety and depression. I havent taken any meds in years. I like to hike up steep hills and yell off cliffs when it’s really bad! Usually I try to focus on the tasks. I make many many lists. In the winter when its bad I try to make something be a craft or baking to keep my mind off it all

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Kratom, cbd, ashwagandha

My anxiety reducing show to watch is The Golden Girls. My husband is also a huge part in helping me with my anxiety. His presence alone helps. He is an extremely laid back person. I think his laid back energy helps me calm myself if I start to feel panicked.

I had 7 anxiety/panic attacks in a month and a half, im on suboxone and cant take any other meds…i hate the feeling, now I’m scared in n e thing i do, eat, drink, whatever…help

My anxiety triggers my claustrophobia so when I have a anxiety attack I picture myself being the only person in the room and that helps me.

Cannabis has been great for my anxiety and PTSD, but you need to make sure it’s the right strain! Most sativas will make the panic worse, so make sure you’re using an indica or something with a low THC. High CBD strains aren’t too bad but I personally find something with a bit of THC really helps with the depression and giving extra energy to get things done.

I smell my baby’s head … That helps alot! And read stuff… ANYTHING lol

What you’re doing is sort of what they call grounding technique. Its proven to help prevent or stop panic attacks.

For me, i play cooking fever.

Walking is good therapy or go for a run or go see your doctor


Conquering the fear in it. I’m 43 and tired of being anxiety all the time. I have driven down thAT road ,went into town , driven in the snow, started a new job and trying to live my best life with the Lord Jesus Christ too.

Sounds like you are able get out of your own head for awhile.

CBD works wonders I hear

I have always cleaned house when I felt that way…but whatever works best! Happy to hear ur getting through ur issues :blush::blush:

Music helps me. Also sometimes i just write. I know what caused mine and writing helps me deal with things. I am also on buspar which i take daily as well as cymbalta. Best combination of meds for me but everyone different. Good luck to u

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I’ve learned how to catch panic attacks before they happen. I’m able to stop them before they happen now. When I know one is coming I tell myself its just a panic attack not to let it take over. I do things that help keep my mind occupied. Right now I’m into playing with make up so I’ll sit and do my make up, I’ll take my dog out to pay. Find something that is relaxing to you and remind urself its just your mind. It took me 15 years to learn how to conquer it. This won’t work for everyone but cant hurt to try. I don’t take any medicine anymore for them. Last thing I took for them were thc pills just a very low dose

I think of prayer for things.Then go and try.If I dont get thru it w o panic then i say prayer till i do not feel alone.

For me I do almost the same thing I turn on a tv show I like and focus on that. Usually something funny so that I can perk my mood up. Also talking with my counselor or people closest to me helps sometimes. Just be careful with the Valium it’s highly addictive and I know a lot of people who have started out taking it only when needed but then quickly got addicted to it. I find cognitive behavioral therapy with my counselor helps. Good luck and I hope you’re anxiety gets better.

Marijuana, CBD, meditation , Reiki


I have specific “go to” shows that I know will distract my brain. I also use CBD and have a MMJ card. It’s still a struggle but I feel much better treating it naurally when I was on all the other crap.

Exercise helps and being mindful of your thoughts… Ive learned I can control stress instead of letting stress control me. Keeping your mind busy through education helps too.

Without Valium I would be probably hospitalized for panic. I only take it when I start to panic. My life is infinitely improved.

Stop the Valium exercise swim see a phychologist

Guided meditation It has changed my life

Absolutely nothing helps me i am anxious 24/7 have panic attacks. I spoke to my doctor and pretty much because I’m a woman I’m told we can’t give medication because it’s addictive :roll_eyes:

Therapy, breathing exercises, walking