What are the best baby bottles?

Today I am 25 weeks and I’ve been looking into what type of bottles to get and I had saw avent bottles that were glass and I was wondering how many of you mamas use them and how do you like them and if you have any other recommendations of glass bottles because I just don’t like how the plastic ones get cloudy


Dr Brown. They are way better

Glass + babies = no f=÷/£,g way


I recommend tomme tippee. they are amazing! Just like a real nipple


My little one loves the scent plastic. I think they are great. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I like glass. They’re just heavy

Tommie tippee best bottle ever


My Medela bottles don’t get cloudy…

Not safe in my eyes! Tommee tippee


I use Avent natural plastic- love them. My other kids did good with tommy tippi.

I’ve never had a platic bottle get cloudy but I know parents choice makes glass at least I think they still do it’s been a year since I looked I know they make stainless steal

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I used Nuk with my Daughter and Mam with my son they were the only bottles they would use. I loved them and they didn’t get cloudy

I used the plastic avent with my girl and they were wonderful. I never used the glass bottles but I definitely would!

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My Tommee Tippee never got cloudy.

Dr. Browns are awesome.

I use avent but the plastic ones, I love them! I put them in soak and they don’t get cloudy

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I loved glass bottles!! Evenflo, bornfree make them and they have silicone sleeves for them. They were amazing. I dont like plastic because it leaches bpa(or whatever other chemicals they use in BPA free) when heated. No thanks!

They were okay but after 4 kids I’ve literally tried every bottle ever made cheap to expensive and I’m hooked on Smilo. Look it up check it out you won’t regret it.

I like using glass bottles because they’re better to boil.

We used playtex drop ins. Loved them.


What about breast feeding

We like Avent. My daughter is 7 months. We don’t use glass. It’s too heavy and doing feedings in the dark with a glass bottle wasn’t something I was willing to do when I had to go back to work.

We had the Playtex drop ins. And loved them.

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I get the parent choice ones there 97 cents so if they get cloudy I can just throw them out and buy more

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I use glass until they can hold it on their own. They’re easier to clean and dont retain smell.

Dr browns all I ever used love love love them

Wash plastic ones by hand, then they won’t get cloudy

Glass bottles were nice, definitely easier to clean. But after so many months and so many kids. I switched to bag bottles :woman_shrugging:

It might depend on your baby… my kids never would take anything other than Dr Browns. I’m not sure why.

I’ve had avent, tommee tippie, dr browns

We use glass I like them but a draw back is they are heavy for baby to hold she dropped a couple times on her face when starting to self feed

I used dr browns and tommee tippee I bought avent too

Mam bottles. Originally from the UK and everyone swears on Mam They’re proven to reduce colic and work wonders for colicky babies. They are self sterilising and you can hear the air escaping the bottle when you start feeding because of the vent in the bottom.

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How could I post something on here

If you wash/boil plastic bottles properly they don’t get cloudy

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We used Mason bottles. They’re glass

They LEAK , Dr. Browns makes a glass bottle that’s AMAZING

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We have the Avent bottles, but they’re plastic, and they never get cloudy. If you wash them properly, and sanitize them, they don’t get cloudy.

I would wait to stock up on bottles till you know what your baby will take. I made that mistake, had tons of avent and babe would only take Dr Brown’s.
And like stated above, as lonh as plastic is handcrafted/sanitized correctly they shouldn’t become cloudy.

I use plastic parents choice bottles with Dr. Brown nipples in them . I wash them in the dish washer and I don’t have any issues getting them to cloud. As another person said I wouldn’t go and buy a lot until you find out which ones your baby will take. I made that mistake as well. And I wish I bought all big bottles tight off the bat instead of having to buy an entirely new set when he started eating over 4 ounces

Pura Stainless best bottles ever

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I used the avent glass bottles and they are amazing!! We also used life factory because they have a silicone cover over the glass. The life factory has a smaller opening, so not as practical as the avent.

I tried so many different bottles and nipples and honestly the Walmart $1 Parents choice bottles worked the best. All the other ones my boy was drenched in milk in minutes it was such a waste. Finally tried those and it was like night and day.

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I liked the glass bottles because you can get them cleaner, i think thier better for the baby.

Not glass but my baby was reeeally colicky for the first few months and the only ones that worked best for him were Dr Browns bottle!

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We ended up switching to Nuk because my son had reflux. Though the Tommie Tippie were my favorite.

I liked buying bottles that already had the milk in them and they were glass too. Thats what the hospitol use to use.

I use evenflo because it can be hooked up directly to my medela pump. I use it with the “balance” nipple since it mimics the breast nipple better than most other types. It’s a good quality glass too. I’ve dropped it into tile a few times and it hasn’t broken, and take it straight from fridge to hot water with no issues.

Nuk and if u use a paci, the nuk orthodontic paci. Used them with both my babirs and loved them

Dr browns all the way… :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: they have glass ones

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Parent choice from walmart.

My first would only do the parents choice and their $1. Now my second we tried every single bottle and we ended up using dr browns. But she wont use the nipple that came with that bottle, she uses the nipples we got from the NICU

I suggest you wait i had avent & dr. Browns & my son ended up preferring evenflo, my son knows his momma id basic lol

Avent ones leak. Playtex are great

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Always glass but Playtex are best. Glass because you can heat it up without any strange gasses or poisons escaping into the liquids

My daughter only likes nuk

I use the playtex drop ins, throw the liner away

We used the life factory glass bottles.

I like dr.browns. very good of they have alot of gas

Playtex is a preferred for my little guy!! He will use parent choice but they playtex he takes from better!

I use the plastic Maams bottles. Not cloudy at all, love the cute designs.

Dr. Brown!! But I suggest you try and get a variety, one of each and just try them all because ultimately it’s up to what baby will take

I used the Munchkin Latch bottles for over a year and never once did they get cloudy. I have used and unused bottles and you can’t tell the difference between them. As for the glass bottles, I’m all about glass, until your little one starts holding the bottle on their own (very flimsy at the beginning, and it will fall on her a lot) and then later when he or she gets into the throwing stage and starts throwing them places.

I wouldn’t spend much money on bottles right away as every baby accepts a different nipple. I went through multiple bottles with both of my kids and neither preferred the same kind.

Avent ones are the best! I’m 27 weeks with baby #3 and will be using Avent again. I’ve never tried the glass but I love the plastic ones


We use the plastic Avent ones and they don’t get cloudy if you wash them with a bottle brush and hot soapy water…


I used avent glass and loved them. Be careful though if you have some of the plastic ones too not to mix the lids. Seems the lids that came with the plastic avent leaked when I used with the glass.

I had dr brown bottles and they never got cloudy

I love avent bottles. Never used the glass ones tho. Helped my kiddos to not have nipple confusion cuz they were wider in the nipple not narrow like the dr brown. And SOOOO much easier to clean

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I loved the Avent glass bottles they were the best I ever used!

Keep in mind your baby may not like a certain nipple… I had to try 4 different bottles with my 2nd kid. MAM were winners for 2 out my 3 kids

I have the glass avent 4 oz and I love them I breast feed so I don’t use them often but they are very good for dad baby took to it without a fuss and at Walmart they sell the nipples to size up when your baby needs more flow I would recommend them they also sell sleeves for them so witch I liked good luck on your bottle journey expecting mama :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::baby_bottle::pregnant_woman:t3:

We started with avent plastic bottles but moved to MAM anti colic as they were way better for preventing wind and a better shaped teat. Don’t buy too many until you’ve tried them as what works for some, won’t work for others.

I love the plastic Avent. That the only bottle that my baby takes. But like others have said I would wait to make sure ur baby will take it. Also I personally don’t like glass because ur baby will throw/ drop them or you will and they can break. I boil my plastic ones once a week and it clears up the foggy look if they get foggy.

It’s not glass but there are Playtex bottles that use inserts to hold the milk. The bottle never gets dirty. I loved them.

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We use glass avent bottles. Love them! We have dropped one or two so far but I’d still prefer them over anything else. And if not glass, at least avent plastic

I used Avent until my son was 6 months. Then I found out the playtex bag bottles are my favorite.

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Ive never had a problem with plastic getting cloudy. But ive been looking into MAMS bottles for current little baby growing and ive seen a LOT of positive feedback and a lot of mom prefer them over dr browns (ive never used anything other than gerber or parents choice)

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I used tommee tippee with both of mine. Never had any issues with cloudiness. If you keep them clean you don’t get that.

Depends on if you are breast feeding or not… avent is if you aren’t breast feeding, but if you are then evenflow makes a really good bottle for breast fed babies to latch on to, they sell them on amazon. I used avent for my first who was bottle fed but they were no good for my daughter who is breast fed, also I used avent natural not the other standard looking ones

I use vinegar wash and never had en cloudy

I use Lansinoh momma bottles with my son

Dr brown bottle is the best

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There’s playtex baby which is wonderful and doesn’t get cloudy!!! I still use them at 8 months. They have ages on them to so you know which ones are for you the smaller ones are for newborn to 3 months i believe. But they have airways holes at the bottom and it helps ventilation so your baby doesn’t get air bubbles/tummy ache. Its amazing!

We used avent but my son didnt do well with them. We ended up using playtex vent air

I didn’t get bottles because I planned to breast feed but I believe you should get a few different ones to see what baby will like. Some babies have there own preference I loved the kinnde bottles but that’s more on the breastfeeding but after that I’m that horrible mom that will give her a bottle at bed time and it’s Tommie tippie never no leaks or what so ever I love them

I used dr. Brown glass bottles and loved them

My daughter used the mam bottles they work wonderful they reduce colic they are easy to sterilize in my opinion they’re the best bottles for this generation

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100% recommend MAM everything!!!

Dr. Brown have worked best for my kids