What are the best bottles?

I will be starting my son on a bottle next week while I’m breastfeeding. From mama’s, wno breastfed, what bottle is the best to use?


Each baby is different 1 used dr browns 1 used comotomo then decided she didnt like that anymore and went to dr brown then to playtex my 7 week old likes mam

MAM, comotomos, Dr Browns, Boon, NUK, Munchkin Latch❤


My daughter is EBF and the only bottle we’ve gotten her to drink from so far was Tommee Tippee.

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Como Tomo! You can buy them on Amazon. They are amazing for breastfed babes

Its trial and error the most important part of bottle feeding a breastfed baby is making sure to use a slow flow nipple so baby doesnt get bottle preference and to pace feed. We however like MAM bottles

My son only ever used Latch, a friends son only used dr brown. Each child is different.

Find a bottle that has the closest nipple to resemble your nipple.

Tommee tippee for us but each baby is different

Wow they have come up with so much new stuff… We used the playtex bottles back in my day. The nipples were more like breasts.

I breastfed my daughter for 8 months and when I switched her to formula, these were the bottles I used. Of course the larger ones since she was older.

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I used playtex drop ins bottle


Dr browns my son loves. Good steady flow for the milk a good in-between. Good for colic prevention and easy to clean. Food 4 less is 2 bottles 8 out ces for 9.99

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Tommee tippee but they’re all different my friends used mam

Dr browns or tommee tippee

I use the Nuk bottles with the nipple that is shaped like a mother’s nipple. It’s here and there with our youngest as I’m a SAHM and he gets the breast whenever he wants. But we’ve slowly introduced a bottle so my husband can get a little bonding time

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Used Dr. browns for both my kids. Never used anything else.

Playtex nursers with the drop in! Still the best bottle ever!

My daughter loves the mam bottles, helped with her reflux and gas too

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Mam & lansinoh momma bottles!

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my kids would not take any bottle; they told me you have to start them sooner!

I had to try several before I got one mine would take. She will only use Dr browns bottles and pacifiers.

Mam and Medela. Tried Dr. browns but i hated them


Avent natural. My son was two weeks old, and he took it easily and still breastfed with no problems!

Nuk anti colic three different flow rate holes looks like this

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Avent bottles. My daughter loved them.

My daughter only took the Tommie tippie

Mam and Avent are what I used with 3 kids. Every kid is different though :slight_smile:

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I didn’t breastfeed but my sister in law did the best ones she said is tommie tippie , I use them as well also the Avent is good

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My son loved drop in’s by playtex plus made clean up way easier

Amd the Tommie tippie is supposed to be the closest to nipple , but I’d get different ones bc im shore it will take a few to get the right one lol my daughter went threw every bottls as a baby an shed only latch to the hospital ones at first so it took forever to find the right one she liked the Avent amd tippie ones ,

I used smilo, he won’t take anything else. He doesn’t take bottles much. I breastfeed mostly.

I use the spectra bottles that came with my pump. At first my son wouldn’t take a bottle and we bought a bunch of different kinds trying to get him to take it. Turns out it had nothing to do with the bottle, he just liked his milk on the really warm side to where it’s almost hot.

But I’d get a variety of different ones bc not all baby’s like the same amd ur baby may not like ones like the ones closest to nipple ur baby might like a different kind , I’d just get a variety of different ones br brown are very nice too they have rhe optional ones with is amazing too ,

My little guy did well on Avent natural

We really love our Dr Browns. They were recommended to us by a few mamas and our lactation specialist and so far baby has done well with them. There’s a lot of parts to clean but they seem to actually help with preventing gas build up like they claim

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I exclusively pumped for 13 months, first we used the Medela ones that came with the pump, then changed to Dr. Browns for a long time until he needed to graduate to a bigger bottle. We’ve been using ones from Nuby ever since, which are somewhat similar in size and shape to the Tommie Tippie bottles. He’s never been picky though so we didn’t have to experiment too much.

Como tomo amazing never had an issue my baby goes back and forth starting at 3 weeks

Avent worked the best with my little ones

Mine wouldn’t latch to anything but mam or avent classic, I recommend avent classic

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Dr.Browns. They’re expensive but worth it.

Tommie tippie ot the mam bottle. Mam is supposed to be easy transition

My son never would accept a bottle after the breast!!

My baby didn’t like Dr.browns. We use tommie tippie!

Tommee Tippee (so) was the only bottle or pacifier my son would take. Neither interfered with my breastfeeding. He went back and forth, no problems.

I use the tommee tippee cause it’s super soft and they latch on to it so much better. I tried Avent first and my little girl hated it

I loveee these and my son took right to them. I got them off amazon. He has to compress them like a breast to get milk out

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I use glass parents choice ones because theyre cheap and easy to clean where as plastic is not. When they start trying to hold it themselves i swtch to just regular parents choice plastics.

My little has loved the Avent and Dr. Browns bottles

I used a bottle for. Water and. Jiuce.

I loved tommee tippie for my other 2 and they did great with them, so when I was pregnant with number 3 that’s the only bottles I bought well turns out he hates them, he’s 5 months old now and the only bottles he will take is Dr browns, they’re pretty good bottles, a little pricey but good

I sterilized. My evenflo. Glass bottles.

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SMILO!!! My baby didn’t do good with any other bottle! We tried like 4 of them and he had acid reflux with ALL of them except smilo! :slight_smile:

My son only would take avent bottles. And he was EBF

Mam bottles the nipples are more natural and not to big.

I kept it simple and used the parents choice bottles that only cost $1 the nipple is what you have to be sure to get the right size on so it doesn’t make a huge mess