What are the best brand of diapers?

FTM, exspecting my baby girl in November. Just wondering what brand of diapers are recomended or what worked best with your little ones? TIA.


Pampers snuggles for little babies when mine got older I used luvs

Girl Up and Up target brand. Cheap and effective. You’ll learn more expensive doesnt always mean better quality.


Parent’s Choice…in everything!!! Formula, wipes, diapers, snacks! The whole 9! That is ALL we use!

Def def Huggies for my daughter she got bad rash with luvs and pampers both once I started Huggies she hasn’t gotten diaper rash

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I used huggies at first and then switched to rascal and friends they are amazing my son has done so well on them. No more rashes and they hold a lot at night

Pampers swaddlers for newborn stage. And I used target brand afterwards

We have used Pampers, luvs, huggies, target brand, and Sam’s club brand - they all work the same. Just get whatever is cheapest and has a wetness indicator to help you out

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Pampers! Only brand I have used with all 3 of my kids!

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Pampers or hello bello

I use cloth diapers… I’m due in October with my 3rd boy and I feel like it’s cheaper. Wash, dry and reuse. My first who is 13 I used Luvs after size2 but Pampers Newborn and Size 1.

I used pampers but they didn’t work good for my daughter so now we use huggies and love them!

Pampers, huggies, especially the wipes made my son break out horible

I had to use parents choice from Walmart, they were they only ones my kids wouldn’t break out from

Pampers but i prefer to have a reuseable diapers just to avoid having my baby a UTI which is prone to bb girl. Im having a girl on next month yaay!

Up and up from target!!

Members mark (sams) diapers wipes and formula. I tried several different brands of diapers and they are by far the ones that work best for us but I also like the parents choice night time diapers for when the kids get a little older.

Pampers swaddlers. The front has a little dip to avoid the belly button area until the cord falls off

ive used luvs and huggies had no problem with them . my girls had allergic reaction to pampers.


My daughter could only use huggies.

Pampers to start with they have the cut out part for the umbilical cord.

I used huggies with both my boys after the umbilical fell off but my second has to use seventh generation diapers because his skin is sensitive

I love babyganics. They are a tiny bit more pricey but my son never leaked through them after an all nighter. :ok_hand:t2:

Huggies little snugglers

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I liked pamper swaddlers the best. They didnt leak

We love Pampers but it will all depend on if your little one has a reaction to the diapers. What worked for ours may not for your little one

Congratulations by the way

We like the Cloud Island ones from target as the cheaper option! They come close to leaking overnight though so we use the Honest overnight diapers which are just ok. I like the Honest company but we just can’t swing it all the time. Also, check out stores like Ross, Burlington, and TJMaxx. Lots of times they have marked down diapers and that’s how I was able to try Honest, babyganics, and other brands.

Honestly just get small packs of different brands and its trail and error cause what works for my son may not work for your child and it also has to do with sensitivity my son breaks out in blisters to luvs but the dollar store brand doesnt bother him

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Pampers and luvs! Pampers wipes also. My youngest got a chemical burn from huggies wipes.

I used pampers till my daughter was about 1 when she started leaking through the night then i went to luvs.

I love pampers. Ive tried so many diapers luvs, huggies, target brand, etc. None of them wick away moisture like pampers. The diaper can be full but his skin is still dry. Never leaks. Other diapers feel cheap and arent as soft. Hugg8es gave a chemical smell whenever he peed

My son uses Honest! I’ve tried a bunch and they’ve been my favorite so far.

Most hospitals use Pampers Swaddlers. I really like the Pampers Pure. They are hypoallergenic and bleach free.

Honestly, we use parents choice (Walmart brand) 🤷🤷 my kids have had sensitive skin… Huggies and luvs haven’t worked for them. Pampers are pricey. Parents choice work well for us… Price is far more affordable.

I use pampers and we tried hello bello. Hello bello are great organic diapers and jacob hasnt had. Diaper rash with them

Huggies or pampers are the best

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Lexie Mcmillan love hello bello diapers

Huggies pampers better protection for leak but pampers wipes are softer than huggies

seventh generation for my sensitive skinned boy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: he got chemical burn on his poor nuts from parents choice…

Pampers Baby Dry or Cuties

I used pampers for 6 yrs up until about a month ago when my youngest needed to go up to size 7. I just can’t pay $45 for 70 diapers. So we tr had to switch. So far the Up&Up (Target) diapers are doing a great job

My daughter has extremely sensitive skin and Huggies Little Snugglers worked best for her along with Babyganics wipes. You’ll have to buy a few different brands before you stock up to see what works best for your baby.

Pampers swaddlers are amazing. Ask for a ton if you’re having a baby shower. A lot of diapers differ for different babies though. My son did best in Luvs but had reactions with huggies and parents choice. My daughter pees straight through luvs lol

We have used every and all and hands down Kirkland diapers are the best pampers suck and buggies are similar but still not as good and more expensive but we buy Huggies wipes seem thicker and clean easier

Pampers Swaddlers for Newborn!

Huggies little snuggles then into little movers or target brand

Pampers but up&up brand when money’s tight. Great diapers. The up&up brand is targets store brand. Pampers wipes all day! Huggies wipes rip to easy in my experience

It depends on what the babys skin is like . we can recommend brands all day. But its not gonna help

I like honest brand. The wipes are nice and the diapers are fantastic

We started with Huggies which I liked. But now use hello hello and I loooove them! So soft. But use huggies wipes. They are the best I’ve found

Pampers baby dry for mine. Every other diaper my daughter would go through. I use pampers sensitive wipes too. :heart::green_heart::purple_heart::blue_heart::yellow_heart: CONGRATS!

Huggies are best. I also like Pampers Swaddlers for the first month. The Swaddlers seem smaller to me. I’d use only the baby wipes for sensitive skin, Huggies are good.

I make pretty small babies… one was 5lbs 7oz when we left the hospital and one was 5lbs 11oz when we left the hospital. So we used pamper swaddlers Preemie for a good 2-3 weeks…and then Pamper Swaddlers Newborn… my oldest I could find better deals on the diapers until about size 3… not as much luck this time. I switched to Parents Choice (after trying other brands) and stuck with them until she was potty trained at 2 1/2. I’ll switch my newborn from Pampers to Parents Choice when she grows into a 1, since I like to buy the boxes instead of the bags and can’t find boxes of newborn size parents choice.

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I love Walmart’s brand Hello Bello but only used them starting size 1. I used Pampers for nb and they worked very well

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We use cloth. It’s cheaper in the long run, no diaper rash issues, healthier for my son, eco friendly, and they’re cuter.

I use huggies little snugglers or little movers. I didn’t like the snug and dry

Love hello bello! Super soft organic diapers! They hold everything in and they do not break the bank! I do the monthly subscription thru there website or they are at Walmart


If you’re in Texas and have an HEB, their diapers are just like pampers but a lot cheaper

For a girl I started off with pampers for the first 2 or 3 months then I switched to Luvs. I personally don;t recommend Huggies because I know quite a few babies that had an allergic reaction to them. When she starts leaking a lot then you switch diapers.

Start with the cheap ones then work your way up if you don’t like them!

Huggies have been the best for us.

Huggies diapers & wipes

On my third, tried lots of diapers but hello bello is beyond my favorite.

I love huggies lil snugglers best, but I also like targets up & up brand if I need to make them go further.

We use parents choice from Walmart. My stepson was allergic to everything else, and we plan to use them with my daughter as well. Absorbency is great with them as well.

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i have always preferred walmart brand diapers. used only them, outside of any other ones that we’re given to me, & plan to use them for my next. only ones i buy.

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Pampers at first little swaddlers then parents choice work fine

I use huggies my daughter is allergic to Pampers

The only one all 4 of mine could wear were luvs … I loved pampers and huggies when they were new borns, but after that 3 out of the 4 ended up with rashes. I never had that issue with the luvs.

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Rascal & friends!!! No blowouts in those :slight_smile:

I use Costco, the brand is Kirkland’s. I find them the best! Congrats!

Everyone told us Pampers and we had a closet full but a lot of babies are allergic- mine was- to Pampers and Pampers Pure. Huggies worked in hospital but was later allergic. We’ve tried just about every diaper. And the only ones that worked for us and we love are Honest- no diaper rash, no blowouts or leaks and they are super soft!

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Recently had baby number two. I prefer Huggies but I’ve used pretty much everything. Huggies fit better imo. Many store brands are identical though so for example aldi diapers are the same as target at a fraction of the price. I really just buy what’s cheap. It matters more on fit when they are mobile and start crawling.

My little can’t wear anything other than the cloud island brand diapers.
We’ve tried store brand, Huggies, pampers, honest, etc… they all blister her in a rash.

Honest diapers. Well worth it.

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I used luvs with both my daughters and when my son is born I’m using the same!! :heart::heart:

Niki Brown they are the best I have found as far as leaks go as well.

If you have one near you Aldis diapers are less then 4 a pack and are better than luvs in my experience. Huggies with coupons are good too.

My boy always leaked through pampers. Parents choice from Walmart works great and huggies are decent too, but I prefer parents choice. I haven’t tried Luvs yet!

I used huggies until she was around a year old then switched to parents choice

I used Huggies for all of mine but not the snug and dry. I only used the swaddler and little movers they are quilted inside so everything is not sitting on the skin

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We use any chlorine free diapers, usually honest company. Pampers pure are the best imo but more expensive than honest.

My first born was allergic to every brand except Huggies

Luvs worked best for my first. Parents choice worked best for my 2nd. I currently use Kroger brand with my son and love them, they go on sale all the time for $3.29 a pack

Every child is different but we started with Huggies and they stuck! We love them!

The only one we’ve had problems with was Luvs. He got a horrible rash/burn like whatever :sob:

Huggies for my son, although I’ve heard positive things about parents choice too.

Rascal & friends are my fav by far!

Pampers for the 1st 6 months but then as they grow and start to move I switched to buggies little movers. My fave!

I used pampers swaddlers for the first few months then we went with Aldis.

Pampers baby dry are amazing! My son is a heavy wetter at night and they don’t leak

Huggies or Target brand. Hated Pampers.

Both babies had very sensitive skin. Luvs were a no go. Pampers were ok but didn’t like the fit and expensive. The Walmart brand was fine, they just thin and seemed to leek more. If you’re not on a tight budget I recommend Huggies. Never an issue with fit or leaking for either kid. And I had one baby at the bottom of the growth chart and one at the top. Worked great for both

Grace same with Avery. I so didn’t like Huggies for him. They leaked…a lot.

Melissa Johnson so many people say they leak! We’ve had it happen a few times to us too, I find they’re bulky too😬