What are the best diapers?

Asking for honest opinions (good or bad) from parents that use hello bello diapers, or brands that aren’t super expensive because of the name. What are the pros and cons. Are the comparable to the high branded diapers that hold up pretty well? Are they less known for diaper rash? Tell me what is good about them and if there is any bad.


The best brand I’ve found for my son (and I know every mid/baby is different) is parents choice from Walmart they are cheap reliable and I’ve never had any issues with the brand


Kaytey Yount I second Parent’s Choice. Never had a problem with them leaking either. I also love their sensitive wipes as well.

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Kaytey Yount I agree!!! Only ones we use now and tried prolly every diaper out there

same parent’s choice at walmart, we’ve had very good success with them over any other brand and we tried many of the name brands, don’t waste your money on the name brand unless you have too

I use parents choice and they’re the best at least for me. Its the only brand that dont give my daughter a diaper rash.

Aaron Lex TR Sullins I literally use parents choice everything from wipes, diapers, soap lotion you name it I love the brand

I loooove Hello Bello and Luvs. I’ve got 8 kids, I had a daycare for years, and have tried basically every diaper brand available in the Southeast. I used Luvs for the most of them, and just started with Hello Bello. Parents Choice was good, too, but I used RetailMeNot coupon codes for Luvs and that made THEM less expensive.

I love them! We have used Hello Bello and their products since my son was a couple months. He has had no reaction to them and hardly any leakage. It lasts through the night too! Which is pretty awesome! Unlike Hello Bello, the Walmart brand for us was ridiculous. Had the same routine but those diapers made him rash and leaked all the time. Plus it just smelt like harsh chemicals.

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Also, Parents Choice sensetive skin wipes are awesome, and and super affordable. Especially if you get them by the case.

We love HelloBello! It is the same quality as a expensive brand like Honest Co. but is affordable pricing. The one draw back is that the natural diapers smell a little weird when they are soiled because it’s all natural and doesn’t have chemicals blocking the smells.

Both my girls were allergic to parents choice diapers but not the wipes lol

My girls were allergic to parents choice diapers. They both did fine with the target brand and luvs. Also both girls were fine with huggies but allergic to pampers lol

My first born I had in luvs, they were the best cheap brand at the time 13 years ago. I now have a 3 month old and although I prefer huggies little snugglers best, I cant always afford them. I do like parents choice from walmart, and I like up&up from target as well. Luvs doesnt work as well on this one as it did the first one because she gets rashes very easily.

I bought some Hello Bello off of the Facebook Marketplace, LOVE them. They do run large though so my toddler grew up and got “skinnier” so I have to wait until he grows back into a 4. Luvs work well as do Target brand. Haven’t have much luck with parents choice since he’s gotten older.

We have 2 kids in diapers and Parents choice is our favourite brand too, is cheap and reliable.

I just looked at hello hello as Iv never heard of them, I can’t get over how expensive they are so so little. I get a massive pack from aldi that are like £3 and they work just fine

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Parents choice at Walmart never had a problem ! Same for the wipes in that brand they have a huge box with maybe I wanna say 15 packages of wipes for 13$ !!! It’s a steal

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Parents choice at Walmart I have 4 kids best for use and great on price

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We used them and like them. I really like the new pampers cruisers though. About the same price and work so amazing with no sagging. The hello bello diapers were great, don’t get me wrong, but one pee from my daughter or son and they would sag. Super cute though and we never had a blow out diaper ruin any clothes with them. But we definitely prefer the Costco brand diapers or the pampers cruiser ones because they never sag. Cheap diapers usually have made my kids get awful rashes, but none of the three I mentioned we ever had that issue with.

Every baby is different but I really like members mark from Sam’s. Also Aldi actually has really good diapers for really cheap. And my 7 month old has really sensitive skin and eczema.
With her we have more of a problem with wipes causing a rash

Absolutely love parents choice and everything in their brand!

For my son we used Luvs from about 4 months old till about 2. They were fabulous but once son grew they no longer fit his booty so we switched to huggies little movers because they were the only ones that fit right and didnt leak for him. At 36 months we switched to pull ups full time. We were buying huggies pull ups but just discovered that walmart brand fits him too and they are so much cheaper and hold up as well as the huggies.

Mine all wear luvs.and if you watch target. com they often have deals like buy 2 boxes get a $10 gift card. So I buy 2 at a time and when I get the 5th box its only $4

All my kids have been allergic to luvs and pampers because they are perfumed, and parents choice don’t seem to work with how much mind haves peed. So we stick with Huggies and I’ve never had an issue at all

Luvs were always my favorite other than pampers… I eventually learned the name brand didnt mean anything. Luvs and parents choice both worked amazing for us.

I use parents choice. They’re awesome!

We use HelloBello wipes and diapers right now. We love the wipes because they’re essentially chemical free, and the diapers are super absorbent. I haven’t used them overnight (we use Huggies Overnight) but I think they work well.

I have only ever used parent’s choice or up and up brand with my kids unless gifted a more expensive brand. I’ve had no issues with them

I loved Luv until they added the blue gel. That stuff is horrible. I only use Pamper Dry because my daughter gets rashes really easy and these are the only once that don’t have the blue gel and doesn’t smell so easy. Actually they contain the smell a little to well that poops have gone unnoticed for to long lol. Now she tells me “yuk” so we know lol.

Parents choice, luvs or up & up from target.

I get walmart diapers and there great and cheap

We use the Kroger brand and I used on both my children. One of my children has eczema and we never had a problem. Plus if you shop with card you get coupons all the time.

We occasionally use Costco Kirkland brand diapers and they’re just fine, good for over night as well.

Both my kids(6y & 18m) didnt react well to off brands(and some named brands) so we used Huggies diapers, Pampers wipes, triple paste ointment, aveeno baby wash for bath and we use Hello Bello lavender lotion for after bath(used aveeno baby before Hello Bello came out). My 6y had the worst reaction to burt bees products and we used member mark wipes but she got a terrible rash that took over a month of using dr priscribed ointment before it went away then we found out their was a recall due to the wipes being contaminated. Never tried store brand wipes again.

Target brand diapers are the same as pampers and their wipes are really thick

We always used Pampers until recently we went to the Walmart brand. They hold up ok (not as good as pampers) but they leave white fuzz on their bottoms and what not and that drives me batty

We tried hello bello, and I really wanted to love them, but they leaked too much. Like, barely held up after a bottle. We went back to Huggies and tried the Huggies Little Snugglers and they haven’t leaked once.

I love my hello hello diapers. Price compared to Walmart brand is only $0.03 more expensive and I think they hold better.