What are the best overnight diapers?

What are the best nighttime diapers for 6 year olds? He still has issues at night and I cannot find anything that fits him

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I have my son wear a pull up and I’ll wake him up to pee before I go to bed.

Goodnite pull-ups I think they go from 25lbs-150lbs or somewhere near there.


You will need to lay down a protective sheet similar to what they make to protect mattress. Then teach your child to scoop it up and bring it to the bathroom when he has an accident, and have dry bedding under it for him to go back to sleep.

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My son wears these. We never have any issues leaking through or anything

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We use Goodnights for my child. The xl goes up to 125 lbs. they work great. Just get the size for your child’s weight.