What are the best sippy cups?

Spoutless sippy cups that DONT leak or spill. I have the 360 one and it leaks.


The only 360 cup I have gotten that doesn’t leak is the munchkin brand. Of it’s leaking then pull the edge up and check to make sure there isn’t air trapped underneath, otherwise get a new one because that one is worn out.

If your kid can do a straw, I use the kids Contigo spill proof cups with a straw. My youngest prefers that over any sippy cup. They’re like $6 on Amazon.

360 shouldn’t leak. May need a new one.

I’ve bought 2 2 packs and all 4 of them leak if he drops them.

Does your little one like straws if so I have the Nuby brand and it doesn’t leak.

Any 360 I bought leaked or my daughter just lifted the piece up and dumped it. Worst cups ever.

I have 3 kids who all use the Nuby brand 360 cup and it works just fine for them.

They all leak after awhile

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Try a different brand of 360. Miracle is awesome. Nuby sucked. Sassy Spoutless was just ok. I can’t remember other brands I tried

I’ve had problems with all of those types of cups it’s so annoying

Straw cups are the best and they don’t mess up their teeth like spouted sippy cups do

Nuk makes a 360 cup that doesn’t leak also. I went through 3 munchkin 360s and their weighted straw sippy before I found the nuk one and haven’t had an issue since.

Every cup leaks at some point. My 360’s leak when they are dropped and thrown. I have never found one that doesn’t leak at some point.

I found that the 360 cups leak but we haven’t had that problem with the WOW cup.

I’ve thrown all sippys away now only have these. Only one that hasn’t leaked

We liked the munchkin 360 ones. Nuby ones leaked easily.

This one don’t leak at all

Try different brand or get a brand new one they should never leak

All sippy cups leak. I try to replace our 360s every 6 months or so.

The munchkin brand is the best. The nuby ones suck. That weird offbrand ones are horrible too.

I use the sassy sippy cups they have the 360 n i honestly havnt had to replace mine since I’ve had it for a couple months only spills when my kid throws it down but eh that’s expected lol u just buy new ones when they start to actually leak