What are the chances mixed babies will have blue eyes?

Blue unfortunately is not a dominate eye color. Most of the time when mixed with a brown eyed parent chances are you will get brown eyes again. I know. It sucks. Haha.

I have brown/green eyes. Dominatly brown. Husband has green. My daughter was born with royal blue eyes and they faded to a light blue/green. Im hopin this baby gets the blue/green eyes too. I love my blue & green eye babies.

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I have blue both kids have brown.

My 5 kids are half white half Hispanic and all 5 were born with and still have dark brown eyes

I got 5, 4 of them have dark chocolate eyes like their father & one has hazel-ish. I got blue lol I lost in all of them.

Her dad is half black half white with hazel eyes. Mine are blue. Hers are always light but go between blue and green.

My husband is mixed. He has olive skin, brown hair and brown eyes. But my husbands mother has blue eyes. I also have blue eyes. Our first born is my husbands twin except she has blonde hair and light blue eyes just like my husbands mom. Our son looks just like me except darker hair and hazel eyes.

My 6 month old is Asian/white and got my green/hazel eyes :heart_eyes: first out of 4 that got mine!! It can happen

My 6 children’s father is from Mexico. All his family in mexico have brown eyes Inc him. I have grey bluish. All my kids got daddy eyes except our oldest has hazel…
But ive seen many times a brown eyed and blue eyed parent had a blue eyed baby.

Brown is dominant HOWEVER I have brown eyes and all 3 of my daughters have blue eyes. No rhyme or reason

My husband is Mexican and Irish with blue eyes and two of my kids have brown eyes and hair and tan skin my middle son was a toe head with blue eyes. Genetics are a funny thing.

My partner is Italian and I am Irish. He has brown hair/brown eyes, I have brown hair/blue eyes. Both our kids have red hair and one has hazel eyes and the other has blue eyes. I guess it could happen.

Good chance the boy will get them😄 I’ve seen this before in family’s and in that order girls have the brown eyes🤗

My son is mixed black and white I have hazel eyes my bf brown and our son has blue eyes lol

I’m mixed with brown hair and brown eyes and my husband is white with blond hair and green eyes. Our first son has blond hair and blue eyes

It has to run on your side of the family my daughter has blue eyes my sons have brown my eyes are brown there dads are blue and my dads dads eyes were blue if this helps any good luck

Depends on if blue eyes run in the family in both sides. Odds are the baby will have brown like the others.

My daughter has blue eyes. I have brown and her father has a hazel that’s honey like.

Mine! My 1st has brown, my 2nd has blue and my 3rd looks like greenish gray.
I have hazel and my husband brown. My dad has blue and hes the only one in our family who does. My husband didnt is black/mexican and Im white.

Pretty slim. All of my mixed kids have brown eyes.

I have blue eyes and ghostly white. :joy: My husband is mixed with this gorgeous caramel skin color and brown eyes. He had 2 kids already before we met and both has his brown eyes while their baby mamas both have blue eyes. My husband and I have our first together whjch ended up with blue eyes. The kids have 9% of black. :woman_shrugging: genetics are a funny thing. Your kid could get a throwback genetic.

i love brown eyes but all my kids have blue and hazel but i have a grand dughter and greatgrand daugter that have brown and so beautifull