What are the chances mixed babies will have blue eyes?

Okay this might be a stupid question how many mamas that have mixed babies that ended up with blue eyes? Because both of my daughters are mixed they have my eye color brown and my unborn son will be mixed too and his daddy has Blue eyes What are the chances of him getting blue eyes? Because I am really hoping he gets blue eyes lol


Even if they’re born with blue eyes doesn’t mean anything. My daughter is 8 and her eyes have always been bright blue, last month they changed to green

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Mine aren’t mixed but I have green eyes and the father has brown and all 3 of my kids have blue :face_with_raised_eyebrow::joy:

I have blue eyes and my husband has brown. My kids are mixed and I have 2 with blue eyes and one with brown eyes. If one parent has brown and the other has blue it’s a 50/50 chance of your child getting either color.

Chances are slim, but there IS a chance.

My son isn’t mixed but I have dark brown eyes and my boyfriend has blue eyes and my son has beautiful bright blue eyes and is almost 9 months old.

Brown eyes are dominant so he’s more likely to have your eyes than daddy’s


You can always do a punnat square to determine the possibilities, blue eyes is a recessive trait, but it’s possible.


The dominance trait normally comes from the Male.

I have blue eyes and my husband has brown. We have 2 sons and both of them have brown eyes. I swear their eyes weren’t even blue when born. Lol
I believe it is a 50/50 chance when one parent has blue and the other has brown.

:raising_hand_woman:t4::raising_hand_woman:t4::raising_hand_woman:t4: both my husband and I have brown eyes and our daughter came out with blue eyes. Lol her eyes were dark when she was born and started getting lighter at 2 months. They’re bright blue now and she’s 1

Everyone in my family for as long as I can remember has had blue eyes. Baby daddy has brown. Guess what color my daughter has?
Brown. Looks like chocolate. I keep telling her I’m gonna nomnom her peepers.

Depends on the color of your eyes.

The dominant trait does not come from the male! Brown eyes are the dominant trait, but doesn’t mean it absolute.

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Im brown eyed, but my mother was blue eyed and my father brown. Same for my sister. We have different fathers. All 5 of our children have blue or green eyes, like their fathers.
There’s something about having brown eyes and also having the recessive trait and them combining with a strong blue/ green eye trait.
The brown is often recessive but I think it goes back to the grand parents.

Both of mine are half Mexican. My first had dark hair and brown eyes and my second born has light hair and blue eyes.

My son is mixed and he’s got the lightest skin and blue eyes. His dad has blue eyes and I have brown eyes

My kids aren’t mixed but I have brown eyes and their dad has blue. One son has dark brown eyes the other blue/grey (his change colors often)

My daughter is mixed Korean-European. Daddy has brown eyes and I have blue. Hers are a soft brown, like a dark hazel. We have a slim chance of green eyes according to the pediatrician and OB. Brown is a dominant allele.

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Brown is dominant over blue.

Brown is dominant. Blue is recessive.
He may end up with hazel eyes.

Honestly I think it’s a craps shoot… I’m not mixed but Italian on my moms side and German on dads. moms eyes are very dark brown dads are blue, both me and my sister got blue. Blue is a recessive gene but can happen :woman_shrugging:

I’m brown eyed. My lil ones father is brown eyed and she has bright blue eyes

Blue and light colored eyes are a recessive gene. So it’s not super likely.

You never know though, my son has the same grey eyes as me and his fathers eyes are brown.

My husband has brown eyes, I have green eyes and 2 of my 3 kids have brown eyes and my youngest has blue… when he was a baby, we used to joke all the time that he was a love child of an NHL players here in our town because he looked nothing like either of us!

Blue eyes are a recessive trait so your child needs 1 blue gene from each parent. If one of your parents (your sons grandparents) carried that gene or has blue eyes you have better chances of having a baby with blue eyes. If not he will probably have brown eyes. But you never know! Enjoy your new baby :blush:

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My sister in laws kids are mixed and her daughter has green eyes and her two sons have blue eyes and thier mothers eyes are brown and thier dads eyes are blue

I have very blue eyes, baby daddy has brown and my baby’s eyes are green …

Unlikely to get blue if yours are brown. Blue is a recessive trait, brown is dominant. My son’s father had beautiful blue eyes, mine are brown, my son’s came out hazel.

I’m white dad is black, both with brown eyes


I have green eyes…my hubby has brown… all my mixed kids have brown eyes.

Girl i have green eyes & he has brown eyes & both my kids have brown eyes… Succkkkkkssss lol

It just depends on which eye color is more dominant. I remember learning about the eye color hereditary in high school. But my husband has hazel eyes and I have blue. So far our 3 year old has blue eyes. Our 3 month olds are blue rn, don’t know exactly when they will fully take hold of the color they will permanently be

My youngest son does!

I met a sweet lady and her twins at the park the other day. They were mixed, mom was white and dad was African American. They were stunningly beautiful. One had light skin and brown eyes, the other baby had darker skin and crystal blue eyes. Truly gorgeous.

Me and my kids father have brown eyes and my second born and my daughter have green eyes my kids also all have blond hair and me and my fiancé have brown hair :rofl: it could also go by family

My mixed kids were born with blue eyes but they turned brown. Brown eye color is dominant over blue

It depends if you both carry the blue eye gene or not. If you both don’t have it then it won’t happen. Your kids could however have kids with blue eyes as they could carry the gene. If you both have it it still isn’t likely as Brown is dominant. The child would need theme recessive gene from both of you to make it happen and that’s less likely, but you never know.


My dad has brown eyes and my mom has blue. I have brown and my brother has hazel eyes and the youngest brother has green.

I have brown and my husband has blue. Our son has a darker blue than my husband. More like my mom’s.

Eye color comes primarily from the dad, so there’s a better chance of it

My son is Mexican mixed with green eyes. So I’d say it’s possible lol

My husband has light blue eyes…I have dark brown…my daughter has my eyes and my son ended up with very pretty grey eyes.

My son has bright blue eyes in the summer and in winter go grey I’m half Indian quarter Pakistani and quarter white I have brown eyes my daughter has hazel with hints of orange and there dads had brown eyes

My mixed son when he was around 6 months

My nieces are both mixed. My brother has brown eyes and I think his wife does too. Both my nieces have super blue eyes! :heart_eyes:

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Same kid 6 years later

They used to think blue eyes was a recessive trait but now blue and brown eyes are now known to be co-dominant traits so it’s basically 50/50 …I have blue eyes my ex had brown …we have 2 kids one has blue and one has brown… with co-dominant traits its basically a coin toss.

Their eye color changes from birth but his never turned brown. Theres hope!

3 mixed kids here, I have blue, dad has brown, 1 has hazel and the other two are blue


I have cousins who are mixed and have blue eyes, even still as adults

My kids are mixed, and I have 3. One has brown, one hazel, and one blue. :smiling_face:

50/50 chance with brown and blue according to this chart. But I’m not sure how accurate it is lol

I have blue eyes the dad had brown both of my girls are mixed and they have brown eyes

My daughter isn’t mixed but I have brown eyes and my fiancé has brown eyes and she has bluish green eyes

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I’m white and my husband is from El Salvador. Our daughter has blue eyes. We are currently expecting our second daughter in August and are hoping she also will have blue eyes or green. My husband’s father had green eyes, so that would be a wonderful thing to see.

I have 2 mixed boys one has brown eyes one has blue (for now) he’s only 2 weeks

My oldest son is mixed with white, black and Puerto Rican and he has hazel eyes like me. My youngest son is white and Italian and his eyes are so dark brown that you can barely see his pupil. It just all depends on what genes win that fight LOL

He could get blue eyes. My husband has brown eyes (which are dominant) and I have green eyes and our daughter has my green eyes.

My son is 10 months old. We both have brown eyes but my dad’s side haves blue eyes. My other son haves brown eyes like their dad

Me. My husband is half Puerto Rican and half Mexican and our youngest came out with blonde curly hair and blue/hazel eyes.

My mom is Mexican with brown eyes. My dad is white with blue eyes. There are four of us kids. Half have blue eyes, the others are brown.

Id say theres a small chance, but my husband and his sisters all have blue eyes, and their dad has brown eyes.

My friend has a blue eyed mixed baby

My little boy has baby blue eyes. I have a light brown/ green and my boyfriend has baby blue.

My 3 oldest are native american/white

I have brown eyes their dad has blue
My oldest got the blue my 2 youngest girls got brown.

My current boyfriend has blue and our baby has blue

So I say 50/50

A baby’s eye color is also not fully set until 1 year of age at 1 year of age the eye color they have is 99% likely to be the eye color they have until then they could be any or many colors

My husband and I are both white but he has brown eyes, that are supposed to be more dominant and I have blue our little boy has blue eyes. We’re expecting our little girl any day now and are excited to see what color eyes she gets. My uncle had 4 kids, all mixed, all ended up with bright blue eyes

My girl twin and her dad. I have hazel eyes. She got the bue eyes from my mom.

It’s rare but can happen

I have blue eyes, husband has dark brown. All kids have brown.
It’s up to simple genetics, punnet square style. If you have two copies of the brown eye gene, all the babies will have one from you.

All depends who has the stronger genes. I have a history of brown eyes because i have a lot of Italian in me but I have straight green eyes. My daughter was born with very bright green eyes but they’re fading to a deep blue-green, her father has brown eyes. We where certain she would be born with brown or hazel. So there really isn’t any way to determine.

It’s like a 1% chance of only one parent has blue eyes

Me and husband are both white, but I have dark brown eyes and he has light blue eyes. I LOVE blue eyes. Our first son got my hair color, and he had the blue eyes for the first few months… slowly the eye color changes though when pigment comes in. A brown shade almost overlapped the blue, but some still shows through. His eyes would be considered green now. Very unique coloring though, I love it almost as much as the blue. We are about halfway there with boy #2, still hoping for them blue eyes!! Haha

Blue is a recessive gene. Brown is dominant. My ex husband has blue eyes, I have brown. 2 out of 3 kids have a blue/gray colored eyes, because I also carry the recessive gene of blue even though I have brown eyes. Depends on how strong your dominant genes are as in do you carry the recessive gene?

Small chance. Brown is dominant over blue. That being said, we are both white and mine are blue and my husband’s are brown, but my son’s are hazel. :woman_shrugging:

Idk. I’m white and he’s Hispanic. I have green eyes and so do both my parents. My husband has brown eyes and so far both our oldest have his brown eyes and my weird thick brownish hair.
Maybe this 3rd one will have his black hair and my eyes… Lolbwould be amazing. But my family also carries the gene for blue eyes and blonde hair on both sides… My sister, my grandmother, my aunt and her son (ones i know of) all have blue eyes and natural blonde hair.

I’m mixed and I have blue eyes

Id say it depends on who else has blue eyes. My hubby and I both have brown eyes our son has blue with a brown spec in one.

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Honestly, it is all up to genetics and which genes you both carry. My fiance and I both have brown eyes. But our daughter has bright blue eyes. :woman_shrugging:

My son is mixed. I have green eyes and my hubby has brown. My son didn’t get my eyes though he got his dads darn it lol

My princess is mixed (white & Hispanic) and she has the most beautiful eye’s


My son isn’t mixed necessarily(I’m a mutt, his dad is half Cherokee) anyways, both me and dad have brown eyes, brown hair. Baby came out with sky blue eyes and blonde hair. He had blue eyes til around 2 and now they’re green. So who knows. At this point I don’t trust the whole genetics thing because of how surprising my son came out😂

My son is mixed, white Hispanic and he has green eyes, I have hazel and his dad brown. He has white skin, blonde hair and green eyes.

My oldest has baby blue eyes. Her father and myself have dark eyes. My youngest has blue/green eyes and her dad has baby blue. She’s two so they still have time to change but i hope they stay that color

My son isn’t mixed, but I have greenish blue eyes and dad has darrrrk brown. Baby was born with blue eyes.

it depends on the genetics, the maternal side is generally stronger

Most of the time, babies are born with blue eyes and then they change when pigments dominate. All 3 of my boys have different colored eyes. My ex husband was half native american and half spain. My oldest was born with brown eyes, but now has brown with a shade of green (I have green hazel eyes), my current husband has hazel eyes but they change, its like a mixture of grey, blue and green, my second child was born with greyish blue eyes then it changed to chocolate brown eyes which he carried the only gene from his dad’s dad’s mom (the only carrier that had solid brown eyes), my youngest was also born with greyish blue eyes but now that hes 3, he has my eye color. So don’t entrust on the percentage, just hope for a happy, healthy baby, that should be all that matters. I’ve longed and DREAMED of my two youngest having their daddys dimples, my youngest has a slight hint of them, but its not highly evident.

4 mixed kids. I have Green eyes. All their eyes are dark brown

It’s a small chance. Blue eyes are recessive so both parents have to have the gene for it for the child to get them.

You would have to have a parent or grand parent with blue eyes for you to possibly pass down the trait. Lets call the brown eye gene B and the blue eye gene b… each parent gives one gene sooo Bb= brown, BB= brown, bb is the only combination that can equal blue. So if you dont have a blue gene you cant pass b to your child. The only gene ur SO can pass is b. So if you are a Bb brown eyed person there is a small chance u can pass b. But if u are a BB brown eyed person there is zero chance.

My greatgranddaughter has the only blue eyes in a large family. My mom had blue eyes, me too, my dad brown eyes, my sister brown.

My son has blue eyes his first son had blue eyes…his second son has their moms brown eyes.

My baby is mixed. His dad is Mexican and Indonesian and he has blue blue eyes

My daughter is mixed and has deep blue eyes and both me and my husband have brown eyes.

Blue is a recessive trait to where brown is dominate unless you have blue eyes in your family if you don’t then the chances of blue eyes is slim because it’s recessive same as blonde hair it’s recessive only reason ik this is we learned all about this in 8th grade science when we did a punett square


I have 2 mixed daughter’s (dad is black with whiskey eyes, I’m 3/4 white, 1/4 Mexican with brown/green hazel eyes). My older daughter has eyes so dark brown they look black and my younger daughter’s eyes are an army green. Just depends on the spin of the genetic wheel. To get blue or green eyes a child needs a gene from EACH parent. Brown is dominant so if even 1 brown eyed gene is present the child’s eyes will be brown. But also remember if your eyes are brown it doesn’t mean you don’t carry a light eyed gene.

Only if you have a history of blue eyes in your family

My youngest two are mixed-ish. I’m a mutt and their daddy is half mexican. We are both olive skinned with brown eyes. Our oldest is a carbon copy of her daddy, dark hair, dark eyes. Our youngest almost 2 months, but so far she has bright blue eyes and lighter hair.
My SO’s dad and my dad both have hazel eyes and they look identical to that, so maybe she’ll get grandpa’s eyes. Lol

I wanted my mixed little girl to get my eyes… but no she got daddys brown eyes.

My son is white with blue eyes and straight red brown hair. JUST like his daddy.