What are the chances of getting pregnant at 41?

I’ve been with my significant other just recently decided we wanted to have another baby. I’m 41 years old. I’m wondering if anyone on here has gotten pregnant at this age, it is even possible anymore, and there is anything I can due to help my chances of conceiving…I know it’s a long shot, but I know women are having babies later in life. I’m hoping my window hasn’t close.


It’s possible. And im sure you know the “risks” as long as you ovulate and still have a period it can happen

You should really speak with your OB/GYN about the pros, cons and risks. You are in a high-risk category. I’m sure it’s quite possible for you to get pregnant but you should know the pregnancy risks before you try it


Get on folic acid and prenatal pills.

my friend had her first child at 42 and my great gramma had her last child at 60…truth

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why? are you gonna have the energy to keep up with them when they hit say 14 and wanna go do all this stuff with you that a 14 year old wants to do?


I had my baby girl at 41. While she was a surprise baby and we weren’t trying with her…
I do suggest taking elevit (prenatal vitamins) and tracking your ovulation with clearblue digital.
All the best :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m 44 with a 7 month old I got pregnant on birth control pills and my dr said I’m healthy so I could prob have a few more​:joy::woman_facepalming: but I’m done this is my 5th my oldest is 26 and the others are 23, 20 ,15 and 7 ms


About to be 37 all’s I can say is don’t plan on going back to work once those precious baby blues look at you

My mom had my brother at 45…

not trying be down on this im speaking from experience

My grandma’s last was when she was 45

My step mom accidentally got pregnant at 45. It becomes a high risk pregnancy though.


I was 38 during my last (and final) pregnancy. It was by far the best of my three pregnancies. They call it a geriatric pregnancy but it is what it is. I didn’t feel geriatric. Lol


As long as ur having a period it’s possible start taking a prenatal and get an ovulation predictor test it will tell u ur most optimal days of ovulation…the risk comes in when the egg that uve had ur hole life so the egg is 40 something yrs old is fertilized then weather or not ur body is healthy enough to carry a baby even if the baby has complications

44 with a 7 month the old🥰


It can happen until you completely stop having a period/ovulating

I don’t know why women think when they hit a certain age they can’t have children as long as you’re having a period and don’t have any fertility issues going on then you can still have kids. I’m 41 I’m done having kids but I’ve had so many classmates that have had kids over 40 and have healthy babies

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My dr says it’s absolutely fine to have a baby in early 40’s but your chance gets less and less as you get older

My mom had me at 40 and my brother at 42 so it’s very possible, idk how likely though

My grandma had my aunt at 45 years old it is possible absolutely! I have an aunt who’s almost 3 years younger than me :exploding_head:

I did at 43 really wasn’t trying but glad as it was a girl finally

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My aunt had her 7th at 43.

Yes it happened to my mom when she was 42! It was a big surprise pregnancy so anyone can get Preg in 40s. It would be possible

My mom had my twin and I at 43 years old :slightly_smiling_face:

There are women in their 50s - 70s having babies with modern medicine. It’s definitely still possible.

My mom had my sister at 40 we know a lady that had her son at 47

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My mom had my little sister at 43 and my sister had her first at 41.

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I’m 40 and due in 7 weeks

I know someone who had their last child at 45/46. Anything is possible. I had my last at 39 and was high risk.

I rarely comment on these but, it is possible! My mom had me when she was 40, 13 months later my little brother showed up! I know it was harder for her to stay pregnant, she told me she lost two others before me. I would just say talk to your doctor and make sure you’re healthy enough still :slightly_smiling_face: best of luck to you both!

As long as you haven’t completed menopause, it’s still possible. So, if Aunt Flo still visits, you’re good too go, if your body agrees.

I’m 41 and due in June which will also be my 42nd birthday

I had my son at 46 with no help. There is hope!

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Just had one at 43 gonna have another at 44. It’s actually pretty common now days. Even the nurse had hers at 43.

My mom had me at 41, her mom had her at 40. It’s possible, just talk to your doctor.

Menopause closes that window for natural… I’m in my 40’s with a 2 yr old so it’s definitely possible!! Eat healthy and take prenatal vitamins :blush: good luck to you!

I am and conceived at 40. My husband and I followed a low carb eating plan for 4 months prior (and had been trying to get pregnant), it worked!

It most likely hasn’t closed. I am 40 years old and is 14 weeks pregnant now. Your best bet is go to your doctor and talk to them about all this.

I got pregnant with my 1st at 40, delivered at 41. Got pregnant at 45 delivered at 46 with my second. All with PCOS and endometriosis!


My sister was 16 with her 1st and 45 with her 2nd 48 with her 3rd.It is possible

Lol ours is named Jackson :joy:

my youngest brother was born when i was in 11 th grade in school

my nan had a baby 3 weeks b4 i was born she was in her 40s im now 68 so thats yrs ago

I’m 44 and due June 4th… Totally natural and totally unexpected. It’s really not too late…


It’s possible. But you need to see a doctor to find out for sure. And what you need to do. If you conceive, you’ll automatically be considered high risk and there is a greater chance of having twins.

I had 1 at 40 and another at 42 everything was fine

Very possible…46 and my last baby turns 4 in September

Everyone is different. Ask your doctor

My mom got married at 41 (first time for both, hubs was 9 years younger), had me at 45. My folks were in discussions to adopt and I was a surprise! I had a wonderful childhood and my folks lived long enough to see my children (who I had at 32 and 35) graduate from high school. They used to exhaust my kids taking them to zoos, museums, etc.

My dad’s best man and his wife had twins who grew up, got married and had children of their own. A stray menopausal egg made best man & wife parents again making their daughter an aunt who was younger than the niece! BTW, their daughter and I were born perfectly healthy.

My ex and I thought we’d have trouble conceiving for different reasons and weren’t planning on kids anyway. The ONE time we had unprotected sex gave us our son (me 32, him 36), and our daughter was a birth control baby when I was 35. Aside from my son and I having ADHD, we’re all fine.

Having said that, our environment and food supply is so much less healthy than 100 years ago, I’d suggest pre-natal vitamins, eating cleanly and healthily (organic, plant-centered, whole grains, and skip the processed foods, white carbs, sugars, and junk) and exercising daily doing whatever makes you happy. Ask your partner to do the same if possible.

Good luck!

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I conceived in November of 2020 and I will give birth when I am 41. Just know they will most likely consider it high risk because of your age and may push to have other testing and stuff done. But so far so good here!!!

Sixty some years ago my Mother in law got pregnant, she had three sons about 10 years apart. She had her last child 6 months before I had my son. So she became a Mother and a grandmother with a seventh month old child,

Go on Amazon and get FertilAid. Its not super spendy and makes your baby environment super friendly and inviting. I had trouble getting pregnant with our first and within 3 weeks of starting it I got pregnant. There was lots of reviews from people between 35 and 45ish that posted about it helping

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Having said that, interventions like IVF, donor egg, etc. are letting more women get pregnant at ever older ages, though it can get expensive. I have a friend who had a (very healthy) son I think of as “the $40,000 baby”. Do have your docs check you for anything that could make it more difficult to get pregnant so that can be mitigated if possible. My friend had no luck with fertility clinics, went to a homeopath/naturopath who gave her a technique to fix her tipped uterus and bam! Baby in her 40s. The skids were greased with the first pregnancy and she & hubs had another surprise baby a few years later. Her husband was older also.

Very possible I’ve had patients who are in their 40s and pregnant. I’m 41 and expecting my 5th and I didn’t have to use any special pills or anything. Just good old fashion fucking lol.

One of my residents wife had her second at the age of 55. She thought she was goin thru the changes of life so it’s possible! Good luck :slight_smile:

My parents started trying when my sister was 5, and couldn’t conceive. 12 years later at age 40, my mom got pregnant with me naturally and delivered at almost 41. My dad was 45 at the time. Best of luck to you!


Oh, yeah. My dad has a cousin who got married super late in life. He and his wife got pregnant and she delivered a healthy baby girl…in her 60’s. Bless her, because I’m pregnant right now at 31, and I feel like I’m dying compared to being pregnant at 24. :sob:

I was 42 when I had my one and only daughter. Went off pill and got pregnant 8 months later. My pride and joy.

i was 39 and 40 with my last 2 of 3 girls

I had a baby last year and turned 40 too ,

My mom had me at 40 :woman_shrugging:t3: I was an accident, so anything’s possible. Have you gone through menopause?

It’s definitely possible to have a child in your 40s I have a sister who has and I got pregnant myself at 39 not planned but happened and delivered at 40 so yes it’s definitely possible and now I’m 42 with a two year old and soon to be 3 year old in July and I would not change a thing she’s my little precious gift :gift: I didn’t know I wanted so if you want a child at that age I say go for it don’t let anyone discourage you there’s so many people that have babies being older there’s so many who have there first babies in there 40s so you can if you want and if you have questions about it talk to your doc

My sister gave birth to a daughter at 45. She had two sons was overjoyed to have a daughter.

My mother was 42 when she had me, I was an oppsie baby, only child, totally possible. With the advances in medical care I say go for it! She had no issues but it wasn’t “recommended” 30+ yrs ago.

Got a 2 year old

Cloned will help a lot. Talk to your OB.

my mom had twins at 42 .

I’m 37 and just had a baby boy!!

My sister in law was 42 with the help fertility drugs!!!:heart:

My ob/gyn had her’s @ 49 ! definitely possible … higher risks but just pray all goes well :innocent::pray:t3:

May be a high risk pregnancy and maybe even possible to have twins. I’m 40 my son just turned 4 last week. He was a twin, his sister didn’t survive. They called it “Vanishing twin “. Good luck darling :pray:t4::crossed_fingers:t4::crossed_fingers:t4::purple_heart:

It only took me 6 months to get pregnant with my son when I was 42. He will be 3 years old in July.

I was pregnant at 41. Didn’t seem difficult for me.

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My grandmother had my
Aunt at. 48

I had baby number 6 at 41…

It’s possible, keep putting in the work. Good luck.:two_hearts:

We all of these comments I think you know your answer lol. Good luck.

My husband’s mom had him at 42, conceived at 41. Not impossible, and by the comments not very unlikely either!

I just had my little one at 45. It’s still possible so if you both want a baby then I wish you all the best of health and fertility :blush:

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Of course it’s not too late! I had my last son when I was 4o. Statistically, I don’t even think your chances of conceiving normally drop until 4o, but even then it’s not a great drop. Good luck with whatever you choose!

I have a cousin that conceived at 43, another one that got his wife pregnant and he was 72 :worried: and a friend’s mom that got pregnant at 45.

My MIL was 44 years old when she had her 8th child and that was AFTER menopause.

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Had mine 2.months before 41 without even trying​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I got pregnant with my first and only at 39! Its totally possible. Didn’t think I’d ever get pregnant. I changed my diet. Not to get pregnant but to lose weight. Went keto! And weird 8 months later I’m pregnant :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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My cousin had twins at 42.

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My mom had my sister at 43 its possible

A lady just recently just had a baby at 56 years old! Good luck!

Tony Farnham what’s so funny? Are you so bored you have to be petty and rude with the laughing emoji. Grow up. There’s nothing funny here


A girl I work with had twins and she was like 42 or 43

I had my last daughter at 41 yrs old. It was rough but I managed. I’ll never regret it! She is now 15 & I’m 56.

I had my 5th baby at 40. Wasn’t difficult for me and I only have one tube x

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My mom was pregnant with my sister at 42, that was 28 years ago, however, I worked in pediatrics until recently, and we had a handful of newborns being born to older mothers! Good luck to you! I hope this happens for you.

My mom had her second set of twins at 41.

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A better chance than me hoping to do it at 39 for the first time I would say, all the best!! X

My parents conceived me at 41! Have fun trying!

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I had my fourth at 40. Mine wasn’t planned and surprised the bleeeep out of us all. I had my first at 20 and after fourteen years of trying I had three between ages 34 and 40.

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I had a baby at 40, got prego again at 42, it’s possible for sure. Definitely harder than being in your 20s but manageable lol.

If ur still getting a regular period u can get pregnant. The possibility for birth defects/developmental delays does go up with older parental age. I had my first baby at 36, second at 37, and I’m now 38 and due in 2 months with #3. With my first genetic screening came back normal. With my second he had a 14% window for trisomy 13. Did the amniocentesis and it came back normal. With my 3rd it came back normal. My first was born perfectly healthy at 40+0 by c section cuz I didnt dialate. My second by c section at 39+0. My 3rd will b another c section between 38 and 39 weeks. They were watching my first cuz his kidneys were different sizes. Sonogramed them when he was born and they were normal. 1 was larger simply cuz he was in the fluid. With #3 they’re watching growth and size cuz of recent c sections. Making sure my uterus is ok. They did find velamentus chord insertion on this one but it shouldn’t affect health or condition of baby (chord attached to placenta on edge instead of in the middle)

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I’m pregnant with my third at 39.