What are the chances of irish twins?

Just curious… I’m almost 2-1/2 months postpartum… I had my first period return about 2 weeks ago. I took an ovulation test today because my husband came inside of me this morning and the test is positive…. What are the chances of Irish twins?


My sister and I are 11 months apart

I am going to have Irish twins, my daughter is 10 months old and I’m due February with my boy… they will be 13 months apart… Less if he comes early.

January 30th and Dec 19th, 1980…

Very high. Good luck with your Irish twins! :joy:


My eldest two are 10.5 months apart.

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High I had my first baby March 14 then the following year had my second baby March 18

I was 3months old when my mom got pregnant with my sister :sweat_smile:

Pretty high. You’re like super fertile after having a baby.

I have Irish twins, their birthdays are even in the same month, had my boy late August 2022 fell pregnant like 3 months later, had my little girl early August this year, she’s a crazy difficult baby always wants to be held but we’re making it work, like ever baby they have their good and their bad days

Pretty strong. You are still very fertile right now


Very high. I know very well from experience, my son was born August 10th 2016 & my daughter was born August 27th 2017. Wouldn’t trade it for the world❤️

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I had mine June 12 and was pregnant again in August and cried hard for a month and those were baby four and five …

I got 6 kids I have Irish triplets and Irish twins


I have Irish twins. It has its moments but overall they helped each other learn. And you only have to teach skills once. Brushing teeth, getting dressed, learning to feed one’s self, potty training. It all works itself out.


My kids are 15 months apart.

I have Irish triplets.

Got pregnant with my twins when my son was 6 months old.


I have Irish twins. I though I had postpartum but it was me being pregnant with my baby boy

I didn’t even wanna be touched for months after I gave birth lol


I was 4/5 months postpartum when I found out I was pregnant this year I had my girl last year and then I had my twins this year they are 13 months apart


I have Irish twins my girls are 1 year and 2 weeks apart.

Extremely high. I didn’t know what Irish twins was until I had them 10 months apart :joy:

High if no protection is used


Would like an update in about 3-4 wks


You mean having kids close in age? Extremely high. That’s why there’s that “label” for them.

I had 5 children in 6 years. All single births. All of mine are Irish Twins.
Here are my kids bdays:



My two youngest are 11 1/2 months apart. Although he was born three months early but they are Irish twins.

I have irish triplets. They are the same age for 25 days. My son was 11 months old when I had my twins

I had mine they are best of friends at age 11 and 12

Extremely high! 2 sets of them here

Massive chance lol… my Michael is 10 tomorrow and his brother Liam isn’t 11 to next week. My 2 boys are irish twins… and we’re actually irish lol x

Strong just takes one time,I have a pair of Irish twins,363 days apart


I have what I call Catholic triplets 3 born within 29 months, it’s quite possible​:sweat_smile::heart:

Very very high. Once you give birth you’re extremely fertile.

mine are 16, 19 and 12months apart :slight_smile:

Pretty high, would def go for some Plan B if you’re wanting to space them out a bit more

My brother and I are considered Irish twins! My momma got pregnant for her fifth child, 2 months after I was born!! 11 months apart!!

My Irish twins. Born 10 months apart :two_hearts::dizzy: 02-02-2016 & 31-12-2016

Mines 10 months 2weeks apart x

I have Irish twins my boys are 1 year apart to the day. They were both born on March 18th one in 2022 and the other 2023


I took a prego test 2 months after having my son and came back positive, the Hormones were still in my system. It was a false positive

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The old saying all it takes is once was soooooo true for my 2nd and 3rd babies :smile: Asher 9/15/2020 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Lydia 9/21/2021

Here are mine 10 and a half months apart

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