What are the chances of my abusive ex gaining custody?

What is the chance of my abusive ex getting any kind of custody UK? I split with my abusive ex about 4 months ago, there was a case, and he was found guilty, no prison Time just unpaid community work and rehab, my next step is to take his rights away and get his name taken off the birth certificate as I don’t want him anywhere near my now 7-month-old daughter, he started raising his voice at her when she was just a couple of weeks old, and I don’t want to risk him doing anything to my baby, and I was just wondering if anyone knows what the chance of him getting any sort of contact is, just so I know what to expect?


Talk to a lawyer. They can give you better information then we can.


U can’t just take someone’s rights away,and if he was not abusive to his child then the courts look at that just because he was abusive to u doesn’t mean he will be to her. I have raised my voice to my children baby talk to a child is abuse in my eyes… Also I’m in no way telling u to put up with abuse,be glad u got out in time it can turn out really bad, I believe with all my heart if my son hadn’t gotten out of the house & called 911 we hen he was 5 we would both be Dead


Unfortunately, unless he’s found unfit or does so willingly, there isn’t much you can do. He’s on the birth certificate. Unless he does something extreme, they won’t do it without his say. Now, is he involved? Because I know there’s a set amount of time a parent is gone where they consider it abandonment… Try talking to a lawyer. But honestly, if he has rights now and hasn’t committed anything new things, you won’t be able to do anything.

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U need to ask this advice from a lawyer. All states work differently.


Alright lets answer some of these questions from a legal perspective.
You can not have his name removed from the child’s birth certificate if he is the biological father. A name is only removed if he is found to be not to be the father; by a certified lab and evidence presented to the court.
To have a father’s rights taken away you have to show abandonment is involved. This process can take years. Unless you and your lawyer draw up the paperwork for him to sign his rights away. Even then the courts can deny the request.
Having a parent sign their rights away also means signing the child’s right to child support and medical care that may be provided by that parent.
If you are on any type of assistance from state or federal agencies you can not ask for the noncustodial parent rights to be taken away. Because they go after the noncustodial parent for reimbursement.
Visitation. You can request supervised visits and present your past domestic incident as reason to why you ask the request.
But ultimately you can’t change who you had a child with and the judge will not take lightly if you come across as vengeful.
Play fair and always show proof for the requests you ask of from the courts.

  • any past police reports or certificates showing violence or criminal charges, can help you prove his character in court.
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You don’t get to just take his rights as a dad away or take him off the birth certificate :woman_facepalming:t2:

You are in the UK…things are done WAY different there than here in the states…talk to your local legal counsel because you will get too many opinions that probably dont apply.

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Rights are right unless he was abusive towards her and with no proof … Yeah… He can get them you can ask for supervised visitation though

I would talk to my lawyer and ask for supervised visitation only. As far as taking his rights away I don’t feel that you will be able too. If he is her bio dad he has rights as well. Good luck God bless.

If he’s like my ex and manipulative, it’s very possible. Court docket online says custody was supposed to go to me, but we had ended up getting a new judge who favors the father no matter what and my ex got custody. He was abusive to me and my boys and I had all kinds of proof as well from his ex wife and mother of his daughter.

If hes done the time and gone through help courses, he will get contact, usually supervised to start and eventually unsupervised, they dont go by what ifs, they go by his current behaviour and look at what hes done to help himself, if they are satisfied he has got the help and is doing well, and is no longer a danger to the child, they wont stop a father seeing his child, just because you dont want him to is not a good enough reason, it’s a shit system

get a lawyer and child protection workers involved

They might start with supervised visits with him and parenting course etc… but best to talk to a lawyer.

My ex literally beat the shit put of me while holding our 2 month old daughter. I fought him for sole custody for a year. I lost. Judge did not care. Most dont. If the child wasnt abused, it doesnt matter. I lost my case and share 50/50 custody. This was in Utah, USA. This was in the states. Idk how the UK works, but I hope it does go your way. You can always reach out to a domestic violence counselor who can speak for you in court. I wish I did

Dont take his name off her birth certificate get child support. When shes older she will probably want to see her dad when that time comes older than 16 hooefully. However, it just depends on the state and how the justice system works… my sister had the same issue with my nephew and they rewarded the father with joint custody. She fought hard tho and they finally granted my sister 100% custody…

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He can petition the court to keep his name on her birth certificate where it should be. She has every right to know him and his family. You just need to go about it in a way she’s safe.

Get an attorney NOW!!! Start keeping a day by day diary. Everything he does also what you are doing to care for your child. Put exact dates. Diarys have a huge impact in court proceedings.

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The same chance FB will help you more than an attorney.

Join a mom’s support group they can help you alot

Not safe for her to be around him alone!!!

Talk to a lawyer not a bunch of strangers on FB !! SMH


Don’t know UK laws but US he would get joint custody probably.

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Follow the court said on here