What are the chances that I can terminate parental rights?

Hi all. I’m in Canada. Its been well over three years now since my ex has been involved or even talked to our children. They no longer want anything to do with the other’s parent. Whats the chances of being able to terminate rights fully?


In Ohio 1 year with no contact is considered abandonment. He will be served. Wi have the chance to hire a lawyer then the the judge will hear the facts. The judge makes the decision but considering its been 3 years im sure you’ll win.

I know in AZ I was able to terminate parental rights after 1 full year of absence. Obviously Canada may be different but I think with 3 years it shouldn’t be a problem as long as you are able to have him served with the papers.

I’m in Canada… you would need him to sign his rights away…leaving you sole custody of said child/ children. My understanding of it anyways … hope that helped :pray:

Following. Also in Canada, and have a Deadbeat who refuses any and all responsibilities and yet won’t sign over his rights.

Once you do that if you are getting child support that will stop

In Michigan i believe its 2 years no contact. But they consider child support contact :roll_eyes:… So I’ve been told.

Talk to a lawyer locally. Do a consultation. See what you’re looking at and what to expect. It’s worth the extra bucks to go to a lawyer and make sure you’re doing it right. Sometimes they can be tricky.

It all depends on the laws for where you live. It also depends if they pay child support and or if you’re on any state or government assistance unfortunately.