What are the early signs of pregnancy?

As of today, my period is six days late…I took a pregnancy test yesterday, and it was negative. My periods have always been regular. I have a few pregnancy symptoms like fatigue and tender breasts. I was wondering if it’s too early to tell if I’m pregnant? Is it normal to miss a period?

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Girl, I haven’t had a period in almost 5 months! Now, my tubes have been tied for 11 year’s. Since I had my last son. I’ve always had regular normal periods. I had my yearly woman exam before this happened. It was normal. I seen a gynaecologist about it. They did blood work, came back normal. They did an internal ultrasound, was normal. So no reason as to why! Now she wants me to get a biopsy done. Even though everything was normal! And possibly put me on birth control :rofl: just makes no sense to me! So you could be pregnant, and it’s just too early, or it could be something else. You should probably make an appointment. Get everything checked. If you are pregnant, they can do blood work and know.

I got a negative. Even went to the doctor for my annual and they detected nothing. A week later on a whim I took a test and it was positive. I’d just give it a few more days and try again

The top of my breasts swelled. Not painfully but definitely the very top became more rounded and firmer.

Check again in a week. When I knew I was pregnant I took a test on a Sunday and was negative, then I took another one that Thursday and I was positive :joy:

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Me personally i could smell my scent and with first pregnancy i was wondering why i smelled different, with my other 2 sons once i noticed my scent changed i knew i was pregnant. Im assuming its the hormonal changes.

I would wait another week to take the test again…


With my second child I had 2 negative urine tests and 1 negative blood tests … however I took those tests too early. missing your period , that depends on a few things. your age, being on birth control, stopping birth control. hormone issues. then there is PCOS. stress… maybe you should go see your doctor just for a check up

Wait a few more days and test again. With my second I knew I was pregnant but couldn’t get a positive until my period was 12 days late. My third (current) pregnancy I got a strong positive the day before my missed period. Our bodies are weird sometimes.

I found out because I passed out and hit my head while I was at work.

With my last pregnancy every test I took said negative until I got a blood test at the doctors. My daughter was the same way with both of her pregnancies. Like everyone else said give it another week or so to retest. Thinking back our signs of pregnancy were nausea, swollen breasts, fatigue, and mood changes.

I had mine first 3 months of my pregnancy n they had to do blood tests

I didn’t read it properly the first time.
Take a test every morning. Those cheap strip tests work better than more expensive ones IMO

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I knoe pple are different but for me tht would mean I’m pregnant Becoz I never miss my period and that’s how I found out I was pregnant on my two kids. But just wait a little and check again after another week

Depending on the test it could be too early. Try again in a week or so. But symptoms are fatigue, tender breasts, nausea.


False negative tests are common with my son I got an expensive test and it was negative went to the dr it was positive then my family didn’t believe it so I took 4 more tests

Stress can make ur period be all outta wack too. You can get the clear blue test they show ya immediately. My breast get sore if ima start my period so I’ve never really counted that as a symptom for me but our bodies are diff. If your pregnant congratulations and good luck.

Try using pink dye tests like first response, digital ones need a higher hcg level I believe.

Everyone is different. Stress can cause late periods as well. Make sure you take the test as soon as you wake up. Give it a few more days


Take it first thing in the morning.


To early give it a couple weeks