What are the early signs of pregnancy?

As of today, my period is six days late…I took a pregnancy test yesterday, and it was negative. My periods have always been regular. I have a few pregnancy symptoms like fatigue and tender breasts. I was wondering if it’s too early to tell if I’m pregnant? Is it normal to miss a period?


On occasion some women do not produce very much of the Hcg hormone that urine tests look for during pregnancy. Don’t panic! If in a few days you haven’t started, and another pregnancy test is negative call your doctor and schedule an appointment. You might need a blood test or you could have something else going on altogether.

No, it is not normal of miss a period for a healthy female. Test again.

I’d try one of those super sensitive tests that tell you even before your period is missed

I done 3 pregnancy tests with my first born they all showed up negative and I done them 3 within a few days it wasn’t until I went to the doctor and she done a urine sample and tested that it came up, she told me the home test ones must just not have been picking it up.

My period was three days late and I took a test, it was positive (took 4 more to confirm, all positive :joy:). I was 4 weeks. Some other symptoms I had that early was feeling sick and sore boobs.

It is possible to miss a period most tests would pick up a positive if your 6 days late now as they are very sensitive although it is possible you just ovulated a little later this month if you want be sure you can always contact your gp for a blood test if your worried although some won’t do them and you just have to wait x

My 1st pregnancy all the tests said negative i had a blood test which was positive 7 months later i had a baby girl now 18 years old

Please don’t over think I had this in December 2017 I was negative and late and then I had symptoms.and still negative. And then left it again and was poorly as and sick and made my ex get another test and there it was pregnant. Hcg levels mess up and tests. But this was prior to covid jabs. I was adamant I wasn’t and now I have a healthy beautiful 3 year old (next month) x

I still had my period when I was pregnant and all 4 tests came back negative even after I found out I was pregnant

Probz not pregnant, my test was positive 1day before my missed. Sometimes my periods are a week late &’ just show up, But id make a dr Appt just in case.

I took a test the day I was due on and it showed pregnant

If you have had your Covid vaccine it could be related to that. There’s a lot of people missing periods and getting them late etc x


You could have ovulated later in the month so not enough HCG yet.

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Sometimes preg doesn’t show up in a urine test. You might be one of those that needs blood drawn. Just wait a few days. Might be a little late. Maybe you’re stressed out

You could have ovulated late. Which would make your test negative. Point is, until AF shows up, you could be pregnant

Depends if you’ve been stressed. Stress can delay a period. I’ve been late a whole month. Not pregnant and once my stressful time was over, my period came as normal

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It is normal to miss your period …. Life changes and stresses can cause this… some health factors as well
Fatigue is also I symptom of impending period as well as tender breasts.
You can still have a period and be pregnant ….
Missed period isn’t always a sign of pregnancy
You should wait until you have actually missed your period and entire cycle before worrying
You will stress yourself out more if you are testing this early… you could get a false positive / negative

I’d go to urgent care and see if they’ll do a blood test to tell definitively whether or not you are pregnant

Give it a few more days and test again. If anything see your doctor