What are the early signs of pregnancy?

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Honestly, anything can be seen as a “sign of pregnancy”, so missed period would probably be the most accurate (unless you are irregular). Best to just test after missed period.

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When I was pregnant with my 2nd child, before I confirmed with a test, I was extremely exhausted and kept snoozing my alarm clock after getting 8+ hours of sleep

I had ONE day of complete exhaustion and i didn’t even register it as a possible pregnancy symptom until later. All other symptoms such as sore breasts, a little nausea, and consistent fatigue didn’t kick in until around 12 weeks for me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I had a strange stabbing pain in my Versace so tested and was positive, 2nd I didnt have my period, 3rd really painful underarms, 4th weight gain, 5th pure starvation :joy: and 6th hot flushes and dizziness xx

Nausea, I’ve always had irregular periods so thought nothing of when/if I missed one. But when I took a drink of coffee and got nauseous… I knew immediately. Nausea lasted the entire pregnancy, thank God my OB prescribed ondansetron for it, because I couldn’t even get a smell of some foods without running for the bathroom

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For me it was sore boobs, nausea, and then a missed period. Then the heartburn started at 5 weeks and lasted until I had my son. The heartburn was horrible and so was the nausea for about a month. Everything I ate made me feel like I was going to throw up until I was about 10 weeks

Weirdly enough about a week after (conception) a section of bangs in the front scrunched up and was completely unruly I couldn’t straighten it or brush it then I found out I was pregnant 4 weeks later and it didnt go away until about 1 year after he was born

Sore boobs, fatigue, feeling a heartbeat in your body parts like hands, stomach, etc. (Because of increased blood flow) nausea, headache, bloating

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Constant stomach aches or nausea for me.

I was easily irritated, absolutely exhausted, and my breasts were sooo sore. My grandma also said I looked “peeked” and asked if I was pregnant because of that. She basically thought I looked like I lost weight (I did) and a little sick. She was right!

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Literally the day after my second child was conceived I had a headache, nausea, and zero energy.

I would throw up brushing my teeth. I did this with all three of my boys very earlier on.

I slept ALOT. Missed period had shooting pains in my side (i thought it was just kidney stones because i use to get them alot) peeing every 3 mins. Getting hot when it wasn’t even close to being hot. Irritated easily. Cravings i never would of thought to even want. The list goes on

Increased senses, especially smell. And nausea!

Not enjoying your favorite foods and drinks.
When coffee didn’t taste good anymore I knew something was up.

Severe back pain and tender breasts

I had spells of nausia and became light headed at times.

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For me it was exhaustion and extreme hunger.

Nausea. Had it for half a month before I took a test even though my boyfriend had been telling me to take one.

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I was very tired and when I bent down in the shower, almost passed out.

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Positive pregnancy test

For me, my skin gets really dry and I get more acne.

Super tired and being able to smell everything at least 10x stronger than normal!

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Hot pockets cravings :crazy_face:

I got flu like symptoms with both pregnancy’s before I found out - strangest thing - thought I was dying lol

Sensitive to certain smells and morning sickness

Nausea and exhausted constantly

Everyone is different. I noticed I was tired alot. And of course morning sickness

Nausea , headaches bloated, gassy

I couldn’t hold my pee. It was like I was an over excited puppy with every movement :laughing:

is that a ooops or a wow question

Sore boobs, exhaustion, and a superhero sense of smell all of a sudden :rofl:

Nipples hurt like a bitch

Boobs hurt like crazy!

Unprotected sex maybe :rofl:

My sense of smell got totally enhanced and bad smells made me nauseous.

Breast tenderness, fatigue and nausea were big signs for me but it varies with each person/pregnancy.

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Every woman does not have the exact same signs and symptoms, a lot of women do not even have any signs.

With my third, I took a drink of water and immediately had heartburn… that’s when I knew!!

Honestly I can’t tell, I get very crabby and my husband tells me to go take a test lol

My first sign was super sore breasts with both my pregnancies.

Sore boobs was my first hint with all five then came the pure exhaustion :yawning_face:

Fatigue, sore/swollen breasts, increased hunger

Sore boobs which took weeks to go away!


Heart burn, bloating and sleeping less or more than usual.

Boobs hurt like bad… sick and smells bother you - fatigue

I would have to say, unprotected sex! :star_struck: