What are the early signs of pregnancy?

I am a FTM with a sweet baby who just came in April 2018. Pregnancy was rough, delivery was easier than expected though I had minor complications, and raising the child has been an absolute joy. He has brightened my life. So, I haven’t been on BC as I am BFing my 10 month old. SO and I never use condoms for protection. That’s how my son ended up here, not entirely planned or tried for but also not unexpected. We were open to having a baby. He wants more, and in a close amount of time as he thinks siblings get along better when closer in age. We have been messing around but not a whole bunch, but my period is late and I’ve been more hungry than usual (which is turning to nausea if I don’t eat right away) so I think I may be preggo again. That’s cool, but I don’t know if I can love another baby as much as my first? My son has a special piece of my heart… he will probably always be my favorite. Are there others mom’s who have multiple kids and have a favorite? How do you keep your kids from finding out or feeling left out?


I have 3 boys. My first is 4, my second is 3 (has autism) their birthdays are August 6 2014 & August 7 2015 very close exactly a year. And my third is 1 dec 22 2017. They are all super close in age & I do not have a favorite :woman_shrugging:t3: I love all my boys very much and equally. You learn to love and give that love throughout all of your children.

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A mother’s first born is always going to be the one that’s close to heart the most! Because you became a mama because of him! However if and when this second baby comes, you’re going to fall in love all over again! Especially if you end up with a girl. I don’t know. I only have one. Lol. But she’s my life and if I had another-I’d love that one just as much. Please look into therapy to talk about this. If this is in fact a pregnancy-big brother will be able to learn to help you out! Good luck mama.

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I wondered the same thing when I was pregnant with my second! How could I possibly love someone as much as I love my little dude?!?! Your heart literally grows! It’s not a matter of favorites. All my kids have different qualities and other things I appreciate or love about them. But it isn’t like I’d ever be able to choose one over the other. You can love them differently but the same amount if that makes sense! My boys are 12, 7 and 2, pregnant with a girl.


When breast feeding you need to eat everytime you breast feed cuz The baby is taking the nutrients that your body is getting that could be the cause of the hunger. As for baby 2 you learn to love both equally

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I felt the same way about my daughter and I was scared but the more I heard my second babies heart beat the more I learned to love both an exapecially when I saw her for the first time I fell in live


I have 3…you love them all equally and fiercely the same…each one is special i. their own ways but you dont really love one less then the other…its an amazing thing to love another being so much but it just comes naturally…you’ll do fine…


I had the same thoughts when I had my 2nd child but as soon as she was born I instantly fell in love with her!! And having kids close together is so fun! My daughters are 11 months apart yes it was an extra exhausting pregnancy but the bond they instantly had was totally worth it. You have enough love in your heart to love all your children equal I promise :relaxed:


I have a 2 year old little girl and I feel exactly the same way. I want more kids but to me I’ll never love them the same. And my baby’s dad and his family want nothing to do with her so she has my heart there’s nothing in the world I wouldn’t do for her. I don’t think I’ll ever overcome it either so I feel you.

I have 9 and no i don’t have favorites. Your heart grows with each one.


I thought the exact same thing when I had my first daughter she’s 14 this year, I then had another daughter she is 8 this year, my son is almost 5 and my youngest has just turned 3, they are all very special in their own ways and I love the 4 Of them very equally :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Every parent thinks that, but your heart just produces more than enough love again & again & again. Do not be afraid to have more children. Each one is so special and you will love them just as much.


It’s called “second time mom guilt” honestly I still have it and my baby is 3montjs. It was especially emotional and hard while pregnant.BUT it’s :100: normal!

I thought the same thing. I have a 7 year old son and 6 month old baby girl. Both are loved massive amounts!!

I wondered this with my third, but I love them all equally and I was just trippin ( it’s all in your head) :slight_smile:

I love both my kids equally. Some days my firstborn is my favourite the next it’s her sister lol. 4 years and 21 months. And pregnant with my 3rd girlie due a month after my second turns 2.

My kids are 11 and a half years apart. My 12 year old was, and still is, absolutely delight. My 10 month old is the devil in a dimpled face little boy with beautiful eyes and a wonderful smile. My first one made me want more, my second makes me wonder if having another was the right choice. I love them both equally BUT I was also a single mother for a few years so it was only my first and me, he will always hold a special place in my heart.

I wondered this to my son stole my heart then my daughter came and trust me mama you will love this baby to

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This happened to me. I was kind of upset because I felt like I betrayed my first born in some type of way especially bc she was just a couple of months when I found out I was pregnant with my second. Honestly you fall in love all over again & you learn to love them both equally. My 18 month old is so caring with her baby sister. She’ll try to give her the bottle. Makes her laugh. Gives her kisses. I imagine they’ll be really close when they’re older. I don’t regret anything. :heart:

I fear this same thing. This is the main reason I’m scared to have another child bc my daughter is literally my whole world.


I would certainly hope that having a favorite child is not a thing 🤦🤦🤦


It’s a normal feeling I think. I wandered that when I was about to have my second baby but the second they put that baby in your arms you realize love multiplies and doesn’t divide. I have 3 now and love them all the same they all have my heart.

Your heart makes room. My favorite is whichever one is sleeping or not giving me attitude at the moment :tipping_hand_woman:t3::joy:


You dont have favorites. You’ll find that your love just grows to fit having multiple kids and you love them all the same. There will come times throughout raising them that you enjoy being around one more than the others and that one will rotate. After all kids can be little a*holes and they will go through periods of not wanting to be near you and wanting to try and crawl back inside (or at least thats how it will feel).


I’m not going to be one of these people who say you wont have a favorite because I absolutely have a favorite and it changes pretty much daily by who is being the least amount of an ass hole that day. But I do love them all the same

I think that it’s not so much you love one more or have a favorite (at least for most). But you have a different bond and different relationship with each child. I love all my children dearly, but my relationship with each one is different. It’s a connection on different levels.

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Love isnt split, It is doubled. You will never have a favorite no matter what you say. The day that baby is born You will love him/her just as much as your first born. Each child is special in their own way. My son is my absolute joy right now. He Will be just as loved whenever I have my second child.


When you have another baby, you will lose that guilt but never the feeling I love my second born son the exact same as our first born daughter, don’t ever beat yourself up, it’s natural

You don’t have a favorite. Even when you have favorite stages. Like my oldest is 11 and being a jerk right now, I still love him as much as his cute 3 year old brother who just wants hugs. Your love grows, it doesn’t split.


I have 4 kids and the 2 oldest are 11 months apart and 2 youngest are year and half apart. You will love each one differently but soo much!

You’ll love that baby just as much as your son. Im on baby 4 n i already love him/her as much as the 3 i already have

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Your heart grows bigger with each child and they all get the same amount of love don’t worry mama :relaxed:

I have 3 kids. I honestly did not think it would be possible to love another child like I did my first. But I love ALL my kids the same but in different ways. My oldest needs different love and care than my youngest.

i have 5 and none are my favorite, i love them all, but hate there attitude and shit they do… they fight… i love them more when they sleep because ita finally peaceful…they are older now also… i have my first grandbaby and omg i love that little man so damn much… just keep on loving, it grows and grows with them all…

This is a completely normal feeling and no matter what you do or others say, you won’t know how you do it until the baby comes out. When I had my second child, I never thought about these feelings because it was a girl and a boy, so my mind didn’t go there. But when I was a couple months from giving birth to my third I did because it was another boy and I just had so much love in my heart for my first son I already had and didn’t think I could give it away. But the truth is that you don’t give up anything, you just start a new love with the next one just like the first. The best way to make sure they are not left out is include them into everything. Make time for them and don’t make them feel like the new baby is more important than them or vice versa. I have three kids now and they all feel equally special and I divide my attention among all three of them. I set aside time each day for them all and make sure that they are loved unconditionally.

You think that now but I assure you you will love the next baby the same and the love is multiplied for both when you see the love between your kids. I doubt you will see any favorites once the new baby arrives.

NO I have 5 kids and love them all the same , you shouldn’t have a “favorite” child and thinking this you seem childish and should probably wait to have more kids 💁:hear_no_evil::see_no_evil:

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Not gonna lie, I favored my son more after having my daughter. My son is 2.5. My first born. He will always be my baby. But now that my daughter is becoming more active, I find myself wanting to be with her more. I love them both just the same. Your heart will grow and love equally. I think some moms just see it as having a favorite child, but in reality you love your children for different reasons, different qualities. Equally loved because they are your children. My daughter is 4 months old, so she has plenty of time to develop personality. Right now I love her for her ability to wake up happy. It will change I’m sure.

You dont have favorites. My mom when pregnant with her second wonder how could she ever love someone as much as she loved me. I was her first and she was scared and would even cry she was worried she wouldnt love him the same. And then he was born and all that love came rushing in. She didnt lose love from me to give to him she just gained more love and loved him just the same. Im the oldest of six and my moms heart and love grew bigger with each of us.

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I felt this way wuen i was prego with my second. Like so much that i cried all the time about what i was going to do if i couldnt love him the same. And i felt like i was going to ruin my daughter by having another one. She was and still is succhhhh a mommies girl . i cried and cried and cried . anddddd now my son is one and shes 3 . they are besties and i couldnt imagine life without him and she doesnt even know life before him .

I have 4 boys and I tell each of them that I like and dislike all of them equally.


I had 2 that are less than a year apart. I felt the same way until the 2nd was born. The favoritism never happened. Hard to believe as much as you love your 1st you will equally love your 2nd and in my case 3rd. Each child is different in so many ways that you cant compare them to each other and your love grows amd expands to them all .

I thought the same thing when I was pregnant for my second child. I was a single mom for some time after my first born and it was us against the world. I thought I would never be able to have the bond I have with my first with my second son. And then he came and blew that thought right out of the water. I don’t love one more than the other. But I don’t love them the same either. I love them completely differently for their personalities and the little things they do. I love them for their similarities and their differences. You may not think you can love your second like your first but I promise, it’s just not true.

I don’t have a favorite. I love them all in unique special ways .3 pieces of my heart walking around

My girls are 1 yr 2 weeks apart. They play so well together. Your heart grows with each child

I’m sure you also thought you couldn’t love anyone or thing as much as you love your kid.
Things change when life happens.

Girl, my littlest is 5 weeks old my kids are 15 months apart. I went through the same thing. “How can I ever love another baby as much as I love you” (my first) you will be so amazed at how much bigger your heart gets when you hold your new baby in your arms. I love my baby just as much as his sister. Just wait and see you will feel that way until you see your new little your heart just gets bigger. Your love just grows. Don’t sweat it. You will be ok.

You always feel that you can’t live another baby like your first, but you can. My 3 take turns being my favorite :joy:. Who ever is in the best mood that day is it.

You aren’t dividing your love, you’re adding more :blush: It’s totally normal to feel this way, you’ll have plenty of love for another baby!