What are the most comfortable leggings after having a c-section?

So mamas I need some help, I had my son 7 months ago I had a c section, and since then I haven’t really been able to find anything more comfortable than leggings and sweats to wear, but even with those my stomach looks terrible, I’ve tried losing weight but in my tummy area it just doesn’t seem to go away I feel like it’s some scar tissue from the c section, but I want to feel comfortable wearing jeans, leggings or pretty much anything I don’t always want to feel like my stomach is bulging out, has anyone else gone through this and can someone give me any tips to help! Thanks!!


Probably not gonna happen, momma. Sorry. :disappointed_relieved: ETA: I stick to high waisted jeans and high waisted leggings/jeggings (with those go a size smaller so you’ll get a tighter fit around your waist which will flatten your bulge down). Also, I wear a cami under absolutely everything. Just seems to clean up things a little more. It’s not perfect, but all that does help.

Basically my daily ootd: tummy control undies, high waisted leggings/pants, cami over waist, shirt…boom.

It’s a tough recovery. My first c section was 5 years ago and I still struggle. Diet does help, but there is just a lot of change that is there and it will never be the same as it was. I think I’ve just had to learn to love my new body. So will you. Hugs

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I’ve come to terms with the fact that my belly will never be the same. :frowning:

Not just from a c section. It’s called the “mom pouch” try and embrace it. You made a human!! You can tighten up with lots of diet and exercise. I’ve lost weight since my baby 6 months ago but still have the belly.

Looooots of exercise in the tummy area, tummy control underwear or tank tops, and high waisted jeans have helped me feel “more” comfortable. I’m 10 months post c section and have the same issue. It just takes time, effort, and learning to love your mom bod :heart:

High waisted pants feel more comfortable I have an emergency c-section almost 2 years ago and I still get uncomfortable in low riders even my undies are high waisted

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When you figure it out please let us all know. Hate to be a bubble popper but I’ve had 2 (8 & 18 yrs ago) and my tummy still isn’t the same. I’ve just kind of come to semi terms with it.

Just get used to the momma body

Unfortunately you just learn to deal with it cuz it won’t go away…you just learn to dress yourself differently to hide it…not everyone is lucky enough to look like they never had kids :woman_shrugging:t3:

Spanx. Or other underwear to hold it in. High waisted pants.

Try SPANX body shapers. They helped me feel more comfortable after a surgery.

After my son a wore higher underwear for 7-8 months and my undershirt tucked into my pants while wearing jeans, you can do the hair tie button trick as well. It gets better! I’m 18 months after c-section back down to 120 lost my pouch and all I’ve done is chase my 4 kids, no workouts no stress about loosing it, the more you think about it being there the more stress and weight will be harder to loose.

Look for high waisted stretch jeans, it’s gonna take some work if you’re serious about loosing the belly fat, by that I mean change of diet, lots of cardio and core workouts, it took my about a year to feel good about my body again.

I did not start to feel better and lose my baby fat till after my little one was a year old I had a c section too… it takes over a year I was told for you to heal all the way. I did find that a pregnancy belt help a lot when it came to staying comfy or your belly ban you got from the hospital they where my life savers for over a year when I went back to work or to just put on jeans.

I have a pooch my daughter is 12 still have it and it aint goin no where no matter what i do ive done it all ive learned to live w it i wear reg jeans and they sit right on it so it kinda hides it .my sister in law had the same issue she was able to get a tummy tuck n it looks great i wish i could afford it i am goin to try the cool sculpting. Honestly hun it something ur gonna have to live with and except as apart if you as u loose weight it does get smaller but itll never fully go away if its a pooch like mine if its just buldging scare tissue u can probly go see a dermatologist or possably ur ob if they were the ones who stitched u up

I have had 4 C-sections and shrink back down to pre pregnancy weight but right above my scar there is what they call a C shelf and unfortunately from what I’ve read its not easy to get rid of and seems we are just kinda stuck with it…my friends who have had c sections also complain of this evil C shelf :persevere::thinking:

I mean it kinda depends on what kinda momma pouch you have going on. Your muscles will need time to repair, excess stomach fat can be worked off with diet and exercise, and loose skin can be firmed up, but you may need help from products.

Invest in some good spanx! I’ve had two c sections myself

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I am not a part of this group. Just happened by it accidently. I’ve had 3 c-sections. I am an older mom. My first born in 1987 second and third 1993 and 1994. Even in the gap of 6 years I never fully lost the “mom pouch”. I have the bikini cut so that goes across the pubic bone and cuts against the grain of the muscle.
That being said. You probably have a lot further to go than a “natural birth” mom would. You’ve earned your “mom pouch”. Be proud.


Jeans hurt for a while, like the first year.
Lower body curls, planks, time and copious amounts of water helped the rest

my son is almost two and still my favorite is leggings or sweat pants, but high waisted jeans work wonders!

Look into Restore Your Core. It will help to heal diastasis recti. Massage may help, too.

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Try going from a low rise jean to medium or high. I went to the medium and it controls my c-section pooch nicely. Also try and do some toning around your abs. It will help. Also remember, you created a tiny human! Be kind to yourself :heart: it will take time for everything to go back (sort of) where it was :wink:

You should see your Dr. My experience was not like that.

Spanx, high waisted pants and leggings!!!

Check with your OB/GYN and let him/her know your concerns.

Exercises for diastisis recti will probably help. I dealt with the same thing and even after doing ab work and getting back into shape running, I still had that stomach. I learned that you have to work on the muscles in your pelvic area and as those tighten back up, the stomach does flatten. There are ways to check if you have diastisis recti, but signs of it are the “mom pooch” and also peeing pants when you cough or jump, etc. and lower back pain.

High waist jeans at walmart. Love em

Proteinworld.com (make sure to change the country to US)

All day everyday :persevere: leggings and sweats are my best friend. Especially since the area around my scar is still numb after 4 months, it’s uncomfortable to wear jeans period… I’ll embrace my pudge

Yep…buy a size up in jeans. Problem solved

High waisted jeans for sure

I’m pretty thin and had a vaginal birth. I’m was back to pre-baby weight quickly, but clothes just don’t fit the same. I have muffin-top with anything fitted. Almost three years out and I’m accepting that a bikini is not in my future. If you don’t have rectus diastasis or a true hernia, then do your core work out and love your badge of honor.

Spanx and high wasted jeans are your friend!!! After having kids though it seems clothes just never fit the same again.

High waisted pants and laying a tank top with a shirt :slight_smile:

Going through it now. I ordered shapemint and got it last week. It really does work thank God cause my pouch disgusts me. 3 C-section with the last one 7 months ago

My scar from my hysterectomy is very sensitive, even though it has been years. I love the Levi’s pull on jeans that have the control panel in them.

My son is also 7 months and had him via emergency c section and feeling the same way