What are the risks of having a premie?

What are the risks with a premie baby? I am already almost 3 cm and only 19 weeks. Doctors are doing everything they can, but nothing is working. I refuse to go on hospital Nesters as I have three special needs kids already. It would be very hard on them. They also said she might have a ds, but I refused the test because it doesn’t matter as long as she lives


At 19 weeks if the baby makes it. Prepare for BBY may needing surgeries undeveloped parts of it etc. Months in the NICU. Good luck and God bless. There is more Google it.

Brass tacks… baby has to make it to 22 weeks to be viable. Here in the US they won’t try and save one younger. After that it’s a long list until they’re about 36 weeks. Lungs is the largest issue and they can’t self regulate temp. Organs haven’t formed and their skin is still translucent.

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What’s hospital nesters? Bedrest? If they are asking you to go on bedrest you absolutely should for the life and health of your child. A pregnancy may not be viable at only 19 weeks. Do you have anyone else that can help watch your children?


If you are only 19 weeks and 3cm you should be in the hospital. The chances of a baby surving before 24 weeks is almost 0 percent. Being in the hospital will give them more options on helping you.


Why haven’t they stitched your cervix to keep it from further dilating?


It will depend on when baby is born. 25 weeks or earlier the chances of survival are slim. Better chances the closer to 28-30 weeks but even then there’s always risks with their life, their development, breathing complications, infections… it’s going to be a hard and long journey of ups and downs. You need to do what you can and if they are saying to go on hospital nesters you need to do it for your unborn baby.


Underdeveloped organs and over all fight to live.

Meds to help them come with harsh side effects.

I will pray your body allows you to carry longer!

What are your other children special needs!?

I echo above. You should have been stitched and staying in for monitoring x all the best

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What I saw was at 19 weeks there is only a 6% chance of survival… I hope for your sake that isnt the case. Sending good vibes

It would definitely be hard on them but as this new babies mother you are also obligated to do what you need to do for her. and I always thought that way about the testing but it’s also nice to have doctors lined up etc. after birth for the extra care needed


You should probably listen to the professionals :heart::heart:


At the hospital where I live My friend had her kid and she was only 20 weeks and four days and the doctors wouldn’t even try to safe the baby or anything… I feel bad for saying that… I hate doctors hella right now…

Christopher Johnson are you here?

Have they not sewn your cervix shut? I’d be demanding new docs if that hasn’t even been mentioned


Selfish in all honesty.
You need counseling.


You need to go on bed rest if that’s what they’re telling you to do. 19 weeks and your baby will die. Listen to them.

You should also let them test for DS, there may be some health issues they can foresee and they can better treat her if she survives.

They will know what to look for and different things to watch out for upon birth.

Am I reading this right?


Just to clarify- (not in a bitchy tone, in a friendly “let’s evaluate this”) it doesn’t matter to you if she has Down Syndrome because you just want her to be here BUT you “refuse” to go on bedrest to assure she has a fighting chance? The two actions contradict each other. I understand you have other babies who need you, but so does this one. I’m sorry this is your situation and I can’t imagine how horribly awful and stressful it is but I hope you reconsider your choices here and more than anything that you ALL come out on the other side healthy and well!


death especially if the baby already has a genetic or congenital problem.


You should have a circlage sp? They stitch your cervix closed. Had it with two of mine one at 14 weeks and one at 20 weeks


You need to be in the hospital. At 19 weeks your baby won’t survive. You need to be on bed rest. The more active you are the more likely you will further dilate and go into labor. If you can make it to 21-22 weeks your baby MIGHT survive. Ideally keep that baby in as long as possible. You will have a long nicu stay. You won’t be able to hold your baby if the baby has a chance as doctors will have to work on saving babies life as soon as possible. Baby would need oxygen, feeding tube, possible heart problems, and need to be in an incubator. You likely wouldn’t be able to hold your baby for awhile. It’s scary. I have two premies. If they want you to be in the hospital find a way to make that work. Who can care for your other children? Your babies life is literally on the line.


They tell me prepare for his passing. Practically everyday! Just have faith and pray pray pray. Through God


sending prayers to you & your babygirl :heart:

I’m going to be blunt and straight to the point. You are risking your unborn baby’s life. You should be in the hospital under very close monitoring. That stage you don’t even have to make it to 10 to deliver. They are that small. I know that it will be hard on your other kids. I also have a special needs child but sometimes we have to do things that they might not be ok with.


My obstetrician prescribed me progesterone sepositories and that helped my cervix from dilating.

Praying for you sweetie :heart: god bless

Much love to you. As a mom of special needs kids myself, I understand your predicament with not being able to easily go on bed rest. I’m sorry you’re seeing so much judgment from others. Prayers to you. :heart:

Oh boy… get the TEST! DS babies have special complications at birth (sometimes) and you and the DR need to be prepared to handle that. It has NOTHING to do with finding out and having an abortion… smh


3 cm dilate and 19 weeks and you refuse to go to the hospital?! Hum…
Well ya can’t fix stupid :woman_shrugging:


You should be on strict bed rest if not in the hospital. A 19 weeker has zero chance of survival if born now. Baby needs to stay in at least 5 more weeks to have a real shot at survival.


If you need bed rest and refuse. what do you expect anyone of us to say to make it better?


If you want this baby to survive you had better do what they advise or it won’t make it. I’m a mom of 2 premies and 1 full term. You do what you need to do to keep that baby in the oven.


You need to be in the hospital. I had my first girl at 26 weeks. She was 1 lb 3oz. We spent 6 months in the hospital, she had 6 surgeries by the time she was 3 months. Was on oxygen for a year and a feeding tube for 3. Mind you this was at 26 weeks. You are only 19 weeks. The likelihood that your baby will survive is slim to none. You need to fight for this baby.


Great reasoning skills… wont listen to doctor but runs to Facebook for advice.


Pretty stupid to refuse tests. You may still want the baby, but it’s always good to be prepared for a special needs baby. And if baby is special needs AND premie, the hospital will also need to be prepared.


She didn’t ask what any of you thinks she should be doing, she asked WHAT THE RISKS ARE! Half of you probably never even dealt with, let alone care for a special needs child. They are so hard to care for and she is their MOTHER! What if she’s doing everything alone? Bedrest obviously isnt an option for her or she wouldn’t have said it!

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You need to go to the hospital 19 weeks your baby has maybe a 6% survival. I did the nst testes 2x a week. It’s not hard to have someone watch your kids or bring them with for the test to make sure that you and your baby will be fine. And if you need to be on bed rest to help your child then do it hell I would die/ do anything for my kids no matter how hard it is, yes bed rest is not easy but if that means my child inside me would be safe then I would do it.

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Can they stitch up your cervix? You should be on extreme bed rest. That baby could come at any time


You need to be on strict bed rest or something.

Sounds like you need to talk to your doctor about this and not everyone on facebook.


I miscarried my son at 19 weeks and 1 day due to an incompetent cervix. I’d hope you would do everything you can to prevent having this baby early as I would have done if I had any kind of control over it.


You need to get the test so they know what precautions to take if you have her early. As well as you need to be in the hospital :woman_facepalming:t3:


Need to go on bedrest and do what the doctors tell you. When I was pregnant with my daughter I got put on bedrest at 6 weeks and stuck that way my whole pregnancy. Ended up in hospital for 2 months and many times before that. Was a very high risk pregnancy. Could not take care of my son. But you do what you have too. He understood why mommy couldnt do stuff and was in the hospital alot. It’s a short period of time the kids have to deal with it to make sure your baby survives and is healthy. They will understand!


You should listen to your doctors. And go to the hospital. You really should. Just figure it out. I know it’s hard and scary and may feel impossible. But figure something out for your other babies and listen to your doctors

I had my daughter on 11/11/19 weighing 1lb 1oz 11inches long and she was 22 weeks and 5 days, my water broke when I was 21 weeks and 5 days. She will be a month old Monday and is doing good. She was just removed from the ventilator and put on a c-pap. It can be a struggle, but if you are able to make it to 22-23 weeks, the chances increase. The hospital I gave birth at does not resuscitate before 23 weeks, so we had to make the difficult decision of not having the choice of that being an option. However our daughter came out breathing on her own. She will more than likely remain in the NICU until her due date in March. So many factors come into play with a premature baby. With our daughter she has a grade 1 brain bleed on her left side which is the best you can have and a grade 4 on her right which is the worst you can have. This increases her chances of having special needs. The brain bleeds also have obstacles themselves including fluid pockets in the brain. Lungs, heart, and intestines are other obstacles. Praying for you and your little one :pray:t2::pray:t2:


Think of all the women over centuries that never had a hospital or tests. Trust YOUR gut. If you want to stay out of the doctors/hospital then do it. Maybe look into getting a doula/midwife. Stay calm & do the minimum you can afford to do. I’m sorry you & your family are going through this hard time. Hoping all will be well :heartbeat:

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I never got the ds test on Any of my children and that’s up to you any only you bucse I didn’t care if any one of my children hand it and I’d still love them if they did on my last one they really wanted me to do it and I said no and I hand my younger child at 36 weeks and people saying that the baby doint have a change will that maybe true in some cases but I was born and I was a preemie baby and I made it but every baby is different but I do agree you should be in the hospital or on bed rest but you got to do wants best far your family to good luck if you need anyone to talk to just send me a friend request and we can talk and be friends good luck

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You need to do as the docs have advised you…


A premie baby can end up in the NICU for many months, have delayed lung development, the chance of survival that young is also very very slim. The best thing you can do is talk with your doctors, if you want a second opinion, go get one. But there are to many factors at play with you, your unborn and your 3 children already. It sounds as if you don’t go to the hospital, baby is born prematurely, you will either be spending months in the NICU with baby or spending it away from baby so you can be with your other children. So either way, you’ll need to make the choice either before the baby is born or after.


I was 4 cm by 20 weeks, and carried her to 39 weeks, so dont worry yet, she may stay in until shes not preemie anymore.


There comes a point when your body tells you it’s done carrying healthy pregnancies. I have a special needs child (4 kids total). My last pregnancy really was my last bc my body cannot handle it and it puts my other children at risk. Talk to your dr and figure out what is the best medical route for all of you. If you cannot be pregnant without being on bedrest due to your other children than you should not risk yourself or a future child (preemies are at risk for mental retardation, blindness, respiratory issues, death, etc). I say this coming from a place of love. It sounds like you need to be on complete bedrest and to follow drs advice or you could lose your child. I wish you all well.


Shouldn’t you seek answers from an educated medical professional for this kind of question? :woman_facepalming:t2:


I had my daughter 6 weeks early she is 2 1/2 now but she had a 40 day stay in the nicu and had to be put on a lot of medicines to help her grow and get the nutrients she needed. She was born at 2lbs had to have oxygen and a feeding tube for the first 2 weeks. Good thing is my doctor was prepared for her early coming and had me get steroid shots to help her lungs develop more before she was born. I understand the not being able to be on bed rest as I had 2 other children to take care of but rest when your body tells you to see if a family member can help out a little to relieve some stress on you. Good luck

Everyone is telling her to listen to the doctor & go on bed rest but she stated she has 3 special needs children already. No one knows her situation outside of what she posted. Even if u went on bedrest your support system may be different from hers. Is she supposed to sacrifice the well being of her children that are already alive & well for her unborn child? Yes the unborn child is very important but if it is meant to be then it will be. & so what if she dont want the test the doctors know there is a risk of ds so they should be prepared & considering she already has 3 special needs children obviously she doesnt care if the baby is special needs & if the doctor wants to do an amnio test there are risks with that as well. I wish everyone would just answer her question geesh. 🤦🏾
I dont have a whole lot of experience with preemies that early but my twins were born at 32 weeks & i was scared to death so just take it as easy as u can mama. Praying everything goes well for you. :heart:


I had a preemie in he turned out just fine

At 19 weeks, your baby will die if delivered now. Chances of survival increase as you near 23 weeks, but where I live they won’t even try to help a baby born before 24 weeks gestation. And even then chances of long term disabilities are very high. Please go see your HCP. I hope you can keep baby cooking longer x


If they want you to be in the hospital, that’s where you should be. Someone needs to watch your other kids for u to go. Your baby will probably be in the neonatal intensive care for some time. Do what the dr says or you could lose the baby, period.


My ob had me taking a weekly shot after 16 w to keep my second baby cooking ( first born was 32 weeks when born). With My first i got steroid shots to help him divelop faster in case he was early. I was dialating to 4 at 24 weeks.

My daughter was born at 25+0 at just under a pound a d shes thriving now… ask about a circlage to keep your baby in as long as possible. They consider babies viable at 24 weeks but they have survived at 23

God’s got this! Miracles happen everyday! :purple_heart: Prayers​:purple_heart:


Baby is not viable at 19 weeks… I would do everything the drs recommend to keep baby in.

19 weeks wont survive. I had a 29 weeker and it was an uphill battle. She almost died on us several times. Even after she came home she had to fight for her life, she stopped breathing several times and back to the hospital we went. Do what you need to do to save your baby’s life ask for outside help and get your other kids situated. I had 2 before my daughter and they stayed at my sisters a lot so i could be there for my daughter incase it was her last day. She is a happy healthy 5 year old but it was a long hard battle and not all of her NICU mates got to go home.

You can ask ill informed people on Facebook or talk to your doctor

I don’t know what the rules are where you are, but I was told that for them to even consider the baby viable, they would need to weigh 1lb.

With my twins, I managed to get to 36 weeks, and even at that stage it was hard. If you’re advised to go into hospital, I would take that advise as you need to do everything you possibly can to at least make it to around 26 weeks where the chances of survival are high. Good luck to you and your family x

As others have said. At 19 weeks your baby won’t survive if you deliver now. Even 24 weeks is very risky.
I get having special needs kids. However i also get high risk pregnancies.
Even if you make it to 24 weeks, and baby can be saved, your baby will spend minimum 3 months in the NICU.
You’re running the risk of losing time now or losing time later. It’s your choice obviously.

But if it was me, I’d listen to the doctor. Enlist the help of others to help with your children. They may not do everything exactly the way you would but it’ll be ok. I promise. Its a small sacrifice for yours and your babies health

Risks are extremely high for preemies

During our almost 3 month NICU stay a few years ago Metro hospital, which in Ohio has always been rated number 1 for delivering and babies with health issues, was doing some pretty amazing things! Unfortunately though, I don’t think at 19 weeks the baby would have a very good chance. I did see them save a baby born at 21 weeks but I know they mentioned repeatedly that it was a whole lot of luck as well because it almost never happens. There were a few born at 25 or so. But I think if I were you I would educate myself on what a NICU mom’s life looks like also. I know you mentioned having 3 special needs kids, so it would be tough to spend as much time as you should at the hospital with your preemie, who needs you also. We were there 2 And a half months and it sucked honestly! I believe whole heartedly that is why my post partum was so strong and full on. And preemies can be there for 6 months! I understand what you’re saying but if they asked you to do bed rest, I would do it because it’s pretty much THE ONLY way to not have her at this point.

There are lots of risk. I know that one risk is hydrocephalus. Hope she/he can stay put!