What are the side effects of Mirena?

Hello everyone! My OB has insisted that the Mirena IUD is the best and only option for birth control for me. For those of you that have the Mirena, could you give me your experiences with it? The good, the bad … obviously I’m going to do my own research, but I would like to hear some personal experiences. Thank you in advance


Mine causes major weight gain, I bled non stop, it was not a good time

I’m on my second one now and I love it :blush: just keep in mind that everyone reacts differently to things.

I had an awful experience!

I bled heavily for 7 months straight. Cramps were worse than labour pains. Sex was awful (cramping and my spouse felt all the strings even though they were cut short ), bad acne ( never used to get it! Before the Mirena, I could count on one hand of many pimples I ever had! ), Mood swings ( angry! ) And fatigue. The last day of having it in, I was bleeding more heavily. I was filling and soaking a huge pad within 5 minutes. Cramping was awful. I called OB and she gave me an emergency appt. She found that it was hanging out of my cervix and attached itself on the side. My body was rejecting it that’s why I was bleeding heavily. I almost had to go to surgery! I’m thankful it came out at the appointment. The pain was awful.

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I’m on my second one and absolutely love it. I’ve never had any side effects or issues.

It went through my uterine wall and made it really tough to get pregnant again afterwards.

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I didn’t have a great experience nor would recommend this for birth control. It really should be taken off the market in my opinion.


Had it fir years was brilliant then also had it a second time and will use it again

I have had mine over 5 years and I love it

I had mine for 6 years and I had no problems. I loved it.

I had a terrible experience.

I got it, had awful bleeding and cramps for about six months. started feeling super sick and had an ultrasound done, and my IUD had migrated and embedded. It caused a horrible infection and a 3 day hospital stay. Having it removed was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. It was like they ripped my uterus out of me.

No me but my sister went through early medapose after she got hers out and had another friend that was in so much pain

Nope never again. Had it for about 6 months. Was in pain every single day from when it went in till they took it out because it wasn’t put in properly.

I bled for 2 months straight, dr pulled it out and I started to gush out blood. It was scary. My body was trying to abort it.

I have my 2nd one. It has caused me to bleeding for months now I bleed for two weeks a week off and it continues. It has .add my cramps excruciating and causes me go have discharge that feels disgusting. The only suggestion is I buy boric assic vaginally suppositories which are gross as well. We took the first iud out snd all these things went away but I have cysts on my ovaries so they told me to get another and everything came back proving for sure it’s the mirena.

Got mine taken out after 5 months. Hair fell out horribly, constant pain in my lower right back, constant spotting, and just felt like crap in general.
& the whole week after getting it out I had the crash bad, was so sick throwing up and felt like I was gonna die.

Absolutely horrible! Every single month when I should get my period(haven’t had one in 4-5 years) I cramp so bad it’s excruciating! I get extremely nauseous and break out in painful acne. DO NOT get one

Mine fell out at some point.


I was not q fan … but the copper one is non hormonal and has been great qlmost 3 years in

I also had a bad experience. Had it for about a year, after bleeding every other week for months, the pain started. I ended up developing a large cyst from it so they removed it when they removed the cyst. Feel so much better back on the pill!

Had it, hated it, bleed horribly before getting it, after getting it and after 3 years of having it, I was informed it was inserted wrong so they removed it, can’t take anything else because it either makes me gain weight horribly or just can’t have because of a blood clot years ago. Still have horrible bleeding

I LOVE my mirena. Had it for 5 years, had it removed, now I’ve had it again for almost 5 years. Never had a problem with it. My sister hated hers and suffered depression and anxiety then went through the mirena crash when it was removed. No two people will have the same experience, it’s all trial and error.

It cost an arm and a leg over 300 for it

I had it for 5 years. For the first 2 years I had 2 periods a month. Then all of a study it stopped and did not have it the rest of the time. The only other issue I had with it was when I first got it I had to go in and have the strings trimmed because hubby got poked. :joy:

Had it for 5 years loved it got it removed got pregnant first month. Had the baby they put it back in in January and I still love it

I’ve had the mirena for 6years, no periods after 3years, occasional spotting, gained 10lbs (but I needed it, and it has stayed the same the whole time) had some issues with breaking out at first but got a medication from my pcp for that and it was fine afterwards. :woman_shrugging: honestly I had no major side effects like I expected but everyone is different

Had it before. Never again. I went back on the pill. Had the depo shot as well and gained ALOT of weight. 25 pounds in a little over 3 months and that was on a diet

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For me 1-2 day periods, period every 3 months, weight gain

I’ve had it going on 3 years and no side effects whatsoever. I don’t have periods either so that’s a plus

On my 3rd one and love them! No adverse side effects for me.

Hated it. Still got a period that lasted for 12 days at a time. Sucks

I haven’t heard many good things. My dr put me on Kurvelo and it has been so good. No mood swings, weight gain, nauseous, vomiting, bloating and my periods are so much shorter. I know everyone’s different but that’s my experience.

I had it. It got imbedded in and then caused ovarian cysts and that was 7-8 years ago and I’m still dealing with the cysts.

I have it! I have had it in for years now and I can honestly say it was the best decision! After we had our 2 kids we knew we were done. I had done the pill, the shot…and with 2 lil ones I knew I would forget to make an appt or take a pill !! My OB suggested mirena and I had friends who seemed happy with it so I went for it! Literally so easy…15 mins in the office and I was on my way! I had no side effects at all and am about to have a new one put in!

I have had it for 9 years and love it

Ive had it for a year now… was on the depo for 3 years prior… so I haven’t had a period for 4 years now. I notice if I lift weights to much in a day.
I start to get cramps that subside shortly there after.

Honestly I DON’T recommend it. I had the mirena and thought it was great because my periods stopped, which sometimes is a side effect. After having it removed, my periods have never started back and obviously, I have not been able to naturally conceive in the last 2 years without birth control.

I’m on my third mirena and love it. No issues and no periods. Change it out every 5 years. After my second one was removed we got pregnant within a month and then after my son was born I got another put in. That was 3 years ago. Still no issues. I love it and would highly recommend it

I’m on my 3rd one and have not had any trouble. After the 1st one was inserted i had bloody discharge for about 5 months… it sucked, but thereafter I was period-free.
My OBGYN has said that I continue to replace them through menopause.

I would have had one placed as a teen (had it been provided as an option) if I had known what I know now

After my first I got the Mirena and had it for 5 years. It was amazing no bleeding or cramping the whole time. After I got it taken out I got pregnant with my second 4 weeks later. After having her I got it put in again and had no issues with it again. I just had another put in and had some slight cramping and bleeding but that has went away. Definitely the best birth control for me.

I loved the mirena…no period for 5 years no unexpected pregnancy no hormonal issues. Only downside was my skin broke out

I had it 2008-2013. I had no period. But had weight gain (which they told me wasn’t a side effect but as soon as I got it out I lost weight). I had pregnancy symptoms all the time. And about once a month I’d get a pain in my uterus that would double me over and I’d have to recover from. And it might have been the abuse I was getting from my ex as I didn’t want to be sexual with him but he made me it would hurt a lot doing it. Honestly I would never get that one ever again. I have considered the Paraguard one because it has no hormones. And when I had it removed I had an early miscarriage 3 months after and told its common to take up to a year to have a successful pregnancy. And that it did for me as well.

I had the Mirena and got super huge cysts that ended up rupturing. I mean it was great besides that lol but I know it’s different for everyone. I’m getting the implanon this month.

I’ve had the mirena for 10 years now never had any issues what so ever!

I don’t have the Mirena but I have the copper non hormonal one and love it so far. I found my body just did better on non hormonal birth control. I got pregnant off the pill twice so I wanted to make sure I was covered this time.

2nd one no issues, maybe 1 period a year for like 3 days

I hated it. After I had my oldest I had it and almost made it a year but I was so bloated and just felt cramps all the time on it and was really moody. My doctor assured me my symptoms werent from the mirena. I got it removed and it felt like a complete turn around, they all stopped by the next morning. I wont get anything else inserted that i cant remove on my own. Im now on the xulane patch and love it

So I’ve had it twice. The first time I didn’t have any problems… at first. I had it for a little over a year and decided I wanted to try a different one. So when I went to have it removed it was embedded and the dr said it had been placed wrong the whole time. I just got it again a month ago and I’ve had awful cramps and back pains all month long. I mean just awful like I’ve never had before :sob: I’m already wanting to get it removed. However every person is different so I don’t really think you’ll know until you try it.

It messed my hormones up sooo bad. Gained weight that I couldn’t get rid of. Felt like that week before your period that everything is achy and you don’t want to do anything. I had it taken out and I felt so much better in a few weeks. I lost 10 lbs the first month without even trying and then a further 60 after that when I was actually trying. I would NEVER recommend

I have had them for 8 years and love it! No periods, no post.

It made my periods super heavy and long! I would bleed for almost two weeks and this went on for about nine months :woozy_face:

Mine caused pain and cramping, especially during sex. When I went to have it removed they could not find it. They did an ultrasound, finally found it. When they pulled it out it was bent and twisted up. Idk if the doc put it in wrong or what but it was very bad for me

I didn’t have a great experience with it. I was told I had a bicornuate uterus and couldn’t have an IUD because of the shape of my uterus. Well, after I had my son they insisted I get instead of the pill (I had nexplanon in my arm but it caused me to bleed very heavily for 9 months straight). I get ovarian cysts anyway and the Mirena caused them to be way worse. It was also excruciating to have sex. It felt like I was being stabbed and hurt so so bad. My husband said he could feel the strings poking him and I told my doctor of all of these things happening and they said it was in the right place, so it was impossible that what I was telling them was actually happening. I made another appointment and insisted they remove it (they were less than impressed) and I have been on the pill since and no problems whatsoever. I still get ovarian cysts like I always have, but it’s tolerable again and they don’t get as big. I know other people that have had a great experience with it, but it just wasn’t for me.

Love it no issues no period

Iv had two one for 5 years the other almost 2 love it!! No periods either it’s
The best!!!

I’ve had my first one for almost a year now bc I can’t take estrogen birth control. I have mixed feelings about the mirena. The good things- no periods, no pill, no hormonal changes
The bad- it felt
like labor pains being inserted and I had horrible cramps the first 3 months and every now and then still do. They are so strong I cry when I get them. Seemed to get better though. I’ve also got really bad acne now.

Had mine surgically removed it punctured my uterus

The first one I got fell out… I went back in and had it put back in (which is painful)and it poked my husband even after having the strings cut… we couldn’t even have sex…then it caused me to have horrible cysts on my ovaries… so I had it removed and used condoms until I got pregnant again… when we had my 4th I had my tubes tied during a c section…

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I’ve had 3 the first one in and out no problems at all, my second one came out causing me to hemorrhage leading to a blood transfusion. I got it again cause they said it wasn’t related, had my 3rd one placed after my last son and it came out again and did the same thing causes me to hemorrhage so bad I had to have 3 units of blood and led to a hysterectomy finally cause I was over it and didn’t want more kids after having 5

I didn’t have a period for 5 years. It was awesome. I didn’t have any issues and didn’t get pregnant. My fiance could feel the string occasionally but it helped ease our minds knowing it was in place the whole time. Removal went as planned. Minor cramping.

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I had it. Still bled, but what was wierd is I had all pms symptoms for a week, no blood, then the next week 7 to 10 of bleeding. In 2 weeks the cycle would start over. Hated it, mine had the hormones too.

I fell pregnant on it lol, my mirina moved slightly and I now have a near 3 yr old

I bled almost every day for a year. I’d get like 3-4 day break, then back to bleeding. Sex was uncomfortable & my husband said he could feel the string.

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Everyone is different. I’ve heard some horror stories, but for me, it’s been amazing. I had an IUD for 5 years forever ago. No periods, no period symptoms. No complications of any kind. I had it removed in 2007, my son was born in 2008. I had a tubal in 2013 after my daughter and ended up with complications. Over the last 7 years, my period progressively got worse. I went to my GYN for a hysterectomy consultation and she found cervical cancer. She told me that if I had a hysterectomy and the cancer had spread, my only option would be chemo/radiation. She suggested the IUD. I had it inserted at the same time I had surgery to remove the cancerous cells. After years of misery from a heavy period, cramps and body aches, the IUD has helped. I have no period anymore at all. Every month around when my period should start, I get some light cramping, but no bleeding and no miserable symptoms. And my IUD is good for 6 years. The only issue for me was that my husband could feel the string. I went and had it trimmed and he can still feel it, but only when we’re having intercourses in certain positions.

I’m on my 2nd one. Only issue was endless spotting after baby. Doc got me a couple weeks on estrogen and it reset everything. No issues since. Love it.

I had a Mirena put in after the birth of my first son and after 5 months my cramping and bleeding was so severe. It was embedding into the lining of my uterus and had to be surgically removed. I will never do another implanted birth control.

There are always pros and cons…my personal experience has been amazing! No period or spotting or cramps! But I’ve had friends who have had to have it removed because of pain

Loved it when I had it. Never had a period. Got it removed and got my period back the next day. Took me a year to conceive after removal though and had two back to back miscarriages.

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Theres pros and cons to everything but for me Mirena has been then best!
I take 2 pills, one steroid for my lungs and one for my stomach, and a 2 steroid pump so one less med to take is easier.
My period is also only 4-5 days as apposed to 7-8 and much lighter.
Although I do get cramps and sometimes worst than others but I’d never change it

I absolutely love - no periods, no spotting, no worries!

I like it haven’t had a period since having it… I don’t like the fact that I’ve gained so much weight since having it but I haven’t had any problems with it at all been on it for 6 years

It’s was okay, but it started to go threw my uterus and made sex a little uncomfortable

I had a Dr desperate to give me a cap! I’ve heard of way too many people getting pregnant on it for my liking.

I love mine, I’m due to get it taken out in July. I will be getting another one this will be my third one. It’s not for everyone tho

I’ve had 2, no issues

I highly suggest a Google search for class action lawsuits for BOTH of the iuds and the implant. They are NOT as safe as they’re advertised to be.
The Mirena ruined my body and my life for 8 years, and I mean that very seriously. If I’d have known what I know now, I absolutely wouldn’t have even thought about it.

The Mirena was good to me until they left it out for a few weeks, but then they switched me to the generic ones Kyleena and Liletta, they’ve given me nothing but issues ever since

I was one of the unlucky ones to have the Mirena rupture through my uterus. It was a hassle, a bit painful, and an otherwise unnecessary surgery (covered 100% by my insurance as it fell into the “birth control” clauses, but that isn’t the case for everyone from what I hear.)

That being said, the time that I did have it in was actually really great. Even with PCOS and endometriosis, my cycle was completely under control within 2 months and it didn’t effect my milk supply while breastfeeding.

Pros and cons.

I got mine a month after I had my 3rd child . Pretty sure i only had it for under a month. It was complete hell for me THE WHOLE TIME . Literally as soon as he put it in i felt this wave of pain through my whole body and thought i was going to pass out . I couldn’t breathe. After 20 minutes It eased enough for me to drive home . all I could do was sit and cry . my vagina and inside of my tummy felt like it was constantly being ripped apart . it got a little better after a week but the constant cramping was just unbearable . I had to go get it taken out . it only took a couple days for me to get feeling better once it was out .
Most women swear by it … They didnt feel a thing and love it .
Everyones different… I hope if you decide to get it , it works out … I really do.

I was fitted with one 18 months ago, it was put in wrong from the beginning, after a year, I wanted it taken out so I went to the doctors qnd they tried, they dislodged it, was sent to the hospital they tried to get it, they too dislodged it and now I am fighting to get an operation for the last couple of months to get it out as im in so much pain, they just keep me waiting and waiting! Grrrrr never changed q thing for me apart from putting on 2.5 stone :roll_eyes:

I’m on my second one. No issues for me. You gotta be comfortable with reaching up there for the strings to check the length. But minimized periods, I spot for a couple days. No cramping. I’m used to awful periods so it’s amazing for me. But don’t get me wrong I still get anxious that something will happen. Lol

It started my night sweats, and even after taking it out they still didn’t go away. Also decreased my sex drive and made me very irritable.

I wish I would’ve gotten that again instead of the arm implant. I use bc to help control extremely painfully periods and heavy heavy flow. With Mirena I had nothing. No cramps, no spotting or bleeding, no weight gain. The only thing the arm implant has done is put 20 lbs on in a year and stretched my periods out for two weeks. The cramps are as bad but now are for two weeks, bleeding and spotting two on and two weeks off. I hate it.

I had my IUD placed at 12 weeks post-partum. It has literally been a life changer for me. I used to have such heavy cycles along with bad cramps and terrible breakouts. Now i barely cramp and I’ll spot a few days and that’s it. I haven’t had any side effects and placement was a breeze.

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Gained over 30 pounds within a week of having it. Was super painful for the first few days.

Love it never had to worry. No periods and I’ve had 2

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Nexplanon in the arm really good i had it for 5 year i only gained 10 lbs but i liked it they have on for 3 or 6 years one is plastic rubbery and the other is copper never no complications

i gained weight and couldn’t lose it and had alooottttt cramping! not always super painful but just a lot of it. i would complain that my “ovaries hurt” . people thought i was crazy but i went to the dr and had tons of cysts on one of them. they weren’t necessarily dangerous but they would rupture and i would be in pain and i had never had cysts before and don’t have them after the mirena also had mood swings constantly, my fiancé hated me while i had the mirena. i’m almost 4 months postpartum and i currently have the paragard (copper iud) it has no hormones and i feel pretty good. only bad side is my periods are back… ugh! BUT the mirena did what it was supposed to and kept me from getting pregnant!

Only issue I had was that I got an ovarian cyst from it and it ruptured which was painful. But overall it was a great experience.

I’ve had no issues since it’s been in, no periods just the odd spotting, it’s amazing for my endo.

It sucked for me. I bled nonstop for four months and I was an emotional nightmare. I had to get off of it. Every one is different though

I hated it. Made anxiety worse and I just generally didn’t like how I felt overall. I bled for a few months and had to have it out.

I had my 10yr old with Mirena

Mine ruptured through my uterine wall both times we tried it…I wish it would have worked for me though. Apparently I just have an odd shaped uterus that didnt like it


I’m on my third and it’s the best for me.

Love it! Have had it for two years without a single issue! Super light periods also!

I love it I have had it for 3.5 years now and will be replacing it with another at the 5yr mark I’ve had no bad side affects

Mine shifted and tore my uterus! I can’t find any good birth control

Got my peroid for 12 months with a day break here and there … when they went to take it out it was implanted into my uterus. …
My girlfriends have all had great experiences with it tho .

I am currently on my third mirena and absolutely love it. My periods consist of spotting for maybe a day, no weight gain and no having to remember to take a pill. It’s definitely what’s best for me, but that’s not to say it’s the best option for everyone

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