What are the side effects of Mirena?

Question for those who have had issues with mirena!! Has anyone had extreme pain/cramps the week before your period?? Can it be out of place and strings still be the same length n cause cramps but not during sex, just the week before period?? Went to dr on Wednesday and they measured the strings and they said they’re the same length so they dont think anything’s out of place or anything but if it’s still like this next month (dealt with it for 2 now) then they’re gonna schedule an ultrasound. But just wondering if anyone else has had this issue?? Have had it for just over 2 years and no issues until the past couple months. Thank you!!


I started having that it had dislodged itself. I had 3 mireans in 7 years. The 3rd one was inserted wrong and the string had wrapped itself around the IUD. Horrible pain