What are the side effects of Nexplanon?

I just got the nexplanon insert and have not been feeling my self. Any mamas out there on it what side effects have you experienced? It’s the first one I have had and I am a little nervous about it.


My moods swings were the worst bleed for 13 months straight

Mine has made me feel very off. My arm hurt and pinched for like 2 weeks. Then I had a period for 2 weeks. It’s made me break out and now I bleed every time me and my boyfriend mess around. I’m moody and exhausted and Idk if it’s from this or something else but I’m always so bummed.

But not pregnant lol so that’s a plus. I won’t do iuds and I don’t do well with pills so just kinda dealing with it.

Your hormones are going to be a over the place for a while.

I loved it. It took away almost all my cramps, I didnt gain weight, my period was also much lighter and when I decided to have it taken out, I got pregnant like right away!! I’m definitely getting it again

Bled for almost a year straight so heavily that it made me anemic and I almost had to do iron transfusions. Other than that, I loved it.

I had no periods but I felt crazy, completely beside myself, at one point I tried to physically cut it out I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone :disappointed:

I got mine out probably 1 or 2 years ago cause I was allergic to it. It was burning the inside of my skin.

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No periods but had very high anxiety and depression. Never had that before! Had it taken out after 18 months!

Mood swings ,lack of sex appeal , depression, two periods some months

I had it… Gained 40 pounds and had such bad anxiety that I’d be waking up from a deep sleep feeling like I was having a heart attack. Needless to say I got it taken out 4 months after having it put in.

I think last year it got recalled from all the woman saying stuff that it would do to them

I had to get mine taken out after 4 months because of the depression it was causing. I can’t tolerate the pills or nuva ring. The only thing I didn’t have side effects with was the IUD

Yes!!! I had crazy mood swings and absolutely no sex drive!!!

I’ve had it three times. The first time I was in high school no period but I did gain a lot of weight. The second time I put it in was after I had my first daughter had and got pregnant with my second daughter and I put it in again and the other side affect right now is I constantly spot so panty liners are my friend

I have no periods but I’m pretty bitchy all the time and then being a stay at home mom is depressing makes me sleep a lot also and eat a lot lol

I got extremely tired after I got mine in. And I spotted pretty much continuously the entire 3 1/2 months it was in. NOPE. got it right out.

I ripped mine out myself. It was awful and only got worse the longer I had it in :woman_shrugging:t2::see_no_evil::joy:

Did anyone have IBS while on it?