What are the side effects of the copper IUD?

Who has the copper IUD how are the side effects . Can you feel it during sex ? Does it effect your milk supply ? And lastly can it move out of place :thinking:


I’ve had my copper IUD for almost two years now. Best birth control I have ever chosen. Its hormone free so no mood swings. No loss of sex drive. And no weight gain. I haven’t had any issues. Highly recommend!

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I have it… periods hurt like hell and I bleed A LOT. I don’t necessarily feel it during sex but it does hurt to have sex since getting it a year ago. And it can move out of place but it’s not likely.

Following… due to migraines with auras I can’t have a hormonal BC…

I had it for 8 years. Other than the periods being a little heavier in the beginning, I really had no other problems. The best part was not having to remember to take a pill every day or remember appointments for shots or insert rings…I could go on lol. My husband swore he could feel it on occasion but he rarely complained about it.

I’ve had a few of them over the past 10 years and find them a million times better than hormonal birth control. Only downside is heavier periods with bad cramping. Take advil.

I had to get it removed at the emergency room. Caused me to throw up and have horrible diarrhea…as soon as they took it out I was fine. Also, every woman I’ve ever known who has had the IUD said they think it caused issues with fertility and hormones.

I had it. It hurt a lot during sex, I had horrible periods that dropped me to my knees multiple times and bleed like a gutted pig and had to go to er over it a few times. It also took surgery to get it removed.

Oh and the one I had was the copper one. My body took it as a toxic foreign object after about a year and it was horrible.

I had one for one and a half years, it expelled itself. I got another one a week ago and it expelled itself after 4 days. I loved it while I had it.

Love mine. Only thing I noticed was discharge for a while afterwards. Had the mirena IUD for six years prior caused horrible moods, depression etc. Love hormone free option.

No hormones so it doesn’t effect supply, side effects were minimal, couldn’t feel during sex, yes it can move out of place, my last baby is an iud baby


doesn’t affect milk supply but i didn’t like the way my body was reacting to it. it said a few months to adjust but i was over the pp bleeding already and it just kept the brown blood continuing for me. also made me dizzy and just feel weird. also the constant thought of it moving inside of me i couldn’t handle

Yes it can move out of place, it can come out, it can go thru your uterine wall. It can cause you to pee a negative on a pregnancy test when you’re actually pregnant. And you can feel it sometimes during sex as can your partner too.

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ive had mirena one for 6 years. Absolutely love it! no periods, no pain and no changed to body/mood :heart_eyes:


i have lyeena, but i know stuff about iud’s. no u cant feel it during sex, idk about milk supply but im sure it doesnt cuz the copper is non hormonal, and yea it can move but its uncommon

I had mine put in on a Friday. Went to ER for cramping on Saturday. They sent me home. Went back to ER on Sunday for cramping, they took it out. Cramping stopped. I didn’t have it long enough for side effects except for the awful cramping. On the shot now and I hate it

I have the mirena had it for 9 months now and I love it.Periods are super light to no period at all.Can’t feel it at all during sex.I have no mood swings .Blood pressure is much better since I’m off the birth control pill.

I have an IUD, idk which one tho :rofl:

I don’t get a period, but the cramps are still pretty intense sometimes. And once in a literal blue moon I spot a little (maybe once ever 4/5 months? …maybe?)

Males can sometimes feel it during sex, if so go to the dr the implanted it, and they can cut the ‘string’ shorter.

I personally hurt a lot more during and after sex (more so closer to the time Im needing to change it)

Oh it can certainly fall out👀

Yes to all your questions it sucked bleed for months with terrible cramps ended up getting it removed

ik a few ppl who got pregnant someone who had it fall out n they all said their spouse complained that they could feel it during sex. It all depends on u and your body too a lot of women have no issues when others do

A copper IUD which is the paraguard has no hormones so it will not affect your milk production or enter your bloodstream to affect your baby. As with any foreign body it which it is the body can expel it. But everything has a risk and side effect. But this IUD is great because it can stay in place for up to 10 years. No hormones. The only thing that is sometimes felt is strings by partner if they are not cut short enough by placing OBGYN. The strings become softer over time. You don’t feel it , you get used to having one.


I had it for a year I didnt like it at all… I had cramps even when I wasnt on my period and I couldnt feel it but my partner could feel it which made me a lil self conscious

Have it and absolutely love it, also breastfeeding

I have this one & LOVE it!! Have had no issues with mine & I’ve had it for 12+yrs now. I highly recommend it if ur looking to get an iud put in. Everyone is different though so some may have side effects that others don’t get & some like myself may not have any issues ever with it. But I do highly recommend this type of iud.

It works for some it’s not for all sit down talk to you OB about your concerns and I bet you 2 can decide what’s best for you

I had it. I had it in about 2 years and fell pregnant on it. Was pregnant with twins they had to remove it because it embedded itself into the uterine wall and it caused me to miscarry one of my daughters.

I had mine for 9 years and loved it. in the beginning he could feel it during sex but the wires moved and it was fine moving forward

I had one yrs ago, would bleed 3mths with maybe a 2 week break, the cramps felt like mini contractions, and sometimes worse, mine ended up falling and Dr. had to remove it,

I’ve had it couple months. First period on it was very crampy and longer than usual. Second not so bad. But the first time I got it in, bf complained he could feel it. At my six week checkup they found it was coming out. Had to replace it. So far no issues and no, can’t feel it. So if the guy can feel it, it means it didn’t stick. And didn’t affect my supply at all. It has no hormones so it’s safe for the babies.

Mine wasn’t put in right, bled for 3 months straight. Finally got them to see me cause I knew something was not right. And sure enough is was almost out when they went to look. Will never get the IUD ever again

Didn’t effect my milk but after about 6 months I would get really bad cramping after sex and my periods were super heavy like crime scene heavy I got it out a little after a year and it had slightly lodged so it took a couple big pulls to remove. We got pregnant right away and then miscarried 6 weeks later then took us 4 months to conceive again. I blame partly the Paraguard. Because I had two healthy pregnancies with birth control in between prior to the copper IUD.

Yasemin read comments x

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I have the mirena for 3 years now I love it no pain light period

Had mine for like 5 years. Regular period. And random times it pinched a nerve in me that gave me the worst cramps and pain in my vagina I’ve ever felt.

I had mirena instead of the copper but yes I could feel it during sex it actually hurt so we couldn’t be very rough. I had it in for two years and when I got it taken out it had partially implanted in my uterine wall so he literally ripped it out of me. The worst thing ever I think. Out of all the bc I’ve used I love the pill the most.

I’ve had the copper since December. I normally would have super heavy periods that last a long time, but I’ve only had one that lasted about four light days (that could also be from breastfeeding) I felt crampy about every other week for a couple of days from December till February. They can move but mine hasn’t.

I had it for a year, I started feeling like I was going crazy so I had my Dr check me out. I developed cystic follicles in my ovaries and they were 4× the size they should have been so I got it out as soon as possible. I havent been on bc for 2 years now and I feel better than ever. My bf got a vasectomy 3 years ago though… Even though the copper iud doesnt necessarily have hormones but it does create a hostile environment in your uterus and can have bad side effects.

Yes it can move. Yes if your man is on the larger size he can feel it.

My SO can’t feel mine and I love it! I did have a small incident with my last one that it accidentally got pulled out cause the strings were too long, but this time they cut them much shorter.

I have the mirena. Couldnt feel insertion at all. Light periods in the beginning and now I have none. I love mine. Any IUD is “blindly” placed and can move at any time. It doesnt hurt during sex and your spouse wont feel it. I have had zero side effects. Saves me a ton of money when it come to tampons Haha. This one is said to be best for woman who have had children. But they effect everyone differently and you wont know until you try it.