What are the signs of a UTI?

Sooooo non pregnancy related and TMI but I’m trying to see if anyone else has experienced the same problem I am now. When I woke up this morning and went to the bathroom I noticed that it burned when I would pee so I figured just a UTI no big deal. But throughout the day my pain and burning got extremely bad and there is now blood in my pee. Has anyone else experienced this? If so was it just a UTI or something more serious? I have a doc appointment in the morning but I also wasn’t expecting the pain to be as bad or blood to pop up.


Call the nurses line. :heart:

Maybe you’re passing a kidney stone?

Could be both a UTI and kidney stones had that happen back before I had my son I was on the verge of kidney stones and had a UTI

It’s a UTI. my daughter had the same thing I took her in, when it gets to this point you need antibiotics it can go to your kidneys and cause infection that is not good.

You may have a kidney stone every time I have one this is my signs and symptoms I have

Just go to an urgent care walk in facility. They can do a urine test to check for white blood cells in urine.

Sounds like UTI sometimes they go on their own sometimes you need antibiotics

Kidney infection too probably

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Definitely could still be a UTI…
Could also be other things like mentioned above, a kidney stone, kidney infection… or other things. I’m happy you have a dr appt, but my best bet is a UTI. Hopefully that’s all it is as that’s probably the easiest thing to take care of with antibiotics of some sort.

Could be UTI that worked up to the kidneys. Need to see doc ASAP

I would go to a walk in clinic, could of had the UTI for awhile now turn into a kidney infection, it could be a variety of things, even as a nurse we can’t diagnose you but I would definitely go to the walk in and wouldn’t wait.

I had blood once when I had a uti, but it could be something else too you might want to call your doc

Kidney stones possibly

My girlfriend did have blood in her pee and it was a kidney infection. i know drinking unsweetened cranberry juice can definitely help. You may need antibiotics. I haven’t had a uti but after my first was born I did get a bladder infection from the catheter they inserted during labor. I needed antibiotics and it cleared right up. Hugs :heartpulse:

Sounds like a kidney infection! I had the same thing and get UTIs often. But when they tested my urine it wasn’t a UTI but a kidney infection.

Definitely go in I had one spread to my kidneys and I ended up in the hospital for 5 days. If you have a fever too, then go to an urgent care :heart:

Go to the hospital you need an antibiotic asap if there’s blood in your pee. The infection can easily spread to your bladder and kidneys and get really serious really fast.

Infection moved to kidneys. Get medical attention please.

Get it checked out, strangers on Facebook aren’t doctors

Kidney infection or could be miscarriage

Kidney stones ?? Possibly

IMHO it sounds like a UTI that went on too long. Drink some cranberry juice to flush your system out in the meantime.

I’ve had UTIs before and it never burned to pee, I just felt the urge to pee a lot but when I tried to, barely anything would come out like it was swollen down there. Blood in your pee sounds more like a kidney infection which are painful. You will have pain in your back and alternating sides where your kidneys are. Go to urgent care if possible, they can do a urine test.

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UTI, kidney infection or kidney stones. Glad you have a dr.Dr. appt.

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It was probably a UTI that turned into a kidney infection. You should get checked out immediately and get antibiotics or it could cause premature labor. I had this happen when I was pregnant with my son. 

Could he a few things.

Bladder infection.
Kidney issues.

Super bad uti’s can have blood in them.
Would also test for other things aswell if it puts your mind at ease

Sounds like a Uti. If the pain is bad you can use azo/pyridium for the pain however they won’t be able to get a good urine sample if you do. It will turn your pee orange and will stain just fyi.

Signs of uti: Burning on urination, frequency, urgency of urination, blood in urine, suprapubic and/ abdominal pain, full feeling in abdomen, fatigue and unusual sleepiness.

I have and especially with light blood in your urine and pain in your back.

Yes. Absolutely. Had chronic bladder/kidney infections from my teens into my 30’s. My mother had the same thing at that age. One of my 18yo twin daughters has just started with it so in our case it’s genetics. Mine would be so bad it was like hemorrhaging. Almost 100% blood. Bladder infections put me and my mom both in the hospital. Ended up on prophylactic antibiotics off and on for years. So the answer to your question is yes. Blood in your urine and pain go hand in hand with bladder infections. If you have back pain the infection may have moved up the ureters into your kidneys. You need to drink as much water and cranberry juice (plain not with other juices)as possible. Keep your bladder flushed out. Bladder infections send shivers down my spine and am never without a complete course of antibiotics and Pyridium in my cabinet just in case. They have over the counter meds available to ease discomfort but if it’s a bladder infection you need to see a doctor. They also don’t like it when you take them ahead of an appt. Messes up the urine sample. If you’re pregnant don’t take anything until you’ve consulted your doc. Whatever you do DO NOT ignore it and finish all your antibiotics.

A uti can travel up to your kidneys and give you a kidney infection which hurts like hell and can make you incredibly sick. I’ve had it happen to me and I woke up shivering so bad it made my entire body hurt and made me throw up alot. Definitely get your butt into the dr because it can potentially turn into something more serious

Yes, you could have a UTI. Yes, definitely go to the doctor and get checked out. Get some meds and you’ll be ok.?

Yes, you could have a UTI. Yes, definitely go to the doctor and get checked out. Get some meds and you’ll be ok.

Drink lots of cranberry juice. 100% juice not cocktail. Always helps me if I feel ima have a uti. I drink it once a week.

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Strong urine smell is usually the first tell

It sounds like a UTI that is severe. Get seen right away

Could be a kidney stone

That’s a UTI that you need to get addressed before it moves further up the urinary tract.

That’s a UTI that you need to get addressed before it moves further up the urinary tract.

Sounds like a bad uti… also could be Kidney stones

Doctors told my daughter that UTI was the reason for her premature labor.

Could possibly be kidney stones. But a bad UTI will cause bleeding. You need an antibiotic.

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Kidney stone possibly or uti drink plenty of water and cranberry juice

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Could be uti but leaving them untreated is not good they do have over the counter pills that work great and better than cranberry juice

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While you are waiting for your appt drink a lot of cranberry juice or the cranberry pills. They are quick and easy. I hope you feel better!

Could be kidney stones that is the way I feel when I have them

I just went to the er a week ago Tuesday for a uti… I knew I had one I called my doctor I couldn’t get in till Thursday and my back started hurting so I thought it was kidney stones instead…it was a uti… Really smelly urine urge to urinate constantly were my issues also traces of blood in my urine… 7 days of Macrobid and all is good… If you do in fact have a uti you need an antibiotic asap so it doesn’t go farther into your urinary tract and make things worse… I had an e.coli uti and antibiotics are the only thing that will clear it up… There’s nothing over the counter that will get rid of a uti you need antibiotics… Cranberry juice is only good to help prevent them not cure them… I’ve dealt with UTIs as long as I can remember since I was a little kid

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Sounds like UTI or bladder infection. My mom had a UTI that turned in to septic shock. Do not take AZO it masks the symptoms it does not fix them. Don’t let the infection fester.

Go to the E.R. don’t take chances

Kidney stones. That’s how mine started.

Kidney infection from the uti

Blood means the infection has spread to the kidneys. I’ve had this happen. You’ll want to go to the ER so that you can get antibiotics promptly, or things can turn into sepsis. UTIs can spread slowly or quickly depending on the type of bacteria. For me, they had me stay in the hospital for a few hours on an antibiotic IV and anti-fever meds. Then they prescribed something for me to pick up at the drug store to take twice a day for 7-10 days.

As a preventive once you’re cured (and I’ve never had a UTI since), I’d recommend taking Cranberry Extract pills once a day normally, or twice a day if you ever feel discomfort again. Kicks the infection in its earliest stages right in the butt and/or prevents the bacteria from adhering to the bladder/urinary tract walls.

Also not a bad idea to pee after sex, wipe front to back, stay away from baths (do showers instead) if you’re prone to UTIs, and cut down on or stop eating sugars, at least while you’re unwell. Sugar is food for the bacteria.

Sound like an std or worse

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You can get UTI medicine at any drug store over the counter…

I knew someone with this and the he doctor proscribed a medication, after the first few pills the blood cleared up and she went to a wedding the same day. Of course, she had to finish the meds. U should probably go to emergency because of the blood issue

Some stds can also cause these symptoms. Go to the dr.

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Maybe go by an urgent care?

Kidney infection maybe

I had a uti and I waited to long to go to the dr and the same thing happened. I ended up with a uti and a bladder infection. Pain was terrible and I had blood in my pee. So needless to say I won’t wait to go to the dr again

Sounds like kidney stones to me

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Start drinking lots and lots of cranberry juice. You will feel better after just 1 glass

Severe uti that is now probably in your kidneys you need AZO and an antibiotic drink cranberry juice and alot of water.


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I’ve had many UTi’s usually starts with frequency of urination, pain which increases and blood in the urine. Mine were usually caused by e coli bacteria. See a urologist these infections tend to recur.

After I became pregnant for the first time I regularly got uti’s, bladder and kidney infections. And believe it or not every single time that i ate chick peas within a few hours I had one or the other too. I seemed to mostly get blood in my urine, have burning sensations, was uncomfortableness always felt the urge to pee but couldn’t. Uti’s came in if I didn’t get the bladder infection taken care of after a few days. I knew to drink as much cranberry juice as possible, sometimes I got meds and when I didn’t they have AZO standard tablets from most stores to help with the burning and discomfort until the juice starts to help by flushing the system.

I had this happen n by the time there was blood I had a kidney infection n was very sick but with u going to the doctor in the morning they will start antibiotics n shouldn’t get as sick as I got

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Severe UTIs have those symptoms as well as confusion, being weak and shaky, delusions and hallucinations (toxins in blood), and even issues with communication. Also, aggressive behavior also accompanies severe UTIs (due to toxins in blood and kidneys being damaged).

Presence of blood, very pungent urine, cloudy urine, strong urge to go but little urine production, and extremely severe and untreated could result to toxins in your bloodstream and damage to your kidneys.

We’ve gone through all this with my grandmother and my mom. When I had a UTI it didn’t get to the toxin level, but I had blood in my urine. My mom is in Stage 5 Renal Failure, and doing dialysis. She used to get UTIs every other month and have to go into the hospital or get antibiotics from her Nephrologist.

I had so many of uti; finally used a poise pad & dampened the pad w/peroxide or foaming antibacterial soap in a pump. Thank God it never came back. I was getting one every 2 weeks. Dr said a strep infection was finding to lodge in my urethra.

I literally just had this. I was treated for UTI, bladder spasms, bladder infection and possible kidney stones

Thrush can feel a bit like that at times

Azo is awesome for symptoms and D-Mannose should clear it up! It works wonders!

I got at home uti tests off Amazon. It was accurate. I needed antibiotics.

Definitely sounds like one. Some of the other signs that you might begin to have are lower back ache, urge to pee but can’t, excessive peeing, pee that feels like hot water pouring out of you, sometimes darker urine. If that’s what you got unfortunately antibiotics is the only cure. Cranberry juice is good to help flush out your kidneys and for some people I think it’s called Azo or something like that you can buy at Walmart to help with symptoms.

Go get cranberry juice and yogurt with probiotics in it.

Cranberry juice or pills if you don’t like the taste, lots of water to flush yourself out and probiotics.

AZO makes OTC meds for UTI. They are a lifesaver sometimes.

Cranberry juice and water to help flush out your system.You can see if symptoms taper off while you wait for your insurance to kick in. But if they get worse dont wait too long. You don’t want it becoming a full blown kidney infection.

Could be. Start with cranberry juice until you can see your doctor. Avoud alcohol, soda, acidic juices. :two_hearts:

UTI yes. Drink tons of water and take probiotics til you wait to see the doc

You will need a urine sample tested at the doctor’s. I get them all the time and use Canasten cream and pessary. I get stinging on peeing, and sometimes a discharge

Definitely a uti
You will need antibiotics to treat it
Before it gets any more serious

Or a yeast infection. I would go into a doctor to get it checked. Drink cranberry juice and lots of water. The more you pee the more the infection leaves the body. It won’t go away on its own unfortunately. You can go to Walmart maybe and ask for pills for a uti for 35.00 at least where I’m from you can.

You can get an over the counter test. Or just grab some cranberry pills/ juice and it should relieve some pain until your insurance kicks in

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DO NOT TAKE AZO! it masks the symptoms and doesn’t cure them. My mama got a horrible uti that turned into septic shock and she was on a ventilator. Please see a doctor.

Sounds like it could be. They sell at home uti test kits

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Go to the drug store and get AZO standard for urinary discomfort (says something like that) it will turn your urine BRIGHT ORANGE! Ucan also get a uti test there too. If u have one, u need an antibiotic. Take the test before the relief medication.

They sell uti at all pharmacy’s

Sugary drinks makes UTI symptoms worse , drink only water and cranberry juice . Sounds like you need an antibiotic though nothing OTC .

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Mix cranberry juice with sprite 50/50 if you don’t like the taste. It will help you flush the bacteria out and keep it from sticking to the walls of your urethra while your healing. Get antibiotics as quick as you can. It won’t go away without them and the longer you go without them the harder it will be to get rid of and the more painful it will be. It’s a miserable thing to have, I’m so sorry you have this! Feel better soon!!! OTC AZO can help with symptoms but you need antibiotics to get rid of it. Ask for prescription strength AZO to take along with the antibiotics and your symptoms will vanish completely within hours.

Hello wisp you can order the pills or fill out some questions to determine and talk to a dr through email. It’s around $60 and good rx as well does the same thing and I believe is cheaper.

Definitely get some azo to help with the pain until you’re able to get to the doctor. You can find it at Walmart, cvs, Walgreens etc for like $8-$10