What are the signs of an ectopic pregnancy?

Has anyone had an ectopic pregnancy?


Yes a rare version. It sucks big time. Can leave you with pretty severe depression and PTSD.


Yes horrible and deadly because they think you want drugs

Yes I had an Ovarian Ectopic in 2014 I was treated with 2 rounds of Methotrexate for expected management. From start to finish it took us a while to find out that it was for sure an Ectopic. I got a BFP way earlier then I should have an I spotted pretty much the entire time I was going through the process. My beta numbers would rise but not double and then fall and rise again. It was a really hard process for me to go through, my mom also had one and lost her left tube because it burst.

I did. Lost my baby when i hit my 2nd trimester. It was so so so hard. I did get my dog shortly after though! lol.

Yes in 2010 had to have emergency surgery to remove my tube bc it was about to bust and I could have bleed internal

I had mirana iud, with a confirmed eptopic pregnancy.
Resulted in emergency surgery same day to have tube removed

I did in 2001. I had bad cramps, spotting and was only comfortable in the fetal position. I had a shot of some sort that was supposed to help it pass through my body but it did not I had to keep going for blood work every day to see if my numbers were high and then I went to the doctors and they gave me some kind of shot and tell me if I felt any pain to get to the emergency room immediately. I remember being in college and I was in class and started feeling horrible horrible pains in a spiked a very high fever so I left class and went to the emergency room. I don’t really remember much after that all I know is my tube head burst and they took everything out of my right side. It sucked and I was scared to ever get pregnant again so I got my other tube clamped. It’s been 18 year’s now.

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I actually had one last November :gift_heart:

I had 3 then 2 miscarriages. I was down to 1 tube and it was filled with scar tissue. I was told I’d never have another child as the dye test showed my tube was totally blocked. My baby girl will be 2 weeks Monday.


I have years ago they one of my tubes. I had 2 healthy babies after that

If you are currently having an eptopic DO NOT HAVE INTERCOURSE. It caused my tube to rupture and I almost died

Yea yes I’ve had 3 I had 2 the stuck on outside of uterus and 1 that got caught at the end of ovarie I had the while left reproductive system removed. After tho I had 3 beautiful girls… but I had the worst depression and paranoia with the pregnancies and still have some horrible depression from it. I wish you the best and glad that your alive

I had one in 2010 when it was stuck in my tube. I had to have emergency surgery and lost my tube in the process. I haven’t been able to get pregnant since. :broken_heart:

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My closest friend had 2 ectopic pregnancies.