What are the signs of an ectopic pregnancy?

my husband and I had a feeling I was pregnant. we took a test at the beginning of the week, there was a faint but visible line. he wanted me to take another one the next day so I did. it was still pretty faint. I called an on to schedule an appointment, but where I live the need a Drs confirmation first so I had an appointment with my PCP to have the test so I could go. it was supposed to be this past Thursday but they rescheduled it to Tuesday of next week. we’ll Thursday my husband wanted me to take the last test just to be sure and the line showed positive almost immediatetly. the whole day though I was having cramps in my belly and I couldn’t get comfortable so we went to the er. they took blood work, did and ultrasound and what not and the Dr told me it looks like it could be an ectopic pregnancy, but it’s so early in the pregnancy (they think somewhere between 3-5 weeks) that it could still be moving through my fallopian tube to the uterus. I also had fluid in my pelvis area, so they said it could also be a cist. I’ve never had a cist before so idk what it’s like. anyways, they did their test and kept me until about 3 today. The on call ob can to talk to me after reviewing the ultrasounds and said it looks like it could be ectopic and if it is they’ll be doing surgery to see what’s going on? she said my hgc levels were 970. she scheduled me an appointment to come back sunday for more blood work and another ultrasound and said if my hgc levels were double what they were today they’d be scheduling surgery because that’s a sign of ectopic and they might be removing my tube. I also have another appointment with her Monday to have a formal check or whatever. my question is, has anyone gone through this? did you have to have you fallopian tube removed? and if so, how hard was it to get pregnant again. we really want another baby. (I’m sorry this is all over the place. this is literally all they told me. plus, I’m quite a bit stressed about it so my thoughts aren’t exactly in order) any help or advice would be much appreciated. :blue_heart: