What are the signs of Autism?

I have a question mommas of autistic children. how did you know your child was autistic? I’m pretty sure my 18 month old son is. What were the first signs you noticed that made you have them tested? My son only says mama daddy hey and bye…he does funny things with his food while he eats like spitting it out in his hands squishing it then putting it back if it still isn’t right he spits it out and refuses to eat. He doesn’t follow simple things like no and sit down. He shows no intrest in TV or toys for any amount of time. the list could go on and on. I just want some insight to see if I’m over reacting or thinking about it .


Sound like a normal toddler to me. does he smile at you and turn his head when you say his name? Does he look you in the eyes?


My son would be autistic based on that list minus the vocabulary. He was a charter box. I’d seek a medical diagnosis (if you haven’t already)

My 3 yr old does the same thing. He is getting ready to be tested for autisum. My 9 yr old has autitistic “tendencies”.

I think you are looking too into things too quickly. All kids are different and I personally dont think those are reasons for concern. But if it really bothers you, speak to the pediatrician.


It sounds likes just maybe alittle slow just have him tested to be on safe side

My son was banging his head on the wall, 4 and still doesnt really talk well. Says a few words but not many.
Super weird about certain textures.
Has to have a routine or he is just a mess all day (behaves badly)

He’s 18 months old ffs. He’s doing normal toddler things :roll_eyes:


My boy is almost 9. N I am just now noticing signs. So if you have concerns then it’s probably best to get him checked out by a doctor

If you have concern, see a doctor.

Eye contact, self injury, sensory processing such as how does he act with noise, lights, crowds, tip toe, and sensory with foods. You can look at it online what are autistic signs.

I would get him tested. Then you will know one way or another! Good luck!

Don’t self diagnose him and please do not go by FB or Google. If you are concerned, have him evaluated by a physician. I’ve had four kiddos, I am by no means an expert but he sounds like an 18 month old :hugs:


My sons biggest signs were not walking until he turned 18 months and losing his language. He spoke a few words then at a year old stopped talking. He only said “mom” for a year. He didn’t utter another word until he was over the age of 2, i can’t remember the exact age. He had other signs, like being obsessed with the ceiling fan, he could watch it for hours and no eye contact at all. He never responded to his name and has chronic constipation issues. He has had problems pooping since he first started eating baby food and has had a prescription for mirilax most of his life. He reached every milestone on time until he turned 1. Then he just stopped. We got his official diagnosis July 2014 when he was 4. He’s 9 now and therapy has been a life saver

I cant say your over reacting because you just never know. But I know my 17 month old does the same things… she takes a bite of food, takes out, then sticks it back in after she messes with me… she only says a few words you can comprehend… but she talks constantly. She doesnt watch tv…& she definitely doesnt listen when she gets told no lol ect… but that’s normal. (For her) if your concerned have your little checked! It wont hurt anything to ask about it ! Good luck mama.

sounds normal to me. I just had my oldest diagnosed with autism he is 4. He has trouble with speech and has beyond manageable meltdowns when he is off his schedule. If you are worried talk to your doctor about early intervention.

Seems like a typical toddler- I wouldn’t be too quick to go there. Give it time.


My son was given a test at 18 months by his pediatrician and then close to his 2 yr appointment I had family point out that they thought my son was autistic based on his mannerisms- my best advice is to always get tested because even if you are just over reacting or it’s not what you think you’ll get him the help he needs in order to get on track for where he is supposed to be. My son was diagnosed with moderate- severe and has been receiving treatment ever since that has honestly only opened our bond by a million times.

Sounds pretty normal to me. My daughter is autistic. Some things to look for. Does he make eye contact? Does he respond when his name is called? Honestly, if anything in my experience with my child and others like her they have super focus on toys, tv etc and ignore everything else while playing or watching tv.

My youngest brother has autism. He didn’t crawl until after 12 months, didn’t say more than 10 words by 3 years old, always hit himself in the head with things. He was diagnosed with low functioning autism at 4 years old.

Sounds like a normal 18 month old. Lol.


My son will be 4 soon and was diagnosed with autism in January. He is non verbal and spins in circles, laughs uncontrollably, plays with his fingers a lot, his ears and feet. Along with the transitioning flip outside. We originally didn’t have many concerns with his lack of talking due to a lot of family speech issues on my side of family but when we reached out to our school district who evaluated him they referred us to a neurologist who was able to instantly notice without having to do a brain scan. He started school in Jan and is now talking up a storm some days more then others and his flip outs are less frequent now that we have him on a semi strict schedule. I have to be or it’s a shit show all day long lol

If you’re concerned then you should get him evaluated. No child is the same. If he does in fact have autism, early intervention is crucial. If he doesn’t, then it’s worth going through the tiny trouble of taking part in the evaluation.


My son is 4 and is autistic. The only real signs that I noticed was the speach delay, not picking up on social ques and the sensory issues. I wouldn’t be so quick to assume it is autism, where I live they dont even test children until they are 3 1/2 - 4. It sounds to me that he is just behaving like a “typical” 18 month old


Speech delay was my first clue. And then he started to rock back and forth almost all the time.

That sound normal, but if you are concerned, have him evaluated by his doctor. They can refer you to specialists if need be.

You may as well do the testing to be safe. Earlier its detected, the earlier you & them can start learning how to deal, manage with it. Good luck

Sounds like a normal 18mth old to me. Take him to a doctor start with your pediatrician and express your concerns. If they won’t help, contact your local children’s hospital about the programs that they have to evaluate kids… your mom instinct is probably right but you can’t ever assume.

If you have a gut feeling, follow it. Nothing wrong with having an evaluation done. I have had my son in early intervention since 18 months because he wasn’t really speaking. He is 2 now and it has been a game changer! I am happy I followed my gut. No autism diagnosis at this time…they are saying sensory issues and that is what we are focusing on in therapy. I am so glad I didn’t wait and he is recieving all the help he can get.

I work in Daycare I have for 30 plus yrs. We’ve had a few Parents asking us Teachers some of the same questions. Some signs we’ve seen have been eye contact…sensory issues…textures…liking only certain foods…maybe not touching on same plate…spinning…lining things up…repeating…looking around rapid eye movement…there are many different spectrums/levels…seems like a group setting is way to over stimulating can make them feel overwhelmed…See a specialist/Doctor for your own concerns good luck to you and your precious child.

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Ask his doctor they can do assessments to see

Sounds like a normal 18 month old to me


Sounds like normal 18onth old


If you have a concern, definitely seek out your doctor. My 2 year old has vocabulary of 200+ words, has a vivid imagination, and asks abstract questions about life and death (what does it mean? How do we know? etc.”)She also questions the affirmably “yes” questions. She knows what dodecahedrons are as well as the emotions of despair. Get him tested.

I realized my daughter was autistic when she didn’t respond to her name or wasn’t speaking much of anything for her age. I had her tested 2x because I thought she was deaf. The doctor said she heard just fine but had what was called autotorual processing delay. I asked if that was common with autistic children and she said yes. I saw a numerologist after that and had her tested, and it was confirmed she was. She also had food sensory issues, flapping of hands when happy and would occasionally walk on her toes. Early intervention is the best thing for an autistic child, so if you feel he may be, I’d set up with a neurologist soon, there’s usually a long wait to get in and see them.

My little brother is on the spectrum. He didn’t like being held, didn’t make eye contact, was mostly nonverbal until he was about 4 years old. He liked repetitive things, like going up and down and tracing patterns. He really hated wearing clothes when he was little, even diapers. Didn’t like playing with others, so he usually played by himself even though he was close in age to me and our other siblings. He’ll be 25 next month, but mentally he’s about 6 years old. Pretty cool guy. He likes riding escalators.

This is exactly what led me to test my son with the food thing 100%

Thank you for the ones giving me answers to what made you notice with your babies. I have three children so I know all are different from another. But he just seems different to me and I’m not the first to notice. The food thing seems to be a texture thing to him…he will slap himself in the face and head just randomly. He doesn’t really make eye contact and he will answer to his name. He does smile a lot hes a happy boy normal in the ways of getting into everything and a dare devil. He does turn circles from time to time. He is still putting things in his mouth that most babies his age would know not to eat…like rocks…dog food…flowers…paper in the floor anything. I literally have to have all eyes on him 24/7 or hes eating something. He does have random moments of tantrums for no reason…just really loud shrieking…he isn’t really attached to anything but his cup and we can only use certain ones. He gets really clingy and cranky in large groups like a birthday party or family reunion…I just feel like something may be wrong. It may not be autism but for some reason hes delayed. My oldest child was behind walking and crawling but she never did the things he does.

My oldest daughter was tested in the 3rd grade we new from about the age of 2 that she was different then most kids her age we waited to see if it was just the age but nope she has high functioning autism she us now 23 almost 24 married now with a 2 year old son something they told us she would never do I never treated her like she was any different then any kid

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My son had all of those except the speech. He talks like no other. But won’t play with other kids won’t make eye contact and dose weird things with food also. Hes on the spectrum for autism

Lack of eye contact is a good cue to notice. Meltdowns that aren’t "typical"of age, like hurting themselves, hitting their head, biting themselves, that’s another due to their inability to handle stimulus or frustration. Usually kids with autism have OCD behaviors, things in their place, sorting, lining things up, and they can meltdown when things aren’t as they should be. Rigid in their schedule or ways, even young.
That being said I wouldn’t jump to autism yet. Voice your concerns with your pediatrician but a lot of doctors won’t consider a speech delay until 2, then they start testing hearing first. My 2 year old will still stuff random things in his mouth. When he was younger he had weird eating habits too and was “behind” in talking. Then one day it all clicked and he hasn’t shut up since lol. Lack of interest I wouldn’t think lines up with autism. They are more likely to hyper focus. Good luck mama. I don’t know where you live but get in touch with your regional center. They can set you up with tons of resources and testing.

My son isn’t autistic but adhd and autism are on the same scale. I knew as soon as he started walking that he had adhd.
The sooner you know the better because you have more time to study how to handle the special needs your child with have.
I knew my brother in law had something (I could quite put a name to it because I had never delt with it before) and he turned out to have autism.
If you have a guy feeling something is different then you’re probably right. We can’t tell you a yes or no based on what you’ve stated because that follows with normal kid behavior a bit.
Start looking up how to deal with autistic children at his age now and get him tested when you can because honestly the way you have to handle autism helps with “normal” children as well so it’s Not a waste at all.

Sounds normal. My 24 month old just now saying more words than those you listed. He used to not like TV until I started strictly limiting it being on for a few days and now he enjoys his TV time. He doesnt play with toys much at all but a lot more than he did at 18 months. He started preschool this week and he has already learned so much from being around other kids. My nephew was 18 months when he STARTED walking and 3 when STARTED talking. He is a perfectly non developmentally delayed 4 year old now. Kids learn at their own pace. I wouldn’t start worrying until maybe 30 months. There is a reason they test children later for these things. HTH you!


Sounds like a normal child, but if you’re concerned, get him evaluated

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Most places wont teat until he is older. Im sure my 5 year old is. He loses it if he doesnt get his way and if im talking to him he wont make eye contact with me at all. Theres more but the Dr says I should wait another year

Doesn’t sound like the usual signs of autism,and often hard to spot at that age as well.

My daughter had about a good 5-10ish (I don’t remember exactly I’m sorry) words. One day at 16 months she regressed and only would say/knew 3-4. She was hand flapping a lot, when she was frustrated she would dig her face, her head, anything. She would scream and cry and throw tantrums that would last hours, and nothing I did even with the short ones helped. Not one bit. Sometimes it made it significantly worse. All the foods she liked she would suddenly refuse because she didn’t like the texture. Brand specific foods (I.E: she won’t eat KRAFT she’ll only eat great value.) she wouldn’t point at an object. Absolutely hated snuggles or hugs or kisses unless SHE initiated them- everything has to be on her terms or immediate melt down mode. The biggest indicator and worry I had was she would fall down on concrete skin her knees or legs or what have you & fall down in the tub as I washed her hair multiple times on purpose and she wouldn’t react to the pain of it at all. Almost as if it didn’t hurt even though I knew it did. But she would cry for smaller things- such as loud noises, getting dressed. She would want to play by herself instead of kids her age. Repitition. If we went off schedule she would be absolutely inconsolable. She to this day still toe walks. If you call her name she won’t respond even though she can hear you & had her ears checked . Her eye contact was less then 3 seconds and had no idea who was a stranger or who is familiar. Particularly bright lights bother her & crowds. She would call me & everyone else her nickname. If we watched movies they’d HAVE to be in the same order every single time. She gets easily confused with feelings and doesn’t really understand them, she just knows when you’re not like your usual self. I knew in my heart she was. I had everyone telling me she was just being a toddler but these things were very difficult to deal with. She now gets early intervention services, and she is doing very well. She responds to shortened sentences, likes to mimic what others do, can sign a few words and uses them correctly. She still struggles but if you think there’s something going on, it’s probably best to get it checked out. Good luck mama. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re wrong. Mommas know their babies.

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My son was diagnosed at 18 months (which they told me they dont normally do because its usually to young to tell) He wouldnt make eye contact with anyone, hated bieng held, was very schedule oriented, didnt speak at all, didnt care to interact with anyone, stayed in what we call aydans world, would seperate colors and shapes, none of his food could touch, ect. Many other test were done by his doctors before he was diagnosed though.

My daughter began with constant rocking. Repetitive actions followed. No sense of fear or danger. Now we are onto outbursts and practically no self control like high anger issues if something is out of place. But still continues the repetitive motions and actions and rocking. She is also very very smart and remembers. If you are having issues/concerns I would definitely seek a doctors opinion and call an autism center for testing and evaluation.

See my son has been different since he was born and I’ve voiced my concerns with his doctor. Hes got acid reflux and stomach issues with pain. I went to work when he was 3 months old I went through 4 baby sitters in a month because they couldn’t handle him he literally cried all day everyday he was still waking up every 2 hours at a year old. He never ate baby food hated it…he still took a bottle until about 5 months ago. I couldn’t get him to give it up. I tried everything. I haven’t noticed any lining things up and color coordinating but just about everything else I have. I’m a very observant mom and I make sure all three of my children go to the doctor when needed I just wanted to see what other moms noticed and at what age because my husband thinks I’m crazy.

If you’re concerned, speak with a medical professional and have him evaluated. Soon too. If he is autistic, now would be the age that therapy can begin. The sooner he has intervention, if needed, the better.

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I dont know of a lot of 1.5 yr old kids that follow directions. Screen time isnt recommended until at least 2 so I wouldn’t worry there. Sounds like hes definitely got some words going. Keep talking to him he will pick it up. .the food thing kinda depends how you have raised him, I did baby led weaning so from 5 months old my kiddo was always using her hands and had a hugely varied diet even by 1.5. So depending how hands on he is or how many types of foods hes tried he sounds likes hes just exploring still.


You need to talk to your pediatrician and get your baby into early intervention. It’s kind of a long road to get an autism diagnosis ( my son has been in speech therapy and early intervention since 18 months and we still don’t have a diagnosis, he is actually getting evaluated to " rule in or rule out" autism to determine what kinda of program he needs to be in for the preschool part of his therapy when he turns 3. My son never babbled as a baby and is just now at 2.5 started to say a few words. Autism is a huge spectrum so the signs can vary a little. If you are concerned I’d try to get him into an early intervention therapy program. The one for my son is free and has been absolutely wonderful.


What your saying sounds pretty normal for a child that age. I have 3 kid’s But My son would scream for nothing for hours, bang his head, not sleep, no eye contact, very behind on speaking, get upset over everything, doesn’t liked to be touched, melt downs was very bad but more so since he couldn’t tell you what was wrong. He was very good with blocks and Dominos would do massive very intricate sets and then knock them all down. He didn’t walked will late. He is now 9 he has autism ADHD ODD and he’s bipolar. I forced my child to find out sooner since he wasn’t speaking and slept 1 hour or that a day. They were able to start test sooner. We still didn’t find out till he was about 4 since they don’t like diagnosing a child so early.

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Your boy sounds like he’s normal, boys take awhile to talk. I used sign language simple words he dropped the sign and talked. Does he have tantrums or bang his head. No eye contact, he could just have a speech delay but they catch up. Talk to Dr if you’re concerned.


18 mo is a perfect time to find it, many people do. Delayed language skills is one of the early signs. Take him to your ped and get a referral to be tested.

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My son is in a program that constantly tests his development levels bc his birth mother used drugs while pregnant with him. He is luckily normal each evaluation. But what your saying sounds normal for an 18 mo old. Google symptoms its not diagnosable at his age.

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I have 4 kids and my 2 oldest were like this and my 19 mo is like this. They are all normal kids. But if your concerned get him checked

My nephew took forever to walk and speak hes also shy and would seem like he was scared of certain sounds & would play by himseld

My 9 yr old daughter and 3 yr old son did everything late. Talking, walking, etc. They refused certain food textures, hated baby food or anything mushy, wouldn’t look you in the eye often (did do it just dazed a lot of the time and zoned out easily). was in their own little world a lot of the time to the point they were uninterested in their actual surroundings. They loved watching things spin, had “tics”, My daughter would have crazy meltdowns and have issues listening to authority, My son would sit and rock constantly morning noon n night. My daughter loved to line things up and has OCD. My son loves to repeat himself over n over and can sit and watch the same show for hours. They both require routine and a change of routine sets them off. Social anxiety is bad for both of them. Autism has MANY forms and many signs. The earlier they’re diagnosed the better but some kids just do strange things. so talk to your child’s pediatrician :).

All those things sound normal for his age. We shouldn’t be in denial about things that could be wrong but I don’t think you should worry. Just work with him. My granddaughter is 15 months and does all that. Normal.

I have 4 kids, one is autistic. Does he point to show you things? Make eye contact? Look when you call his name? Does he react to strangers? Smile at people he knows? If you can answer no to any of those get an evaluation.

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Early intervention if you wait until he is 5 you have missed the best time to see mosr progess. They can diagnose at 14 months now. Take your concerns to your Pediatrician. They will get you to right people. Or call your local school district he can start school early if he does have Autism. He is saying more that my daughter has ever said. There are talking Autistic people you just need to get him test to ease your mind to sooner the better. These other Mother can tell you all kinds of things about not being ready there child didn’t start until 2 or they didn’t do this milestone until xxx. Great but if you feel something is wrong check it out. The more help you get at earlier ages the less it affects them the older they get. He may have nothing which is most likely the case but if not lets get him intervention so he can function higher the older he get. Mom he is your child do what you feel is right. If you can’t get help from Pediatrician or school try Children Hospital or Autism Speaks Easter Seals to find out who does testing in your area. Most insurance will pay school district is free.

PS you may need referral to Speech for Feeding therapy, OT and regular speech therapy you can get that from your Pediatrician and don’t forget to have his eyes and hearing check they could all be a factor.

I knew my child was autistic when at 18 months. I realized he was hitting almost every milestone except talking. He’s turning 3 today and he only has two words in his vocabulary. He loves car wheels and the way they spin and has control issues. He was diagnosed with ASD at 2 1/2

Melinda you might be better to answer this

Sounds like a normal kiddo to me. My now 4 yr old had severe self destructive behavior starting at that age. He didn’t say a single word until a year ago…now he is talking non stop. I mean…anything is possible. Bring your concern to the doctor. Keep in mind as well the more you look for reasons for something to be wrong…the more u will find.

My sons both rocked constantly, mouthed metal and wooden objects, tip toe walked, lost speech, spun in circles. Meltdowns (not tantrums) like MELTDOWNS.