What are the signs of being lactose intolerant?

How can you tell if your child is lactose inteolerant? I believe my baby may be but cannot get him into the doctor until june…


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are the signs of being lactose intolerant?

We thought lactose cause she was throwing up multiple times a day so I stopped all dairy for months, but she was still throwing up. I suggest cutting out dairy completely and see if it helps her symptoms

If the dr can’t see him, try the health dept.

My son got to where he would throw up a lot and diarrhea. I started giving him Lactaid instead and haven’t had a problem since. He’s 2.5 now.

Throwing up. Diarrhea.

Throwing up, diarrhea especially if it’s yellowish. Being extra cranky especially if it’s a young baby.

I have 2 kids that are lactose bad poops. They are not allergic to all dairy. How old is your child?

Gurgling stomach. Nausea. Diarrhea

My son had loose stool once we started on whole milk. They did a stool sample, and said he was lactose intolerant

upset tummy, gas, irregular bowels, some times rashes… different symptoms for different people

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My daughter just gets diarrhea for days. She also gets bloated and loses her appetite. I put her on a non dairy diet because there is no test for lactose intolerance, it’s a elimination process. And when I did that all her symptoms stopped.

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What are your signs your basing it on? It can be anything from a rash on the bum to throwing up to hives. However colic and teething can also have a lot of the same symptoms. As well I thing all babies are a bit lactose intolerant I noticed if I gave my kids yogurt or ice cream they had a diaper rash after. But the formula was fine. I tried again a few months later and they were fine.
You could omit dairy products for two weeks as see

My daughter had diarrhea and an off color

What is stopping you from seeing a doctor tomorrow?

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Mine got super constipated as soon as he had cow milk. We switched to Hemp milk and he was fantastic after that.

My daughter had bloody poops :sob: AND she was breastfeeding so it wasn’t even her eating/drinking it directly, I had to stop consuming dairy myself. Luckily she grew out of it after a bit.

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The child turns red while feeding and sometimes a little rash that’s in newborns, it’s normal for a baby to be sick and have wind and little rasjes so it’s always best to get checked out, just because you’re baby is sick a lot it’s doesn’t mean lactose intolerance. I as an adult can’t drink too much milk it makes me sick

If your baby is nott eating you have an emergency you cannot wait until June.

My son breaks out in a rash vomiting and diarrhea he’s been like that since he was 3 months old he couldn’t have cow milk soy almond milk or lactaid the only milk he could tolerate is coconut milk he is now 6 and still can’t have just a cup of milk but he can have milk cooked in to things just in moderations and he doesn’t drink any milk at all if there is to much milk in his food he will get bloated vomit and diarrhea and rash out so we only give him things in small portions unless there is away around it with certain things

A doctor they can be different in everyone

Diarrhea and stomach ache for myself within about an hour of having dairy

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Upset stomach, diarrhea, gas, bloating, nausea.

My nephew was extremely constipated and they said he was lactose intolerant. They changed his formula and it helped. Try to find a doctor that can get your baby in sooner.

Why not get him into a doctor that can see him???


Both my kids after drinking formula 10 minutes later it came right back up. Get formula that lactose free. Try that

My son was lactose sensitive, I breastfed and had to cut dairy out of my diet completely. His stomach would get tight and would cry bc of it constantly. His poops were very runny and discolored. You can try cutting things out of his/ your diet to start. But keep up with it for a few weeks to see results

Mucusy/bloody stools
Weight loss

Why don’t you use doctor on demand. It’s an app and you can be talking to a doctor within 5 minutes.

Constipation, diarrhea, bloating, upset stomach, spit up, vomiting, thickened mucous, bumps on skin, acne. It my daughter couldn’t hold anything how and she’s get soooooo constipated. She was always in pain.


Try not drinking milk or using dairy products for a week and see if the baby’s symptoms improve. My sister couldn’t eat dairy while nursing my niece.

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Constipation, upset stomach, diarrhea, rashes, diaper rashes, etc. Spit up and vomiting that is frequent. Try a soy based formula and see if symptoms go away.

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It took years before they found out about lactose intolerance. I was a sickly child, usually stomach aches. We moved to a farm when I was 10 and had all the fresh milk I wanted. That’s when they pin pointed the milk making me sick. It’s easy now days to figure it out.

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My daughter as an infant actually ended up being highly ALLERGIC to milk/dairy. We were brushed off multiple times with a colic diagnosis and a lactose intolerant diagnosis. She was allergy tested at a few months old and sure enough she had extreme allergies at that young of an age.

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Remove all dairy and you will find out

diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, bloating