What are the signs of early labor?

Question about early labor. I’m 35+ 2, and I have been nauseated with a headache since yesterday morning. Last night baby was moving around something fierce and I had tons of pelvic pressure. Could not sleep at ALL last night feeling mild cramping. This morning I attempted to throw up, went thru the motions, but nothing actually came up so I just kept spitting. Still nauseated with a headache and just had diarhea. Could this be a sign labor is near? I’m not bleeding or contracting. But I just overall feel like my body is telling me she’s gonna come early.


you should be speaking to your lead maternity provider, you really should get your bp taken and a urine dip done to check for protein, please dont leave it, you need to be checked out

Definitely get checked.

But in my experience, I was like that and I had a check up. I was 1cm and they stretched me to 2cm dilation, but it still took about 2.5 weeks for me to go into labour.

My body was just staring to prepare itself to go into labour.
But it was also my 2nd full term pregnancy, so that may have played a part in it.

Go get your blood pressure checked!


Get checked by your doctor. Your almost 36 weeks which is actually not early.

this is something you should ask a doctor not something to ask nonmedical people on a facebook page

Retired OB nurse here. Go to your OB doctor now. Could be signs of pre-eclampsia.